"The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden. A book analysis

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The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles & Belief by Gregg Braden

About the author

For more than 20 years, Braden has dedicated his energy as a spiritual seeker doing research and publishing five books. He has traveled throughout the world focusing on ancient and religious texts as well as served as a counselor for people seeking to mean in a spiritual context.


Human beings exist in the world web of life with interconnections ultimately uniting nonbelievers and spiritual believers. In this case, non-believers are an important group since they insist on more solid proofs, which is the aim of this book. Most of them are unlike spiritual believers who accept faith without the need to reason. First, you have to be an admirer of science and religion to enjoy a great book that has had impacts on some people.

Book analysis

The Divine Matrix is an example of a link in the understanding of human beings according to research. Therefore the first step of tapping into this force is familiarizing ourselves with how it works and adopting a language best understood. For this reason, the author of The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles & Belief makes interesting revelations on how to discover and explores miracles in the Quantum world.

As the evidence suggests, most things in life begin from here such as healing, deep relationships, DNA of life and origin of the stars. Max Planck proposed the quantum theory in 1944 that promised to show the existence of Divine Matrix and the Universe within its containment. Synopsis of the argument begins during the era of Newtonian physics, through discoveries by Einstein to breakthroughs Braden proposed in the 21st Century. Explaining the holographic nature of man’s observation in the quantum is possible through science a fact that Braden relates with quite well in his book.

However, until recently researchers discovered that it is indeed genuine, and authors like Braden present the concept as the first of twenty keys in The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, and Miracles & Belief, to explain how religion and science closely intertwine. In fact, the interesting belief is that the world created by us is an accurate reflection of beliefs, such that in order of finding inner peace, healing and obtaining happiness. Gregg Braden deserves credit for combining science, spirituality, and miracles in an interesting book using the language of Divine Matrix having put more than 20 years into research.

However, skeptics may speculate on some issues as much as the author’s presentation of logic and convincing arguments, especially since the debate between religion and science, cannot be just resolved through a book. Alternatively, for those who read this book, the arguments about life are the interconnections in many unseen things in the universe and the potential of human beings to help build a more positive future.

Braden shares his findings in a book that can shift your paradigm using 20 keys of conscious creation able to assist the reader to translate miracles in imagination and putting it into practicality. Explained in basic science language easy to understand and written in the form of real life stories the author recognized that only our beliefs limit some of us, the result is a resourceful impact into our lives. For the benefit of this discussion, the 20 keys of conscious creation are highlighted to give a summary of Divine Matrix in the book.

The 20 keys of Divine Matrix by Braden Gregg

The first key states that Divine Matrix acts as the container which holds the universe, the bridge connecting all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created. Therefore, our actions on one part of life have effects and influence the other parts. Braden describes Divine Matrix using three components mainly container, bridge, and mirror. Therefore, it holds the entire universe, acts as a connection between all things that exist, and shows what human beings have created. It is important to discuss the components of Divine Matrix to understand the language. Ideally, people live in small villages where both the effect of other people and how we affect them in a day. The global community felt and has significant weight. Accordingly, the relationships with people change the shape and nature of the universe. Therefore the role Divine Matrix plays is to act as a mirror that shapes people’s beliefs and relationships.

A look at the concept of the bridge as earlier mentioned reveals an indication that the decisions people have to make while on Earth is narrowed down to the choice of living enjoyable and peacefully or making the same life boring or non-peaceful. Conflicts and warfare are because of creations of human beings and it is the same people who are instrumental in technological advancement that include exploration in the outer space. The concept realizes the fact that people may use facilities in right or wrong projects.

A mirror is a reflection of how individual behaviors affect other people in the society.

Different relationships form the main component of a community and therefore are affected by relationships people have between each other. The concept of mirror advocates for responsibility for individual behavior and actions towards other people in the same society or different community. It is through the traditions and belief of a person that the whole communities’ traditions and illuminated beliefs. Therefore; the individual is the mirror of the community and should seek to explain it.

Human beings should not look further because discoveries in the quantum world suggest that within each, there is something simply not limited by time, space and death instead the world we live in is nonlocal where everything connected to something. The claims strongly supported by Dean Radin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Quantum field connects with everything and research proves to heal and obtain peace when we take our time to understand fully. Arguments by the author sensibly point to certain relevant facts and are a great discovery, which most people do not pay attention including mainstream media.

According to Gregg Braden, the second key in the Divine Matrix states how different things interconnected in the world. The proposal by the author says that Divine Matrix is holographic in that any portion of the quantum field contains everything else in the quantum field. Besides consciousness according to beliefs is holographic. For instance, prayers in our living room already exist with the people we love and where it is intended. According to these principles, prayers exists already where it belongs everywhere. Connections people have with each other will act as a facilitator of how people of one community respect and consider the individual behavior and beliefs of different communities. Moreover, it is the genesis of opportunities coming our way because we remain an integral part of that connectedness responsible for atoms, stars, and DNA.

People remain part of the universe the same way everything in the universe has a deeper connection to something else. Discovery made by the author is that none in the world both at individual and country levels has the capability to exist as an island away from other people since some vital roles need working together. Therefore, the connection with Divine Matrix makes it part of people’s lives imposing them with the belief and action of either improving the world or make it worse. For this reason, the way to achieve this is by understanding how different conditions work, trying to know why we joined through connections and what they mean. It all begins with picturing ourselves differently possible by not separating ourselves from the world but instead becoming part of it.

Tapping force in the universe, it is important to look at ourselves in the context of the world rather than separating from every aspect of it; this is the third key of Divine Matrix. The implication is how the past, present, and future enjoin Divine Matrix being the container which holds time. In this case, connections are deep among everything that exists in the earth. Consequently, our choices are affected by continuity provided by the matrix. As the author breaks it down, everything that ever was and that which is yet to come has some deep connection with what is existing now. To achieve peace, abundance, healing, career, relationships, and experiences then connecting it to our reality is the sure way of finding joy. Scientific experiments point to origins of the ordinary world from the quantum field that is evenly spread in the universe and only recognized by people. Backed up with scientific knowledge shifting our thinking helps to tap power that lies in Divine Matrix.

The origin of the matrix attributed to an explosion of the universe that released massive energy by most scientists. The period 13 and 20 billion years ago, the small world exploded due to temperatures and created a pattern of energy still present to this day .The pattern of energy expands throughout the cosmos, connecting everything and its surroundings substantially forming the quantum field. Hence, Divine Matrix is created, acting as a multidimensional mirror, occasionally giving a reflection of emotions and beliefs in the world. Big bang theory explains how things are connected even though they appear so differently. In such an experiment conducted at the University of Geneva, single photons split into two identical twins a possible explanation for their connectivity. Conclusively, the same way photons and particles created show interconnection in everything whether the physical attachment exists or not.

Key number four according to the author states that things remain connected as long as they joined whether the bit is physically linked or not. At some point, the small universe, and everything physically joined only separated by the energy of the big bang. Readers will find this book read interesting but often relies upon scientific evidence to base claims.

Focusing on our consciousness is an act of creating and generating things states critical five. The quest to establish smallest particle and matter is futile in both the quantum world of atoms and the vast outer space only leaving conscienceless with the actual answer. Consciousness helps bring the dreams we have into reality and those imaginations to life so our ability to apply the understanding it shapes in our life and thinking. According to the author, Divine Matrix works with evidence that suggests power within our subconscious is the single field of energy human beings requires to incubate reality. Ultimately, this can lead to implications such as healing, war, peace or suffering. Perhaps the reminder is not to look at external vicissitudes in life that can result in the biggest error of how we view the universe.

The sixth key points out the power we need yet possess which enables us to create all changes we choose. Our capabilities depend on where our focus lies and in what ways we use the power of awareness the same way a difference exists between working towards a result and thinking or just feeling the desired effect. The author uses Neville’s perspective to offer a better explanation from the book, Power of Awareness revealing that when people work towards achieving something the journey becomes open ended and never ending. Therefore identifying the goal and launching milestones to achieve it sets us on the right path rather than in the process of producing it that the mind has not yet registered. It starts with understanding possibilities to begin to realize our imaginations by fulfilling dreams and seeing our prayers answered. Understanding how quantum physics works overemphasized in this book since our world, our lives, and bodies somehow connect to these possibilities.

In the primary seven, when we focus on our awareness the result is the reality of our world. By now as enthusiasts of this book, you realize central to our question of our existence is our role in the universe. Apparently, it can be useful by trying to understand how scientific observations work in this field to apply it in our lives. For instance, double split experiment presents findings that sometimes the behavior of electrons goes according to our expectations same application to our daily life where we spate things and make others distinct.

Consciousness has a significant role in the universe helping us discover new adventures especially when electrons surprises in quantum. Divine Matrix plays an important role acting as the container of all observations hampered only by creating conscious conditions locking us from perceptions of reality. We have to look beyond illusions given by the world sometimes falling into pitfalls and learn the most valuable lesson that is the balance of choosing thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with a new possibility.


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"The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden. A book analysis
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