SWOT analysis and operation management decisions of Domino's pizza

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Executive Summary




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Executive Summary

This report emphasis the operation management done by the Domino’s pizza delivery company on the basis of three Operation Point Service product, design, Quality Management and Supply chain management of the company. Adding on the swot analysis will have the quick view of dominos to improve their markets. Finally, we have find the conclusion and recommendation including theory into practice and references that will help to improve the company outlets, product services and also to increase their revenue in their future aspect.


This report will analyse the critical operation management on the basis of swot analysis of the chosen company Domino’s and their operational management decisions which are Service, product design, quality management, Process, capacity design, location, layout design, human resources, job design, Supply-chain management, Inventory management, Scheduling and Maintenance. The report will discuss the three critical operational management decisions of Domino’s Pizza which are service, product design, Quality management and Supply-chain management.

Domino’s was started in 1960s by two brothers as the fast food business organisation of pizza food industry. Domino’s pizza outlet is globally spread in most of the countries. There head office is located in USA in Michigan, whereas their main franchise and their operation are done from UK markets. They are present across the global. As UK is their quality franchise therefore all food products are supplied from the UK and they control the product and other services of domino’s pizza to being delivered. It is known for its faster delivering of pizzas due to which customer can get the hot and fresh pizza to eat at their door steps. Domino’s is also known for their quality and its taste which make them different from their competitors which are Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc.

After analysing the report, conclusion will be drawn, on the basis of which appropriate recommendation will be given. This will help the company in assessing their current operation management decision as explained in this report and evaluate them for their betterment.


This report will use the SWOT analysis to classify the STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES and THREAT to get a quick summary of dominos pizza strategies position.

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- Brand Reputation: The reputation of the brand is high due to its more advertising and commitment of delivering faster to the door step create responsibility and assurance to the Brand image.
- Networking globally: With 60 global countries and more than 9000 outlet of the company and their franchises it has very excellent networking globally. The customers of the dominos are loyal to their brand so the company has to take further step by launching new varieties of their product in the market to have strong marketing network with their different outlets and franchises.
- Cost reduction: Less price and more variety with different toppings make people to think. Customers from any class can buy and afford the product at reasonable prize.
- Package offer: Domino’s keep an eye on their customer by inventing different offers like “Buy one get one free”, “Prize slice week and get 50% off pizzas” etc. so that the customer is being attracted to their franchises by different package outlet. They also provide different offers for student. Dominos also promote their scheme like offers for occasion, different scheme coupons.
- Quicker delivery supply: When it is come for the fastest delivery then there is one brand name comes in the people mind that is Domino’s pizza. As the service of dominos pizza is very quick, As the company protocol is to deliver the pizza within 30 min so customers don’t have to wait for the long time to have their meal and that makes the name of dominos Brand.


- Difficulty in handling: As the franchises outlet of dominos are spread globally on a large scale therefore it become hard to handle the operations and Quality. Due to difficulties in handling, some of their outlets are closed as it can affect the name of the brand.
- Lack of din-in area: As dominos is the faster delivery company it has most of his delivery outlet, but don’t have sitting arrangement where their customer want to sit and enjoy with their love ones. Whereas, dominos competitors like pizza hut, papa johns etc. provide sitting outlets for their customers.


- New restaurant: Dominos can expand their markets by opening new restaurant by opening their bigger outlet where their customer can have sitting arrangement and parties lounge rather then just delivery options.
- Healthy menus: they can add dietary product in their menu list which are of low calories and low fat, which can make their brand increased in their revenues.
- Attract children: As small children like more fast food, they can offer special meal option with Disney or marvel goodies and toys to attract the children as their competitor does all the time. This can help them to get more loyal customer.


- Change in consumer taste: dominos have to always be in touch with their customer about their taste by getting feedback.
- Strong competitor: in the fast growing market dominos can face more strong competitor in fast-food field like pizza hut, papa john’s, McDonalds, KFC and more.
- Heath issues: Now-a-days people are more concern about their heath. So it can also decline dominos brand image to fall as Pizza is unhealthy in mature market.



Service come to fast delivery in pizza, Dominos pizza stands at first place. In menu list they provide variety of supplementary items chicken wing, potato wedges, chicken strippers etc. are offered to the customers as a core product with pizza (Horovitz, 2009). The smooth running of the operations at Dominos help them to provide their customers with tailored pizzas and also offer them with additional wide range of products. To have a look at the product design, dominos is finding it very difficult to cope up with delivering the pizzas to the customers on time in Karachi. Flexibility is combined here to meet the requirements of the customers. The product and service at dominos is considered to be the same as they are delivered on a specified time frame. At dominos, the most two important factor they consider are the convenience and the cost when it comes to the product and service design. To know how Domino’s, achieve their success and performance in the market, the product life cycle can be explained briefly.


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SWOT analysis and operation management decisions of Domino's pizza
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