Nanotechnology as treatment for lung cancer

Essay, 2016

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This paper seeks to explore the development of proper drug delivery systems (DDS). In doing this, the researcher will look at a wide range of various other types of cancers and the various DDS’s used to create a better one on the basis of set criteria including type of nanocarrier, effective delivery, shrinkage of tumor, distribution of drug, biocompatibility/chemical reactivity and lastly possible side effects.

Previously, DDS’s took into consideration variety drug delivery systems including inhalable magnetic nanoparticles, hyaluronic acid–ceramide nanoparticles, personalized polypropylenimine (PPI) dendrimer, and stimuli-responsive clustered nanoparticles [12]–[15]. In the present study, the tactic of the DDS will encompass a hybrid constitution of numerous nanocarriers types that will be at the minimum of dual layers.

The utilization of nanotechnology in medicine has necessitated the creation of functionalized nanoparticles that can be utilized as carriers. Nanotechnology enables loading of the particles with drugs for delivery to specific locations in the body in a tightly controlled manner. As much as nanomedicine is quite new in the medical industry, some nanocarriers designed specifically for drug delivery have been in use for the past three decades.


Nanotechnology as treatment for lung cancer
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cancer, lung cancer, drug delivery systems, nanotechnology, nanoparticles
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Title: Nanotechnology as treatment for lung cancer

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