Reducing Graduate Unemployment In Ghana Through Graduate Labour Export

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On the other hand, out of the whole, an unexpected difference is usually made between the
educated and uneducated youth in the unemployment ratio. Looking at things in the opposite
way, the viewpoint of graduate unemployment in the country was supposed to be understood.
In general, unnecessary things is the highest among the educated youth as against the
uneducated (UNFCA, 2010). For case in point, in 2003, the percent of people who want to
work but cannot find a job was 8.5% for former and 6% for the last thing just mentioned
group in Ghana. This is because the educated discriminate towards picking among job
opportunities such as "Whiteman job" but uneducated are not (Twerefou, et al. 2007 referred
to UNECA 2010).
The term graduate unemployment is within which population with university degrees and
diploma cannot find their choice of work and which may be solved realistically through resort
idea of graduate labour exportation.
Ghana experiencing graduate unemployment is not the first in history. In reference to 1980s
when money based development was said to have been positive, graduate unemployment was
far above the ground. Studies have been managed and done on more than two, but not a lot of
cases trying to find out the causes and available fixes for diseases for graduate unemployment
in the country. Some people who lawfully live in a country, state, etc. gave their ideas as one
after the other government has not done enough while others blame the universities for
unrelated school courses. Up until now others have blamed the graduates for not intelligently
shaping themselves well before graduating. The discuss has mostly been a blame game. The
study done by Boateng and Ofori (2002) tells about that universities and the other related to
three institutions bring into being about 68,000 graduates yearly without corresponding high
numbers of jobs being created to soak them up like a towel.
The formal part is said to be the preferred job destination of graduates but employs less than
40% of all graduates. Worse still, the job expectation of graduates does not match wages
given by employers. Among 450 final year students of the University of Ghana May 2000, a
study done tells that, over 84% expected wages much higher than current wages offered by
the areas in which they preferred to work (Boateng and Bekoe, 2001 referred to by Boateng
and Ofori, 2002).
As a success ways of reaching goals towards the national money based development plan,
across the ocean graduate exporting could be seen as real and true option for the country`s

youth work force and listed are four success ways of reaching goals for showing in a good
way the exportation of graduates in the Ghana.
Recommended Guidelines
The government of Ghana goals should be amazingly understandable and reliable. Graduate
labour exportation should be showed in good ways, but only lasting for a short time work by
the use of controlled channels. Republic of Ghana can supplies a huge amount of graduate
labour through controlled channels as across the ocean foreign workers where these
unemployed graduates travel in other countries under official arrangements between Ghana
and other countries. The Government should arrange that in every year graduates whose
services are needed by the country would be recruited and the other unemployed graduates
would be enrolled on such programme.
The movement of graduate labour from one place to another from Ghana should be a smooth
process, with the government playing as supportive and legal based role throughout. The
process begins with securing access to foreign labour markets. The Government should have
as a foreign policy priority the search for limited years employment opportunities for
Ghanaian in foreign countries with labour deficit in certain job categories. in both two side
and related to a large area trade back and forth conversations to agree on something. This is
an employment driven success plans of reaching goals getting the rights of its people who
lawfully live in a country, state, etc to settle permanently in other countries has never been a
priority for the Ghanaian government.
Host countries that have clearly particular labour shortages but that discourages permanent
entering into a country, such as many countries in Asia, Middle Eastern, North American
would be exceptionally good partners in this success plan of reaching goals. Also, he
government should tries to open official access to foreign labour markets, to prevent its
people who lawfully live in a country, state, etc from using uncontrolled channels to move.
Border security
In order to leave the country to work, Ghanaians must be recruited by either a licensed
recruiter or government unit and must have their contract approved by the ministry of foreign
affairs in partnership with ministry of youth and employment to enroll in the official benefits
program. The Government should prohibits its people who lawfully live in a country, state,
etc from overstaying a visa in a host country and maintains a list of workers forbidden from

future contracts, in part to support its market Ghanaians in other countries as a high quality
``brand name`` of traveling worker labour.
Safety of graduate travelling workers.
The government of republic of Ghana should be mostly responsibility for recruiting graduate
workers for the interested countries or organisations in order to holds a legal base role, with
the stated purpose of protecting workers for very mean, unfair treatment and discouraging
illegal or putting something into use. The ministry of foreign affairs in partnership with
ministry of youth and employment should proves true the terms of workers` contract with the
foreign employer. Should the employer violate the terms of the contract, the Ghanaians
government help on ones behalf. Outside of the based on a written agreement relationship,
the government should tried to hold whole countries responsible for the protection of its
graduate workers.
In the year 2003, the Philippines government eventually resumed sending workers, but
continued to support law suits brought by travelling workers in Hong Kong's courts.
Support to traveling workers.
The government should encourage the individual to open an account with a defined bank in
Ghana in which higher percentage of their moneys paid for working would be paid into by
the overseas employer. The accumulated salaries in their personal bank accounts cannot be
access whiles working in abroad unless the graduate worker returns to his or her home
country as the contract would be stated.
The government should encouraging travelling workers to use official channels, to send
money home, and to eventually return at the end of their contract. By moving officially,
travelling workers should receive some partially paid for benefits such pre moving from one
place to another, training on social and work conditions in other countries, life insurance and
money paid regularly after retirement plans, medical insurance and tuition help for travelling
worker and his or her family, and ability to participate for pre departure and emergency loans.
Payments are critical source of foreign exchange, and the government actively encourages
travelling workers to send money home. Inventions of new things such as the visa card are
the product of a slow learning process on payments.
The Ghanaians history with a too high value assigned exchange rates had created serious
methods to prevent crime to sending payments through official channels and the quota could

challenges. Hence, the government`s policies should be more flexible. It has to maintain a
market based exchange rate, worked to make sending payments via Private Banks cheaper
and easier, and even offered tax free investment programs aimed at across the ocean graduate
Many of the support services the government provides are also meant to help increase in a
good way continued tie with the homeland. The government sponsors tours of Ghanaians
entertainers and supports exporter of local foods to areas in across the ocean with high
concentrations of raveling workers. Mental counseling services that draw attention to
maintenance of Ghanaians values are offered through a network of offices in other countries.
However, government should allow across the ocean graduate workers exported to vote in
national elections during their period of contract whiles in other countries. The government
should support of the return of travelling workers part of its policy things that are the most
important recognising the natural tendency for travelling workers to return with big amounts
of foreign products that are bought and sold, the government stated money making duty free
shops for returned traveling workers. Other privileges granted to returning travelling workers
include tax fee shopping for one year, loans or business capital at special and good rates, and
ability to participate for partially paid for money given to good students to help pay for

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Reducing Graduate Unemployment In Ghana Through Graduate Labour Export
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