Sexual Abuse in a Ghanaian School. A Case Study of Human Rights Abuses

Essay, 2013

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Transcript of the Audio-tape

Summary of Contents of the tape and the human rights related issues

Exact human rights issues in the recording

Promotion and protection of the violated human rights on the audio tape




The free online dictionary (2013) defines a school as an institution for the instruction of children or people under college age. The school is supposed to be a place of enlightenment, however the school is gradually gaining notoriety for a hub of some of the worst forms of human rights abuses and violations. Within the school context, the educator and a learner enter into a relationship. This relationship is uneven in nature, due to the fact that the educator is in a position of authority and a learner is in a subordinate position. The authority of the educator is derived from his professional status and legislation. The authority of an educator is also based on the parents of the learner haven delegated their parental authority to the educator who then possesses delegated authority. In this regard, the principle of in loco parentis applies. The educator acts in the place of parents but cannot be entrusted with all parental authority.

This write-up critically discusses an audio tape involving a teacher (an educator) and a Pupil (learner) in Ghanaian basic school. The girl at the time was in Junior high school one and claimed to be fifteen years old. The male teacher and his female pupil’s captured phone conversation unveils several violations and abuses of human rights and raises a number of human rights related issues. Some pupils in the school having suspected the male teacher of sexually abusing innocent pupils secretly recorded the conversation.

Transcript of the Audio-tape

Teacher: Are you working on your assignment?

Pupil: yes sir.

Teacher: Where are you?

Pupils: In the house.

Teacher: Is anyone helping you?

Pupil: No!

Teacher: Can you do it alone?

Pupil: Sir, somebody has helped me out

Teacher: Have you eaten?

Pupil: Yes, I ate banku with fish.

Teacher: Why didn’t you answer my phone call yesterday?

Pupil: I dint hear my phone ring…

Teacher: Why are you often very quiet in school?

Pupil: I am quiet when I am hungry.

Teacher: Are in the room with your younger brother in the primary school?

Pupil: Yes.

Teacher: Is he older than you?

Pupil: No, he is twelve years old and I am 15.

Teacher: I will lash (cane) you if you fail to give correct answers to the assignment. I gave that assignment to you alone.

Pupil: (No response).

Teacher: Why didn’t you go out this evening?

Pupil: Because my brother will cry if I leave him .

Teacher: So who else is with you in the room?

Pupil: My aunt, but she is currently not in.

Teacher: I want you to meet me at the school tonight.

Pupil: I can make it tomorrow.

Teacher: Can you guess what I want from you?

Pupil: No.

Teacher: I just want to fondle your breasts.

Pupil: (No response)

Teacher: I said I want to fondle your breasts.

Pupil: I am busy now; I can rather make it tomorrow.

Teacher: Will you allow me to fondle your breasts tomorrow?

Pupil: Yes.

Teacher: What will you wear to my place tomorrow?

Pupil: That will be a surprise.

Teacher: Do you promise to make me happy tomorrow?

Pupil: Yes.

Teacher: Who is your boyfriend?

Pupil: I am yet to have a boyfriend.

Teacher: Can I come to your room now?

Pupil: Yes.

Teacher: When was the first time you had sex?

Pupil: I have never had sex in my life.

Teacher: Tell me something to make me happy.

Pupil: I have nothing to say, tell me something rather to make me happy.

Teacher: Let me know any time you are in need of anything okay?

Pupil: Alright sir.

Teacher: I heard you spent the extra-class fee I gave you on food…

Pupil: Yes.

Teacher: There is something I want to tell you but I am scared somebody may be monitoring our conversation.

Pupil: No one is monitoring our conversation.

Teacher: What are you wearing at the moment?

Pupil: A straight dress.

Teacher: Please come to my place tomorrow so I can suck your breasts.

Pupil: Alright sir.

Teacher: Who is your favourite teacher in the school?

Pupil: it is you sir.

Teacher: Do you wear beads around your waist?

Pupil: Yes.

Teacher: How many beads are around your waist?

Pupil: Three.

Teacher: What is the colour of your beads?

Pupil: Green.

Teacher: Are they big?

Pupil: No, they are smaller beads.

Teacher: I will look at them (beads) tomorrow okay?

Pupil: Alright sir.

Teacher: Will you wear them tomorrow?

Pupil: Yes sir.

Teacher: Bring the beads tomorrow so I will personally put them around your waist okay?

Pupil: Alright sir.

Teacher: Will you let me have sex with you tomorrow?

Pupil: Yes sir.


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