Inbound Marketing. Attracting customers without advertising

Scientific Essay, 2015

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Abstract or Introduction

What does Inbound Marketing mean? This paper will introduce you to this term, give examples and simply give an overview how to do marketing nowadays.

The goal of marketing is to capitalize on the brand as well as products and services of a company with the result of a better selling and even further more turnover or profit.

Among the number of Internet users, which has risen sharply over the past years , people spend more time using the Internet and are more wiling to make purchases online. As a result, companies need to adapt to their customers behaviour and have to focus on the Internet.

Traditional marketing, otherwise known as outbound marketing is the most common way of marketing people are confronted with every day. It is often presented on advertisement boardings, in TV commercials, even on a banner advert on the Internet.

The problem is that outbound marketing focuses on the company’s product or service, which means that the target group of the company is not purposefully being attracted.
This leads to the fact that the addressee may not be in need of the product or service, therefore they will not be interested in buying the product.

On top, the consumer usually gets interrupted by advertising. For example when driving the car, when reading the newspaper or when playing games on a smartphone.
As a result people are annoyed by advertisement and subconsciously learn to ignore them. According to official statistics, „82% of Americans ignore online ads."
This leads to the company’s problem of not reaching their customers anymore by traditional marketing.


Inbound Marketing. Attracting customers without advertising
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