Homelessness in New Mexico

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Homelessness and Neglecting of Kids in New Mexico

Problem Description:

When making a discussion on social problems then the biggest problem which comes in our mind is “Homelessness”. It is very difficult to analyze the homelessness globally. The objective of this study is to discuss the homelessness in New Mexico and also this study will consist of the discussion about how the children have been neglected in New Mexico. Many Children have not only been neglected but have thrown out of the houses and they are living without home or sheltered place. According to the static records, more than 20 million children are facing poverty out of which more than 5 million children are extremely poor. 15,000 children live are completely homeless and they have no place to live in.

Ages of Homeless People:

The poverty in New Mexico is increasing and so the homelessness is increasing day by day. The most affected people are above 24. According to the records, approx 60% people who are above 24 years are homeless, where the homeless younger, between 18 to 24 years, are 20% and the children, below 18 years, are more than 25%. Most of them sleep in streets and very few of them sleep in shelters or in transitional houses (Authority, 2013).

Healthy and Disabled Homeless:

The people who are healthy and have capabilities to fight with poverty, they can work to get the places to live in but there are many disable people who are also homeless. Such people just need a little help from the government or other managements. They need transitional housing for a little time. This little help will make them able to stand on their feet again. They may need transitional housing for up to 2 years. The people who are facing mental health problems and other kind of disabilities needs extra attention and serious help to get homes. There should be professional case management to deal with such homeless people and to help them. The management should administrate to assure such people to obtain the benefits from social security. Such people not only need places to live in but also they need help from the management for their supportive services.

Effect of Homelessness on Children:

Homelessness influences all the people who are facing it but mostly it affects the life of children. It inhibits the emotional, physical, social, cognitive and behavioral development of kids. It impacts on the children even before their birth. As the homeless parents, or single mother face many difficulties during their pregnancies. These difficulties involve the chronic health problems, chemical abuse and acute health problems. Also due to the poverty, they don’t have enough food to eat and not a better environment to live in, so due to the lack of prenatal care the environment starts to affect the child before the child has born. Once the Child comes into the world then there is no home for him, due to lack of healthy environment, the child is of low weight and there are greater chances of death. Even if the child survive then there is no home for him and no better place to live in. unhealthy environment makes it difficult for the parents to take care of the child’s health and grooming. This environment leaves very deep impacts on the child’s mental and social behavior which results in emotional problems in the child’s later life (Hart-Shegos, 1999).

Physical Development of Homeless Children:

Generally, if we analyze then we can easily observe that the homeless children face more health problem than the housed poor children because the homeless children can easily be affected by the infectious diseases. Also the homeless children do not have enough to have proper nutrition. Lack of health care, treatment facilities, nutritional diet, and peaceful environment leads to the physical problems in the children.

Academic Development of Homeless Children:

When it comes to the academic performance then the poor students cannot pay attention properly to their studies due to the circumstances of homelessness. They don’t get good results in reading, math, vocabulary and spelling tests because the physical and mental health of these homeless children needs special services and does not allow them to score best (UNICEF, 2015).

How to Minimize?

When doing research on the homelessness in New Mexico, a very dark picture has been discovered but when there is dark then there is hope as well. In New Mexico, the problem of homelessness of the people and especially of the children can be resolved by developing some strategies. Supportive housing, alcohol treatment, afterschool programs, parenting and nutritional support can be helpful to deal with the homelessness and its effects. Managements should play an active role to obtain parental care and health screening programs. The organizations should plan events for the health and nutrition assistance, for monitoring the development of Children and for encouraging the homeless people to participate in activities. Also the organizations should be established to take care of their diet and cleanliness and to shelter the homeless people.


Authority, M. M. (2013). Homelessness in New Maxico.

Hart-Shegos, E. (1999). Family Housing Fund . Hart-Shegos and Associates.



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