Effects of political influence on sourcing of human capital at the county level

Essay, 2016

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Many scholars, practitioners and experts in the field of human resource management agree on the existence of a phenomenon where the political environment directly affects human capital sourcing in Kenya. The phenomenon is especially pronounced in the civil service structure where many human resource positions are influenced by various politically-influenced factors. Akong'o Dimba stated how political influences created by the ruling party in Kenya as well as the opposition affected the process of sourcing for human capital.

Additionally, Kimenyi, reiterated the presence of distinct political influences operating on tribal lines based on the tribal disposition of Kenya’s ruling party in the face of its main opposition. These influences, according to this research, continue to affect the processes associated with human resources development where certain tribes cannot get employment in certain areas due to these political issues.

More on the issue emerges in the form of subtle tribalism where the current political environment in Kenya seems to have pitted the Kikuyu against the Luo communities from the perspective of Jubilee party and Orange Democratic Movement. Consequently, as demonstrated by Ng’ang’a Njuguna, these issues seem to have permeated into the Counties after devolution. Based on the distinct political influences created by the current political climate in Kenya, sourcing of human capital has suffered from the negativities of tribalism and other biases. Nyambegera also identified that most of the regions in Kenya have experienced problems associated with sourcing human capital brought about by the existence of, and the alignment with political parties and their ruling figures’ tribal affiliations.

Omwoha stated the seriousness of the problem when her research finding exposed the hardships some parts of the country experience when sourcing human capital. Although the role the media continues to play in propagating the rift between the two main parties is significant to the issue, politics have been identified as the main source of hardships when sourcing for human resources at the county level in the country. Although the issue continues to benefit from ongoing research, the stage has already been set for significant attention to be directed towards the role of politics on human capital dynamics at the county level in Kenya.


Effects of political influence on sourcing of human capital at the county level
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human resource management, human capital, Kenya, civil service structre, tribal disposition
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Title: Effects of political influence on sourcing of human capital at the county level

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