Quantum Consciousness. How the New Scientific Reality Can Change Us and Our World

Essay, 2016

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Transition Through Time

The Evolution of New Dimension of Reality

Viability for Survival or Extinction

The Climax of Unsustainability

The two scenarios of the New Reality

It is not too late for change


Transition Through Time

The known history of man comes in the faces of development, in all cases, man as a vital part of the cosmos has not changed their state. However, their conscience has changed accepting more of modernity into the system. The new shift as cited by Laszlo relates to the improvement of the individuals at quantum state. Today, the global shift in conscience presents humanity with new challenges and opportunities. For the survival of the species, man must understand the new dynamic and adapt to the modern demands. People have accepted new challenges, but at a much lower pace compared to the current rate. New challenges in thinking contribute to the new reality, facts such as the need for a global corporation, ecological intervention, and acceptance of social undercurrents are the products of cumulative experience with the universe.

According to Laszlo, the nature of human beings is changing at quantum levels to create an aspect of reality. The types of change facing humanity are in the form of micro-shifts, bringing into play a new system that diverts human interest from old reality to a position that they see themselves as part of a greater machine, working to better themselves. However, the multi-dimension of the new regime is challenging to comprehend in totality. It calls for high levels of consciousness that man has not experienced before. Nevertheless, the shift is already taking effect and thus people are forced to adapted to changes. It comes down to evolution or extinction. The current world is on the brink of economic collapse, failing of political system and eventual military fallout. In response, there is a need to formulate modern ideas that negate the possible political and economic failures as well as ecological shortcomings to ensure the success of humanity. At the brink of failure, a new civilization is developing to balance with nature. The new concepts of reality are entirely new, nothing continues in the same way as it used to operate, out of all the chaos in the universe, a new order is emerging.

The Evolution of New Dimension of Reality

The twenty-first century came with the initial waves of the new reality, both individually and collectively as a society. The reality that people have perceived for the year is shifting with the growing unsustainability of the planet. The revolution comes with new opportunities and limitations; people can gain or lose depending on their adaptability to new concepts. Human existence is undergoing more radical and shocking changes. Laszlo describes the modification with the as “bifurcate” a term adopted from mathematics and chaos theory. Today, people live in an age of bifurcation.

At the beginning of the new reality, people science had foreseen that fact that every element of nature is changing, but the majority of people worked on the premise that nature will balance itself, and it all be business as usual. As predicted, cosmos began to root out elements the harmful elements, however, in a way that tends towards extinction of human species. The final days of the 1990s made it clear that nothing will continue the same way. The changes become more rapid, reminding people that it is not business as usual. The change manifested itself in several occasions; Russians celebrated New Year’s Eve without a trace of snow in the Red Squire; New York also experienced a case of unfrozen snow in January. The legendary snow covering of Mt. Kilimanjaro is today recordings of history. People who still believed that the world in not changing had have to come terms with the new reality. Climate change is only one dimension of the new reality.

The beginning of the twenty-first century came to the realization of climate change. This was only the beginning of a series of dynamics that would follow. Soon, the economic systems were affected, the impact of climate change quickly proceeded to social and political frameworks of the society. The picture is that; the changes brings new reality to existence in more than one manifestation. Climate change is no longer just a theoretical prediction of future, but a reality to stay with humanity. It is an imperative to how people think, assuming that no modification of life has taken place mean that end of the very nature of life. Anything living feels the impacts of such changes.

Viability for Survival or Extinction

It is interesting to the note the fact that science, on nature, is rapidly evolving. In the relationship between the man known thanks to scientific research is taking a new line and expose people to a deeper understanding of the paradigm shifts in quantum conscience. Micro-shitfs occur in smaller phases, but reaches a breaking point, and the modifications assume a more rapid approach. Humanity has a choice to adopt and service or to extinct. The non-linearity of change means no particular path to a state of finality, but a combination of interacting elements up to the final state. These describe the evolution of stars, starting with the last days of the supernova. It exploded producing the generations of stars and the elements that represent every part of the living and the nonliving universe. Some of the stars collapsed into a black hole while other lived through time. Nature is equally taking the same approach, as people begin to load the planet, a critical will finally be reached at which there must be a change for life to continues. The reality of the time will be different from the state at the begging by far, failure to adopt to the new mechanisms is nothing less than a course of extinction. The same apply to all phases of civilization; they evolve potentials to take up the change, or they go under, the communist history through 1989-90 is a similar scenario.

Laszlo express concern that human species and the current civilization is at its peak. While old perception and forms of culture are perceptible to extinction, the same does not apply to the nature of humans as species. Humanity has a lot of resources and ideas that are yet to be exploited. Change of ideology and emergence of technology has been key to survival, however, in the phase of the quantum shift, to remain viable requires more than just technology. A complete change in conscience is the only core, described by Laszlo as quantum conscience. While adoption is slow, spanning many years, this forms of transition are drastic and takes effect rapidly. Only parties that can flow with the pace are truly viable and thus beyond extinction by the change.

Quantum conscience calls for an intervention, which has been at people’s disposal, they experience it indirectly, but never actually explored its potentials. It is the close connection between people and with the universe. All designs of civilization since the age of religion have ignored this force. Genuine experience with known human history reveal the fact that people and cosmos are one and the same, they are part of the same machine, that only functions at maximum potential when all sections are in harmony. Science and has finally confirmed the validity of this connection.

Earlier evolutions have featured scientist discounting the connection that people feel among themselves as mere delusion. However, new reality comes with a new version of the story, explaining that the intangible connections are a real force. Quantum physicists indicate that when the matter is reduced to quanta and atom levels, it only possible to achieve a condition when all the particles are interconnected through space and are in synchrony. This state has been disturbed by the imbalance brought about human activities. The interconnection between atoms validates the argument that the people brains’, although virtually distant from each other and universe, are interconnected at their atomic levels. This is vital in understanding the collective consciences and need for togetherness that human species needs to survive the change. The critical value to live in harmony with each other and synchrony with nature.

The Climax of Unsustainability

The Chinese have a saying that “when a person does not change direction, they most likely end up to where there are headed” this describe the current nature of civilization. The world tends to be more insecure; both developed and developing countries; the desire to apply military intervention is at its peak. Much progress is made in the field of weaponry and mass destruction than in another area of research, most countries have weapons that are beyond their time and military expenditure is one the rise. All signals point to the fact that the world is insecure, of no external force, but fear for itself. All that is required to erase civilization as people know it is a straightforward act of aggression and response it triggers. Nuclear weapons when used in war lead to nothing bust destruction, depending on the magnitude, extinction is foreseeable. Contrary to the case of earlier civilization when the generation of evolution was lost to extraterrestrial threats, it is an age when man human species hold the trigger for its extinction. Apparently, the urge to develop more weapons, accumulate them for the future attack is unstoppable and humanity will eventually arrive at the projected destination when weapon these weapons are used against people.

Religious fanaticism is on the rise, over the years, there has been witnessed the rise of Islamic extremists, Neo-Nazi and racial lines. More people cross the poverty threshold in a worst direction while governments seek to empower its authority by military action. It is clear that such a path does not point to any positivity, rather, to an eventual failure of the economic systems followed by a world government. At this points, new ideas that are contrary to what the world has honored for hundreds of years will play and give a new direction to civilization; that is if humanity adapts to the new realities of the modern world. The alternative is far worse, extinction.


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