The Model of Social Network Helpers. The Processes and Success of Catering Support to Suicidal Victims and Depression Victims Through Social Network

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1.0 Background to the research

2.0 Literature Reviews

3.0 Objectives of the research
3.1 Research Questions
3.2 Research Framework
3.3 Research Models –

4.0 Methodology

5.0 Expected significant contribution to new knowledge / expected benefits to the country / society / organizations
5.1 Country
5.1.1 Positive Significant
5.1.2 Negative Significant
5.2 Society
5.2.1 Positive Significant
5.2.2 Negative Significant
5.3 Organizations
5.3.1 Positive Significant
5.3.2 Negative Significant

6.0 Citation and list of references

7.0 Bibliography

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1.0 Background to the research

Suicides are happening rapidly within teenagers, children, young adults, adults and older people around the world. The effect to survivors sometimes relieves their pain and makes them stronger to face this cruel world. However, there is certain people causes pain to their family members who couldn’t believe the facts their children or their spouses or their friends or their parents committed suicides. That caused them to be depressed as they think it could be their faults. Suicide is a number one killer that involves in mental health disorders. It is a disease with no plausible internal cause that damages the lives forever. Some people choose suicides as an easy way to opt out from everything. Some people try suicide for various times for it to succeed. However, there are a number of cases where first attempt of suicide succeeded in taking their lives forever. The impact remained in the mind of viewers or closed friends forever.

As it happened for various reasons, the victims can try to use social network to relieve their pains and depression or sadness so that it won’t leads them into taking their lives. The successes of social networks are seen in various facebook support group that catered USA citizen. In the case of UK, the ability of suicide care provider hotline have given the chance for them to relieve themselves. In USA, some people can even opt to attend suicidal thoughts support group that happened in their community. It helped them to relieve their pain, sadness and depression, hence reducing and erasing such thought in their mind. It is because suicidal people need to be heard to take it out from their chest. Compressing it tends to leads for damages that exposing the truth out. The success is based on observation of researcher in those support group pages. It is beneficial as lives matter and we only live once in this world.

The aim of this study is to understand the processes of the support groups that lead to its success in reducing or erasing suicidal thoughts and depression in the members. The researcher would like to know how the research helped in creating a move forward attitude of suicidal thoughts members or depression members. The researcher would like to know the rate of the success of these support groups that catered the needs of seeking helps by those who have suicidal thoughts or depression. It is because some people are very shy to meet with psychiatrists or psychologist. The perception of others relating to the disease can cause them compressed the feelings and suffered by themselves. However, the support group members normally will encourage the members to meet with doctors or therapists for medication. Sometimes they even suggested medication that worked for them, so the members can ask about it to their doctors. At the same times, they communicate, share and listen to the problems of themselves and other people. Most of times, it was enough to hear someone else’s suffering and yet they can recover from those matter to move forward in this world. For this, the researcher would like to know the benefit of using social network for those who have depression or suicidal thoughts as well as its success and other matter related to the subject above.

2.0 Literature Reviews

Suicide became an issue in the public health because it can be considered a pain to loss someone. Sometimes, it triggered another person to commit suicide as well. It became a public health issues because of the association with losses towards the human, social and economic. World Health Organization (2007) released their estimation on number of suicide around the world. It is estimated that 1 million people commit suicide annually which is an average of 1 suicide death every 40 second (World Health Organization, 2007). This estimation is taken from World Health Organization’s statements. Hawton and Van Heeringen (2009) as well as Nock et al (2008) found that suicidal thoughts and attempts are heavily influenced by personality characteristic. The researchers found that personality characteristics as impulsivity and aggression), family history of suicide, social deprivation, alcohol or drug abuse and psychiatric disorders are heavily influenced someone’s suicidal thoughts to kill themselves Hawton and van Heeringen, 2009; Nock et al., 2008),. Other than that, employments status as well the impact of the occupation has some roles that lead someone to kill themselves or commit suicides (Stack, 2001; Voss et al., 2004).

World Health Organization (2005) revealed that suicide has become major health problems as it represented 1.4% of the Global Burden Disease. It is a disease relating to the mental health that leads to suicide attempts and death. Suicide rates in developed countries averaged 12 per 100,000 people in 2005 (OECD, 2008; Statistics Korea, 2004). The data later are compared with the data in 2001. Suicide rates seem to have increased approximately 117% in 2010. Therefore, it is in the average of 31.2 per 100,000 people in 2010 (Statistics Korea, 2010). Arsenault-Lapierre et. al (2004) and Henriksson et. al (1993) found that suicide is actually epidemiologic and clinical studies as 90% of the people who have tried or complete suicide have the tendency of preexisting physiatrist disorders. The researchers suggested that people around these candidates who have tendency of suicide, to be totally aware with the symptoms and asked them to attend treatments to save themselves.


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The Model of Social Network Helpers. The Processes and Success of Catering Support to Suicidal Victims and Depression Victims Through Social Network
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