Developing a plattform for student-business-interaction. Business plan for ""

Project Report, 2015

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1. ExecutiveSummary

2. General Company Description

3. Products and Services
3.1. Services of
3.2. Features and Benefits of the Product

4. Marketing Plan
4.1. Economics
4.2. Customers
4.3. Competition
4.3.1. Competitors for business projects database
4.3.2. Competitors for job vacancies
4.3.3. Competitors for talent database
4.3.4. Competitive advantage/disadvantage
4.4. Promotion
4.5. Location

5. Management and Organization

6. Startup Expenses and Capitalization

7. Financial Plan
7.1. Income Statement
7.2. Break Even Analysis
7.3. CashFlow Analysis

8. Legal considerations

9. Risk Analysis

10. Action Plan

11. Appendixes
11.1. Mockup of the website
11.2. Offers
11.2.1. Offer from Companyl
11.2.2. Offer from Company

1. Executive Summary

Who We Are is a website that provides a platform for students and businesses in order to interact with each other. Thus, we want to become the number one platform for business / student interaction.

The company’s legal form is called “Einfache Gesellschaft”, managed by the two owners Jonas Josef and Oscar Merri. As the founders of the start-up are students, they have a good knowledge of the customer segment. Hence, they have been in the situation of needing the services offered by the start-up without having a facilitated access. Therefore, the website is built with the experience of the practical problem in mind.

What We Do

The website enables companies to upload business projects as well as vacancies targeted to students. On the other hand, students can directly apply for the projects and vacancies. Students can create a profile, which can be used as talent sourcing by companies. As such, the website provides the following databases:

- Database of business projects
- Database for vacantjobs, trainee programs, internships, etc.
- Database of potential talents

Who We Sell To

The main customers of are students and companies. Furthermore, universities and student unions are an important target group we will focus on. However, the website will be free of charge for students. Thus, revenues will only be generated by cooperations with universities / student unions and by advertisements on the website. This makes the website very attractive for students and companies, as it is free of charge.

All the universities we have contacted are interested in the idea of Getconnected. As the number of students increases every year the demand of business projects, jobs, trainees and internships increases as well. In addition, the competitor analysis showed that no one provides all functionalities we offer. Therefore, we want to fill this gap and serve the increasing demand.

2. General Company Description is a website providing students and players in the business world the chance to interact with each other. More precisely, the website will provide the opportunity to upload business projects as well as vacancies targeted to students. The students on the other hand can directly apply for the projects and vacancies. Additionally, the profiles of students can be used to facilitate talent active sourcing by companies.

Vision’s vision is to be the number one platform for business / student interaction. As such, the platform will revolutionize the communication between both parties through more efficient and less time consuming processes. We will win the trust of our customer through high-quality, low cost services.


The mission of is to provide an efficient platform for the communication between the business world and students.

Objectives and Goals

The objective of is to provide a more efficient platform for student / business interaction.

As such, the goals for the following five years include:

- Create a website that decreases the elapsed time from the project assignment through the university, until the effective allocation of a project by the company.
- A partnership of at least 30% of the Swiss Universities.
- To increase the customer base by 100% yearly throughout the first three years.
- To reach the break-even point within the first three years of operation.
- To become the number one website for student / company interaction in terms of customers.


The main customers of are students and companies. Furthermore, while not being direct customers, universities and student unions are an important target group we will focus on. The direct customers as well as the universities and student unions will be analyzed in more detail in the marketing chapter.

Business field acts in two different business fields. The job vacancy placements as well as the talent acquisition service of the website depend heavily on the economic cycle. As such, the utilization of the service is expected to increase in expansion periods of the economy and to decline during recessions. Currently experts are expecting a growth in the economy for the next two years.

Active sourcing, namely actively searching for potential job candidates, is a growing recruitment trend. supports this trend by providing a custom search of student profiles.

The second business field, business projects, does not necessarily fluctuate according to the economic cycle. The universities of applied sciences influence the amount of projects “needed” by the students, as they choose the form of assessment. However, the increasing amount of students visiting a university of applied sciences suggests a growing need in this business field.

In order to meet the increasing need of business projects, will advertise the platform to suitable companies.

Success factors

The core strength of lies in the specialization on a focused customer segment, namely students. Thus, the service can be tailored to suit perfectly the needs of the customers. The advantage for companies, and as such a strength of the website, is the clear-cut audience of As the audience is clearly defined (students), companies can provide suited advertisements and vacancies.

The success of is heavily influenced by the ability to create leads and the subsequent database of companies and students. Both elements have a reinforcing effect on each other. In essence, an increased number of student profiles makes the website more attractive for companies and vice versa.

The database of students will initially be built with the collaboration of universities and marketing activities around the campuses, whereas the company database will be increased through marketing activities at job faires and cold calls.

As the founders of are students, they have an extensive knowledge of the customer segment. They have been in the situation of needing the services offered by without having access to such features. Therefore, the website is built with the practical problem experience in mind.

Furthermore, as we are currently visiting the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, we have a facilitated access to the decision-makers of the university.

Legal form’s legal form of ownership is a partnership between the founders Jonas Josef and Oscar Merri. The legal form is selected due to the low capital requirements and the facilitated administrative and juridical procedures of a partnership. An establishment of a corporation will be evaluated whenever the circumstances provide evidence for a change in the legal structure of the business.

3. Products and Services

This chapter first describes the services offered by and then presents the benefits for the customers.

3.1. Services of is a website linking together the business world and students. As such, our website provides a number of services aimed at facilitating the communication between both parties. In order to interact on, a personal profile has to be created. The website can also be browsed without profile, but with a limited read-only authorization.

The services of the webpage can be divided in three categories.

- Database of business projects

Companies can upload their open projects on our website. A short description of the project and the confidentiality of the project have to be indicated.

In order to facilitate the navigation through the different projects, companies can indicate the concerned functions (e.g. Strategy, Marketing, HR, etc.).

Students can browse through these projects and apply. However, the final allocation decision lies with the company. As soon as an application is accepted, the project will be flagged as "taken".

- Database for vacantjobs, trainee programs, internships, etc.

Companies can upload their vacancies on These job offers can range from a one-time job to trainee programs and full-time positions. Only vacancies which can be occupied by students/graduates will be allowed on the website. Students will be free to apply to these job vacancies directly.

Additionally to the direct upload of vacancies by companies, the aim is to find a suitable partner which provides vacancies for students. This partner can be an established job market website. The partnering would allow us to display right from the start a selection of job vacancies, while allowing the partner to promote their vacancies on for free.

- Database of potential talents

The focus on students, highly educated individuals, leads to a database of potential talents. The profiles of the students can be complemented with their CV, as well as with completed project works. Companies can browse through these profiles and get the opportunity to directly contact the student upon interest. A facilitated navigation through the students' profiles will be provided through a sort function (e.g. different languages, years of working experience, etc.). This allows companies to search for potential employees more efficiently.

The competitive advantage of lies in the tailor-made service provided for its customers (i.e. students / companies). As the focus of the website is narrowly defined, the wishes of the targeted customer segment can perfectly be met without compromising other customer segments. On the other hand, other service providers are already established in the market and possess a bigger marketing budget. As such, they have already an existing customer base. Furthermore, switching costs might deter these companies to change. demands a fee for advertisement on the website. This includes prominent placements of projects and vacancies as well as advertisement banners on the website. No charge will be imposed on simple interactions between the parties and normal placements of projects and vacancies.

As part of the business model, the cooperation with universities and student unions is actively sought. As part of the cooperation, the universities and student unions will place a certain amount of money at the disposal of

3.2. Features and Benefits ofthe Product provides three different services with unique features and benefits.

The services are grouped into a platform for business projects, a platform for job vacancies and a talent database of students. This chapter discloses the features and benefits for each customer group and service.

- Database of business projects

Students: Especially in the universities of applied sciences, students are required to hand in business projects as part of their assessment. However, universities of applied sciences usually provide limited help on finding adequate projects. Especially exchange students and full-time students lack the necessary connections to the business world needed to find practical projects. As no central database for available projects exists, these students have to rely on other group members, whenever a group work is conducted, or find something through indirect contacts. On the other hand, this process can take weeks, which could be better spend on the elaboration of the project.

On our website, students can browse through available business projects and directly apply. These projects can be sorted and filtered into function (e.g. marketing, strategy, HR, etc.), language, region, branch, type of paper (module assessment, bachelor thesis, master thesis, etc.) and adequacy for individual work / group work.

Thus, an overview of possible business projects would help students to have an access to a bigger pool of projects and as such find a suitable partner for their assignment. Therefore, the search process is designed more efficiently by our website and helps students to have more time for the actual handling of the project.

Companies: offers the companies the possibility to display their projects to a database of students. They can choose the best suited applicants for the treatment of the project instead of relying on a first-come first-serve basis. Furthermore, the platform ensures visibility to the project.

Universities and student unions: Universities, and especially the more practice oriented universities of applied sciences are interested in the availably of business projects. These projects have to be of high quality in order to ensure a good preparation of the students for the business world. Student unions on the other hand, act in the interest of students and as such wish for interesting, and an efficient availability of business projects. offers a database of business projects which are ready to be treated. Teachers can browse through the database and recommend the best suited projects to their students. Furthermore, our website helps to reduce the administrational costs of the universities they incur when handling a large number of business projects on their own.

- Database for vacantjobs, trainee programs, internship, etc.

Students: A problem students face is the search of an adequate position after graduating. Even though multiple sources exist, it can be difficult to evaluate if a job offering is suitable for graduates. As such, valuable time is wasted looking and applying for jobs which might not even be adequate for students. focuses only on students and therefore provides only vacancies which can be filled by students/graduates. In order to get a better overview over the vacancies, they can be sorted and filtered according to region, workload, type of vacancy (unlimited employment, temporary emplyment, trainee program, internship, etc.), position (employee, position with responsibility, executive position) and branch.

The focus on students as customer group combined with the functionalities of the website allows for a more efficient job hunting and less time spent on unsuitable job applications.

Companies: Job offers which are targeted towards students/graduates might get lost in the mass of traditional employment advertisers or attract unwanted employee segments. The handling of such unwanted applications increases even further the administration cost of the company. can help to directly advertise job offers to the right employee segment (students/graduates), increasing therefore the visibility of the placement and reducing the amount of unwanted applications.

Universities and student unions: The number of students getting a job offer after the study program, can be taken as the university's gauge of success.

As such, universities are interested in the highest number of students getting a job after their studies. As the student unions represent the interests of students, they are interested in the availability of high quality student jobs. Providing a database of suited job offers for students/graduates increases the chances for a student to get a job and therefore increase the universities success rate in employability while at the same time being in the interest of the student union.

- Database of potential talents

Students: The database can help students to find a job, even when they are not actively looking, or simply too busy to apply for a job. They can upload their projects, which can be rated by companies. The efforts they have put in these projects can therefore be reused to gain an advantage when companies are actively looking for talents.

Companies: In order to be successful, a company must find adequate talents. However, it can be difficult or even impossible to get a good overview over potential candidates. Furthermore, these companies are constantly in competition with each other to acquire the best talents. As such, the trend of active-sourcing and looking pro-actively for suitable candidates, is emerging. On the other hand, active-sourcing comes with a cost, which increases according to the spread of the candidates. provides a database of students (talents) which can be browsed by the companies. The profiles of the students, which include the CV, can be sorted and filtered according to language skills, years of business experience, interests (e.g. Marketing, HR, etc.), rating of business projects, region, etc.


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