An analysis of the factors responsible for the alienation of genderqueers in West Punjab Pakistan

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2016

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Literature Review

Research Questions


Analysis of Data and Discussion






This research paper evaluates the status of genderqueer population to change and switch over to other jobs in the study are. The sample consisted of a 100 plus people who are living in major and small cities of West Punjab of Pakistan and age ranged from 15-55 years. A detailed questionnaire based interview method is used for this paper. The questionnaire was divided into four parts: a) Demographic and basic information b) personal beliefs; c) problems faced and d) relevant solutions to the problems. Interviews were also conducted from experts in this field. The main purpose was that presently they are engaged in professions that are not honorable and to know about whether they themselves choose or are not accepted by the society. Positive aspect is that there is a high tendency of willingness to change their way of living and also support from the society and genderqueers is required to work on the solution of the problem


In order to pursue our research, we consulted few people for which we are really grateful to them.Mr. Omar Khan who is a member at Justajoo Foundation (an NGO working for the welfare of poor and oppressed people in society) gave us some of his precious time to enlighten us about the problems faced by transgender community and what should we do to help them. Mr. Ahmed Hassan for arranging a meeting with Fari ( Transgender in Lahore) who gave us the interview for which we are much obliged and Fari aswell and all the group members for their utmost contribution for this paper. Most of all Professor Javaria Siddique (Teaching Fellow at Lahore School of Economics) who helped and motivated us to do work on such a serious subject


We are all acquainted with two sorts of sex i.e. Male and Female. They get training, legitimate adolescence, love from guardians, they carry out their employments/obligations for the nation, they get married, they interest for rights and appreciate them, they replicate and the cycle of this world continues moving. Aside from these two there are individuals who are neither male nor female which just infers that those individuals can't replicate. Their powerlessness to repeat does not imply that they are not human. They are precisely similar to the next two in each other part of life. These individuals are generally known as paired or genderqueeer individuals. Genderqueer is a descriptor used to connote them. In first world nations genderqueer people have rights and they participate in all the regular activities of life. They get instruction and professional employments and carry on with an ordinary life. Genderqueer people have been part of Punjab for past five thousand years. They have lived helplessly among us and are continuing to do so. In Pakistan genderqueer individuals involve extraordinary discourse. We have mulled over Punjab. In Punjab as opposed to being in school and college youthful genderqueer individuals are on the streets and moving houses. Rather than being filled in with books they are secured with makeup. Government does not give careful consideration towards them. There are no separate schools for them from government, no extraordinary shares for them in colleges or in government occupations. They do not have any rights, regardless of the possibility that the administration gives them a few rights, individuals of other genders are so thin-minded that they feel embarrassed and slighted while working or concentrating on with them. Those same individuals do not feel embarrassed when they employ the genderqueer individuals to move for them. They do not feel affronted when genderqueer individuals come and stimulate their visitors at weddings and different gatherings. Individuals even took our exploration on genderqueer individuals as discreditable. There is another part to this story as well. In our general public when a man does not get his rights he battles for them, when a female does not get her rights she goes to bat for them then why does a genderqueer individual not stands up or battles for the rights. Why are they so mollified and fulfilled by their way of life? They do not need to think about or do unpleasant occupations since cash comes simple the way they are winning it. Genderqueer people are doing this since one can remember. They have a proper community system with a Guru(leader) who manages them and put them to devilish works. It has now become a part of their culture. Wherever a transgender is born the community workers go and take that child from parents. Parents are the one to blame for this too. What does all this mean? To expose the truth, we have concentrated on past explores done on them in writing survey and have made inquiries to both male/female and genderqueer individuals about this issue.

In the vast majority of the urban communities in Punjab one can see genderqueer individuals asking, moving, and doing improper exercises to gain cash. They are all sprightly and secured in shabby makeover while they approach with a humorous icebreaker to get some cash. They are for the most part at the movement signals where the autos stop and they begin their business. A few people enlist them to move at the weddings and different gatherings. There are a few groups of them which go to the places of individuals where as of late some occasion of bliss has happened and they request cash from those individuals as good omen. We have all seen them do this however have we ever thought why they do this? What compels them? You see your folks sitting by you, thinking about you however where are their folks? Why do they not love their children? Who is to blame? Government announced identity card for genderqueer people in 2009 which gave them some rights of citizens and allocated some quota in jobs and educational seats for them. In Punjab there are a few exceptional cases too where the genderqueer people are well educated and are doing some white collar jobs. This attracts our attention towards the fact that if some of them are doing good with life then the rest can do that or sure if they fight hard for it. Nothing comes easy in life that is a universal rule of this world. If you want something you fight for it and struggle for it. This applies to all the genders regardless whether you are a female, male or a transgender. Government recently issued the right for the genderqueer people to vote in general election. Vote is a great power if you have it then it means you are somebody in society. Being a somebody in society means you owe that society your hard work and motivation. But after all this genderqueer people seem to be happy and contended with dancing and begging which diverts their image of poor and helpless people to slackers and cunning people who do not want to do the hard work and like easy and unethically earned money.

Scope of our research extends to the beneficiary of transgender people who want to work and live a common healthy life instead of an astute life full of misery and devilish works. Our research also helps to change the mind sets of the male and female people of all ages in the society regarding the genderqueer people community. We want to educate our youth about this fact that they are just human like us and nothing different. Whenever you see them do not act like you have seen a ghost or an alien. They are our people and we must love them and help them to overcome their situation of wretchedness and to bring them towards a joyful normal life. We want to help the genderqueer people who want to get education and make their country proud. We want a genderqueer kid to dream and think about crossing the sky rather than crossing the traffic signals to beg money. We want equity for everyone and our research paper is based on it.

Literature Review

The following research has been conducted on the inhumane activities by the people in our society to genderqueers and to know are they rejected by the society or they don’t want themselves to change their way of living in West Punjab of Pakistan during last six decades.

After studying a couple of research papers we are able to conclude about various views by different authors on genderqueers. Almost all the researchers agreed with other researchers on all the points and somehow every researcher pointed on the same aspect over again and again and did not highlighted on some of the important parts of the research paper and although the authors drew similar conclusion there are some contradictions in their study which in this research paper are highlighted and the research paper also focused to remove the research gaps left by other authors.Areas where authors were in disagreement were also noted and the research paper relates to previous studies in many cases, for instance their position in the society and also this research paper sheds light on new issues and can be used as an authentic source for varied information.

The article “Social Equity in the New 21st century America” Jennifer Nye states that the transgender movement has rejected oppressive language, such as hermaphrodite, but are in favor of terms like cross dresser and intersexual to make them feel comfortable. She argues that the ability for the movement to create such changes is slow but it is worthwhile but this theory is inconsistent since giving them another name will not help solve the problem but it will feel them more uncomfortable as there are a lot of other names given to genderqueer which make the situation worsen instead of improving it.

In the article written by Gilbert M.A,she argues that these people are not accepted by any member in society and in her survey about people knowing genderqueers in there social cirlcle ,the results were very low because they cannot live with the mainstream people of the society and apart from the society even government which claims to be on the side of genderqueers is itself not taking an action and there is limited or no access to any social ,educational, legal, and health services ,and even deprivation of citizen rights including the right to votes similarly in another article Goffman talks about the same issue and talks even more deeply about the issue and calls for “toilet segregation”. In addition to that Bornstein names “Urinary Segregation” and Halberstam refers to it as the bathroom problem is a persuasive way of labeling and marking individuals according to sex so that they don’t feel any discrimination and don’t be forced to do any immoral activity which might happen according to Goffman.

A different approach is presented by Gorkey Gourab who is himself a genderqueer claimed that in an economic recession the genderqueers informants faced difficulty collecting money because of discrimination and in this context many genderqueers including the researcher, Gorkey Gourab, sold sex as it was economically more profitable and willingly not unwillingly they had to do it because of the discrimination faced by them, The researcher further argued health facilities sensitive to the genderqueers culture are almost non-existent. Medical doctors have limited knowledge about the genderqueers and sexuality of the genderqueers, being judgmental and even frightened to treat these patients. Apart from that the researcher Gorkey Gourab also disagreed with other researchers who research on genderqueers based on the fact that these researchers research on genderqueers and make assumption on the basis of a sample of genderqueers with usually scripted interviews and make false judgement without asking the genderqueer community, they speak for genderqueers but they never had a dialogue with them asking what they want and need and ask for laws and protection on their own without asking the genderqueer community.Gorkey Gourab also wrote in his paper that he belongs to a Muslim community and when a genderqueer is died ,he does not even die in peace instead nobody prays funeral prayer of the dead and they had to arrange an Imam with very great difficulty and only the members of Genderqueer community pray the funeral of dead and also like if any other person dies his/her funeral could be prayed at any time of the day but the funeral of genderqueer is prayed at night to hide from other people who mock them.

In the article written by Burdge,the author admitted that there is not much research done on genderqueers because many are not publically forthcoming and its hard to research on them.

There are also not many genderqueer articles or research papers on the web also which in case in not being able to spread awareness .Burge also referred to the stance of Jennifer Nye and admitted that discarding terms like male and female is not possibly a good solution, similarly burdge gave his solution to problem by stating that “If black people and white people can overcome severe segregation and come together, then why can’t male, female and transgender community”. He also commented on this issue with reference to the women rights,black,white,man and woman were not discarded but the only thing that was done was to spread awareness.

Meanwhile,He also referred to genderqueer by stating that the genderqueer population must be comfortable within themselves to come out in general public and and admit that they are genderqueer and then only the society should be willing to accept that and let that population live the way it wants to.

In another article the author stated that these genderqueers are born as men, genderqueers in Pakistani society leave their families and develop a new identity by joining genderqueer communities as chaila (student) of gurus (a father type of person).They claimed that this process occurs commonly at pubescence when genderqueers are no longer able to categories them as male or a female.

Some of these genderqueers are aware of contemporary television personalities, even gestured into their circle radical male homosexuals, bisexuals, bigenders and transgendered performers such as Ali Saleem who acted in a show as Begum Nawazish Ali on his show and they also have an impact on them.

Dr Aisha Khan was of a different opinion as she alleged government in case of any criminal victimization or sexual harassment to genderqueers as they get no help or support from the government institutions She claimed that no government aid or support system is there to help these individuals live a normal life and they are not allowed to earn money even by begging on streets as police and other governing bodies harass them because of them as unwanted in the society and also the Government institutions and other governing bodies are known to harass these individuals.

Due to illiteracy and no education they get no job opportunities and financial security from government and apart from that even the educated genderqueers are taunted so that most of the members of the genderqueer community is forced to make their living by prostitution.

Yasmeen A.A argued that the state must be proactive to genderqueers in not only securing the rights of the transgender community and giving them rights but also offering positions that allow them a decent living, helping them to become well-adjusted members of the society so that they can live with the mainstream people and nobody judge them on on any basis

Zeba argued in her paper that the genderqueers had a rich heritage which dates back to 17th and 18th century during Mughal era a time when genderqueers were also referred to as KhwajaSaraa were treated with respect as artists and entertainers. Zeba explained that the condition of


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An analysis of the factors responsible for the alienation of genderqueers in West Punjab Pakistan
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