Drug Abuse. Withstanding the Changing Needs of Addiction

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Healthcare Addiction needs of the case mothers getting addicted to the prescription pills.

What makes people change to addictive nurture based on the mothers getting addicted to prescription pills?

The best treatment for healthcare providers when handling cases of addiction

How addiction can lead to imprisonment

Steps on coping with addictive personality and diseases within the clinical /inmate population

Opioid addiction

The role of providers in managing the addiction issue




A lot of people do not understand which individual can be addicted to drugs or how drugs can change one's thinking system to an extent where he/she become a substance abuse person. Many researchers view these two occurrences as either social problem or just weak morals in an individual's life. However, one common standard and belief amongst all the researchers is that drug addict can stop abusing drugs and possibly avert addiction only if they decide to change their overall behaviors and will power

In this research, therefore, our primary concern will be to examine health addiction needs, discuss why people change from just regular drug users to a drug addict especially mothers becoming addicted to the prescription pills. The study also examines the best treatment for health care providers handling cases of addiction in health facilities; it also highlighted how these habits could lead to imprisonment. Finally, the paper will also look into steps on coping with addictive personality and diseases within the clinical /inmate population plus what an Opioid addiction is; besides it will also look into the role of providers in managing the dependency issue.

Healthcare Addiction needs of the case mothers getting addicted to the prescription pills.

Prescription medicine is much easier to access than they use to be before. It is this kind of accessibility that has made these drugs to be more of destructive to young families. However for these mothers much as the doctor recommended dose they tend to spiral into out of control addiction.

Addiction to prescription pill starts when the body cannot function with normality, mothers develop a need for these pills before doing anything, this result in none ending the pain, especially back pain. The pain becomes too chronic and can last for months without going away hence making them develop the need to use pain relievers’ pills so that the pain can ease.

Additionally, the need for the addiction of the drugs especially the prescription pills comes as result of the need of confident and control amongst mothers. Even though the aim of these pills is for therapeutic purposes, some women go a notch further by using them to enhance their level of confidence as well as their ability to control their feeling. If by change the prescription pills run out they have to go back the doctors to convince them so that she can get the refill.

Though any drugs whether tablet or any other over the counter drugs, one requirement is that the patient needs to be very opened to her doctor regarding the necessity of the medicine. However, this case is not so with several women, some prefer, lying and even changing the physicians whom they prefer to give them the pills, it this kind of cheat which leads to them developing high addiction rate amongst mothers using these pills.

What makes people change to addictive nurture based on the mothers getting addicted to prescription pills?

Prescription drugs abuse refer to the process with which patients use the medication without proper prescription by medical professional thus in turn creating element of substance (Anton, 2010)

In the case of mothers getting addicted to prescription pills which they frequently use, factors such as availability of the medicines attributed to this since most of these drugs do not require the mothers to give a lot of explanations as to why they need to use them. Most women take the opportunity to frequently use them which in turn leads to change in addictive nurture. Besides the rate at which these pills are in circulation is alarming, these drugs are easily available over the counters hence making most people to lay their hand on them. Hence their long-term effects is addictiveness to their use Demand for the drugs can also explain the increase in addictive nurture amongst most women goes to the doctors while in pain, and they expect to walk out with at least prescription. As noted by the chief medical officer at the Hazelden medical facility, doctors after studying the demand for this painkillers, they see it less time to consume just to write the patient prescription than turning them away. It is this attitude by medical practitioners which leave patients to feel happier and also feel relief without considering the long term effect these will cause. Besides the higher amount of drugs they receive will make them be more dependency on them hence creating the addictive nurture towards using them.

Finally, the huge supply of these pills in the market also plays a lead role in increasing the addictive nurture amongst substance abuse patients. The supply makes it far much simpler for mothers to lay their hands on these pills. According to study conducted by Center for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, it noted that close to 29% of women usually borrow and share prescription drugs this indeed increases the addictive nurture to mothers while using these pills(CDC, n.d, 2011)

The best treatment for healthcare providers when handling cases of addiction

Even though addiction to these drugs originated from environmental, behavioral, past exposure to these drugs, genetically alteration as well as the neurochemical changes in the brain which are mainly as result of long time exposure(Kreek et al., 2012). A proper treatment with at most accuracy should be channeled to help solve this; health providers should put their efforts in trying to address the above areas where these drug abuses mostly originate.

The best and the most appropriate mode which provider can help in managing most of the addiction is to try to stop the stigmatization amongst the patients. According to the study conducted by Howard and Chung, society tends to stigmatize addiction; this view usually influences nurses thinking ways towards the patient with addiction (Howard and Chung, 2000). However, with the new study, health care providers who develop positive attitude the addict do provide an excellent therapeutic medication to the patients who in turn help them to fully recover (Cleary, Hunt, Malins, Matheson, and Escott 2009).

Motivation is another form of treatment which the health provider can offer. As noted by Livingston and others, motivational interviewing is one of the most efficient remedies to the drug addicts; it usually helps the user to reduce the rate of drug use( Livingston, Milne, Fang, & Amari, 2012). Together with frequent communication with the counselor, the addict can quickly help to identify her goals for future hence making them see the need for reducing drug use.

How addiction can lead to imprisonment

Drug addiction usually alters the state of the mind of the person using the drug; they cannot think positive and straight since their brain has changed. In the case of women, substance abuse can lead one in committing illegal abortion which is punishable by law. According to the study in 2013 in the Journal of Health, Politics, Policy and Law, it noted that close to 413 arrests had been carried out against women for their conduct while pregnant (Meyer et. al, 2007).


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