Artificial intelligence in every day social life

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Table of Contents

Executive summary


Artificial intelligence
Expert system
Major researcher

Impact of artificial intelligence on daily life

Benefits of artificial intelligence

Determinant of artificial intelligence

Legal dimensions of artificial intelligence

Intelligent Legal Information Systems
Pragmatist and Purism
Intellectual property rights

Ethical dimension of artificial intelligence



Executive summary

This paper has been written with the objective of critically evaluating the concept of artificial intelligence, its applicability in legal aspects, advantages and adverse impact on the social life of human beings. This report includes an introduction about the concept of artificial intelligence, its importance, benefits and determinants in the everyday social life of human beings. It also includes the way this technology is being used in different industries such as management, medical and legal industry as well. Further, it also helps in understanding various moral and ethical questions that are being caused with the use of this technology and how it can also lead to human destruction, if not used properly

In the later part, this report includes information on the relationship between artificial intelligence and legal aspect of the business; different ways through which this industry can be used in legal industry, models and technologies, different views both positive and negative have been include in this report. Further, information has been provided on the intellectual rights issues that help in understanding different strategies through which programs and creativity of technology can be protected through patent and copyright laws


Importance of technology has been accepted in every industry; it is being used by different professional in different forms in order to make their work simple, accurate and also to understand their work. There are large number of software’s, customized, non customized, sophisticated to meet professional requirements and help them in delivering accExecutive summarurate work. Now most of the data driven decisions of the business are being taken with the help of technology, it has made work more simplified and data analysis system, better.

Apart from this, modern legal system has also accepted the importance of technology in the industry. Though there are certain basic software’s such as MS office, emails etc which are being used for the purpose of data retrieval; there are other sophisticated system as well, which help in improving organizational culture, better decision making, knowledge sharing etc in the business. One such software is artificial intelligence which is being widely used in the industry.

This paper has been written with the objective of understanding the importance of artificial intelligence in the social life of people. This paper will include a comprehensive analysis on the topic, include advantages and disadvantages if artificial intelligence, its determinant and legal dimension of the subject; it also include the social and ethical implication of the topic. This paper will facilitate the reader in understanding the topic and legal dimension attached to it.

Artificial intelligence

As the name defines, artificial intelligence can be defined as the development of such technologies that help n preparing intelligent machines and software’s in the market. The concept of Artificial intelligence is five decades old in the market; still it is difficult get any chronological data on the development of the subject. This concept has been defined with the help of various definitions and explanations by the authors, but in simplest form it is a technology that aims at creating a substitute of human brain in the market; it aims at representing human thought process by the machine which is being used by the human (Partridge & Hussain, 1992).

According to Astro Teller, artificial intelligence can be defined as the science of making machines work like the way they show in movies. It is a type of computer programs that has the ability to create the type of problem, which are being caused by human thoughts. This is intelligent software that evaluates the environment and makes machines capable of taking actions that ensure high success rates; therefore, this system makes intelligent machines in the market (Negnevitsky, 2008).

The history of artificial intelligence system starts form dark ages and move to the knowledge based system. The foundation period of the concept lies from 1943 to 1956, in this period this concept was found by Warren Mcculloch and Walter pits in 1943; during this period researcher focused towards understanding the concept of machine intelligence, artificial neural and automata theory. Then the year 1956 to 1960 have seen tremendous growth in the concept of artificial intelligence and people have started accepting this concept greatly. Then expert systems like Dendral and MYCIN were developed during 1970 to 1980 that provided huge scope of development in the industry. The knowledge based intelligent system has developed since 1970.

Expert system

To understand the concept of artificial intelligence, here the understanding of intelligence system has been provided; which states that artificial intelligence can be divided into two major programs which include the general and the expert system. General computer programs are the one which are used to stimulate intelligence without limit to problems; these systems are impractical and rare. On contrary to this s the expert system which focuses on particular problem on the bases of a particular knowledge system used, which can be static or dynamic.

Another important concept is the analysis of the Analog vs. digital processing system; this point will facilitate in differentiating between human and machine intelligence system. According to different researches and researchers human brains operate on Analog bass and computer brain works on digital basis; through there has-been development on the field of analogy computers as well. The third point of differentiation is the processing system which can be serial or parallel as well; as human brain operates on serial processing system and computer intelligence of CPU is a parallel intelligence system(Partridge & Wilks, 1990).

Major researcher

There are three main researchers and developers of the concept of artificial intelligence in the market, which include Alan M. Turing, according to the researcher a machine can only be considered to be intelligent till the point human beings fails to understand the difference between human and machines properly. Another major researcher was Eliza, who successfully prepared the first machine which has the ability to interact with human beings properly(Luger, 2000). Finally, major focus on the development of artificial intelligence concept was given by Arthur Clarke.

Impact of artificial intelligence on daily life

Artificial intelligence has helped in the tremendous growth and development of human beings and also the way system works. The first major development is robotics, which has tried to replace human functioning to a great extend. Big automobile manufacturing companies has adopted this technology to reduce human dependence and error in the market. Artificial intelligence has helped in forecast of proper weather conditions in the market and other prediction services (Shi, 2011). Apart from this many of products that are being manufactured with the help of this technology are being widely used in the day to day lies of human beings in doing their regular work. The intelligence based software systems are widely used in the space industry as well as finance industry to increase transparency of the system. Finally, the robotics human species is the ultimate development in this field.

Benefits of artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence is a boon for the society it has brought new ways of development in the market. With the help of this technology knowledge is being widely used in the market. This system s being used by different sectors in the society such as aiding the medical practitioners in practicing different innovative ways of treatment, it is helping lawyer’s business professionals greatly in proper management of data and information. This system has smoothened the way communication and learning use to take place in the social environment and ensure more holistic system of information sharing (Whitby, 2009).

With the help of this technology less human centric task can be done with the help of this technology and more humanly required task can be done by the human beings. This system helps employees in conducting proper self analysis, learning and also reasoning. Other technological advantages include, this system is permanent and consistent in approach; it is affordable and quick replication of information and instruction can be done under this system. In society it is also being regarded as an undisputable aid system that can be made available 24*7 to help people, children better (Bench-Capon & Dunne, 2007).

This tool help in conducting proper planning and reasoning in the system that facilitate in understanding business system better; it has also able to help in increasing human security with by developing machine perception system in which technologies such as Camera, speech recognition systems has been developed in the market (Rahwan & Simari, 2009).


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Artificial intelligence in every day social life
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