Reduction in cost of quality by using robust design

Elaboration, 2015

30 Pages, Grade: 8.46 CGPA



1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Research Methodology

4. Reduction in COQ by implementing Robust Design

5. Results and Calculations

6. Conclusion

7. Paper Published

8. References

Learning Objectives

After completion of this session you will:

ƒ Understand the relation between Robust Design and Cost of Quality ƒ Be able to identify the quality costs in an organization ƒ Understand the impact of measuring the cost of quality

1. Introduction

- Genichi Taguchi defines quality as, "The quality of a product is the (minimum) loss imparted by the product to the society from the time product is shipped" (Bryne and Taguchi, 1986). Quality has been defined by many as being within specifications, zero defect or customer satisfaction.
- Robust Design is defined as reducing variation in a product without eliminating the causes of the variation. In other words, making the product or process insensitive to variation. This in turn increases the overall quality of a product making the product robust.
- “We need to communicate to management the impact of quality in language they understand which is often in terms of dollars.”
- The present thesis proposes a systematic design framework for cost of quality that embeds Taguchi’s method and other robustness criteria to reduce the overall COQ of a product.


- Cost of Quality:

- COQ is usually understood as the sum of conformance plus non-conformance costs,

- where cost of conformance is the price paid for prevention of poor quality (viz. inspection and quality appraisal) and
- cost of non-conformance is the cost of poor quality caused by ` product and service failure (viz. rework and returns)

- Robust Design:

- Robust Design improves the quality of a product by minimizing the effects of variation without eliminating the causes (since they are too difficult or too expensive to control).

- It is an off-line quality control method that is instituted at both the product and process design stage.


‰Classification of COQ:

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‰- Need for Robust Design:

- Robustness reduces variation in parts by reducing the effects of uncontrollable variation.

- Another advantage is that lower quality parts or parts with higher tolerances can be used and a quality product can still be made.

- This method is also good, because you are designing the robustness into the product and process instead of trying to fix variation problem after they occur.

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Reduction in cost of quality by using robust design
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8.46 CGPA
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