The influence of Korean culture on Hong Kong

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Statement of the problem
Significance of the study
Theoretical perspective
Definition of terms
Research method

Literature review
Subject of case study
Theoretical framework
Cultural influence

Research methodology
Research Design
Target Population
Sample and Sampling Technique
Statistical analysis Tools

Conclusion and limitation

This text was written by a non-native English speaker. Please excuse any errors or inconsistencies.


Improved communication trends have assisted in shaping information dissemination to various corners of the world. From such perspective, different cultures have successfully been assimilated and at the same time played the significant influence, other people. Additionally, there have been some cultures which have completely submerged by others leading to their people being left cultureless. On information, in the last decade, there has been information about news, sports games and how people travel around the world taking center stage.

The information as mentioned earlier has been doing rounds courtesy of better communication devices and means as well as improved communication infrastructure. The Korean culture was discovered to be made up of the traditional Korean culture heritage with mainly the Korean Peninsula (Blumler, 1996 pg 10). The culture can mainly be traced back to the mid-20th century. During that time, the peninsula was not yet politically split between North and South Korea (John, 2002).The split resulted in various cultural differences. Before that time the Joseon Dynasty which is the cause of Korean shamanism practice was eventually uprooted from the Korean culture.

Later, the Korean culture experienced introduction of Buddhism as well as Confucianism. The two cultures were introduced mainly through Chinese dynasties cultural exchanges. In the real sense, Buddhism was initially recognized as the official religion of the Goryeo dynasty. It is through this that various privileges were offered to Buddhist monks. With the rise of the Joseon period, Buddhism was greatly suppressed. However, there have been cases where Buddhist monks and temples are believed to have been banned from visiting the cities and as a result confined only to the countryside. It is from this place that a perceived strict form of Confucianism which in some areas was seen as even more strict than what had previously been adopted by the Hongkong people. The perception later became the official philosophy. In the end, the Korean Confucianism was affected by the seen bi-class. During this era, various scholars who had previously gone up through positions of both wealth and power were forced to lead lives inclusive of study and integrity.

Until now, Hallyu has been the means of informing the world about Korean culture and products. Therefore, K-pop became loved worldwide and Korean products are now sold in various countries. However, Korea has not opened itself to other countries’ culture; Hallyu just gave without receiving. Han Jaeheuk said, “The purpose of Hallyu needs to change. It needs to inform Korean culture by sharing Korean culture through exchanges with other countries.” Today, Korea has achieved the first purpose of Hallyu, which was to bring Korea to the world, but now is the time to exchange cultures with other countries including Hong Kong. By upgrading Hallyu as a means of sharing cultures, Koreans will reap better rewards

Statement of the problem

The Korean culture is known to have significant influence specifically in East Asia. Among the cultures which this culture is believed to influence most is the Hongkong one. In this paper, the influence of Korean culture on Hongkong will be critically analyzed and discussed. The level of conformity on the Korean culture influence will also be critically analyzed. In such a case the paper will also aim at discussing the various causes of Korean culture influence on the Hongkong people which have become very pronounced nowadays.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to understand the extent to which the Korean cultures have influenced the Hongkong people. From a social science perspective (Mason & Norton, 2009 pg 159). Culture comprises of the beliefs which are also the way of life and art. The definition also comprises of customs that are normally shared and universally accepted by different groups of people found in the society in question. In cases where the economy is included, the country’s money ‘and goods which are produced and consumed are put into consideration. However, both definitions of culture and economy clearly indicate that the two belong to different categories from a sociology context.

Significance of the study

This study will highlight the relationship between the Korean culture influence and the underlying imperialism. The Korean influence case shows how cultural imperialism finally leads to economic imperialism. The two definitions also indicate that the relationship between the two is both intricate and interactive. According to O’Sullivan et al. (1983), culture is spheres where class, gender, race, as well as other inequalities are both naturalized and represented in various forms eventually sever. The definition also explains the underlying connection between both the economic and political inequalities. Cultural imperialism is also known to be the special form of economic imperialism. The Korean cultural influence was believed to bring a different kind of Korean fever in particular given East Asian countries, for example, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines. The most notable influences have been on food, language, fashion and tourism. Through this phenomenon, the Korean influence has been experienced in every corner of East Asia. The research paper will focus on all the resulting Korean cultural influences on Hongkong people.

Theoretical perspective

Among notable cultural influences include the Korean TV drama. The Korean drama has severally been presented as both a cultural as well as economic imperialism to the countries neighbors. The practice was mostly experienced in the late 1990s. According to Morley (1989) the act of mobilizing various hypodermic models in the context of media and cultural influence whereby both the media and the overriding culture will be seen as if they have the power to feed their target audiences with particularly destined messages. The aim of the messages is to influence the audience in an already arranged manner.

Definition of terms

The particular manner refers to the observed reaction of Korean culture on the Hongkong people. On the other hand, imperialism refers to the benefits that were achieved as a result of Korean culture influence after successful exportation to neighboring countries. Schiller (1969) defined the term cultural imperialism as the results of the process where society is finally delivered into the modern world system. The definition also covers how finally the influencing cause is attracted and pressure forced which sometimes is forced to shape social institutions for them to correspond to and promote, the underlying values as well as structures which are aimed at the dominating center of the system.

Research method

The aim of this paper is to critically analyze the resulting influence of Korean culture on Hongkong people. The paper will, therefore, make use of a qualitative research approach. The paper will also discuss the role of the various perceived intermediaries like the media in helping the Korean culture influence Hongkong. There have been various noted influences which include Korean TV dramas and the pop culture. In this sense, it has been noted that there is a lot of influence about the plot, the pop stars, and the songs. Moreover, the will also discuss the role of globalization as well as the resulting media influence.


The research study was observed to be specific and therefore makes use of reliable and accurate data which will, in turn, assist in making logical conclusions. The research also deals with real issues which have been observed to have culture influence on the Hongkong people.


Some of the notable limitations in the process of carrying out research include lack of variables control by the researcher. As the study will use secondary data as the instrument for collecting data, the exercise might turn out to be time-consuming and tedious. The reliability of collected data might also turn out to be questionable.


The Korean culture has the significant influence on the Hongkong people through various perspectives like drama, sports; songs pop culture, ways of dressing and the type of food that the Hongkong people are currently involved.The various culture intermediaries are believed to be better communication devices and globalization.

Literature review

The cultural histories, social situation, and the aesthetic and cultural preferences (Ang, 1985: 26). Globalization which is believed to be there since the 1990s have had high influence and at the same time assisted Korean culture to influence the people of Hongkong. However, as some people praise globalization, there are others who have a different opinion. This paper takes a multifaceted approach about the influence of Korean culture influence on Hongkong people the effects of global culture will also be taken into consideration. In the broader context, the relationship between complexity and other issues like the media will also be considered.

The Korean cultures have been sprouting and as a result, it has had a great influence on other cultures around the world. The most notable influences have been on rising popularity of the Korean soap dramas which continue to be watched in both Hongkong and other notable countries like China. The rising popularity of Korean culture intermediaries reflects the cultural influence on the everyday life and democratization which has been heavily borrowed from the Korean culture and consequently influenced Hongkong people.

Subject of case study

The case study which is purely about the influence of Korean culture to the Hongkong people is arguably one of the most vocal topics in the current cultural influence dispensation. Among the most notable influenced cultural behaviors which Korean people have successfully influenced their counterparts from Hongkong to include Eating chicken with beer. Previously, this cultural practice was only for Koreans. Regarding drama ad sports, there have been notable cultural influences. The most notable are the fever which started during the most recent TV drama. In the play titled The Man from the Star one of the actresses Cheon Song- was quoted saying that Chicken with beer is best when snow falls. The resulting phenomenon in Hongkong can be seen as just another result of Hallyu. In the recent times, Korea’s pop culture which includes dramas like K-drama and K-pop has had a lot of influence on Hongkong people. Most of the people in Hongkong have a strong liking for the Korean Pop culture. In the same way, Hallyu is perceived to be widening its grasp to the Hongkong culture and as a result, nowadays Hallyu does not only refer to Korean pop culture but is also a pivotal reference point for Hongkong people as well. Recently the Seok Myung Times (SMT) had an experience when it went ahead to the centrum of Hallyu. The experience also included feeling Hallyu’s direct effect in Hong Kong. It was however noted that in Hongkong people have already fallen in love with anything that Korea offers. The observation also indicates the level of influence of Korean culture on Hongkong people.


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The influence of Korean culture on Hong Kong
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