Human Resources Management Strategies. Personnel Management

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Singapore Airlines

Job Analysis

Job Design

Recruitment and Implementation Strategies

Selection and Implementation Strategies



Human Resources Management Strategies

Singapore Airlines

Over the last few decades, Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) has managed to maintain its core competence and acquire a global status due to its competitive packages offered to the consumers. SIA has been in a position to design and execute strategic business level plans such as efficient operations, excellence services delivery, innovations and the alignment of functional approaches, especially in the human resources. With over 62 destinations in the five continents, SIA plans to make Singapore a regional and global hub for the aviation industry (Ireland, Hoskisson, & Hitt, 2007). Therefore, the primary aim of the report is to develop appropriate personnel management strategies that include job analysis, design, recruitment, and implementation techniques in attempts to fulfill the staffing needs to achieve higher performance efficiency.

Job Analysis

The selected department for the report is the air cabin crew. The cabin crew includes the staffs responsible for ensuring the passenger's needs traveling with the SIA are well addressed in a systematic and efficient manner. Therefore, the conduct and competence levels of the flight attendants are paramount in maintaining the reputation as well as the overall financial performance of the company (Signal et al., 2013). The significance of this department is attributed to the fact that the workers have the largest contact with the SIA’s customers. The cabin crew guarantees the safety, comfort, as well as the satisfaction of the clients.

Job Specification

The personnel in the department are referred to as stewardesses, the cabin crew, flight attendants, or air stewards. The primary location is the commercial airports and may be required to relocate other countries covered by the SIA travel services. The contract obliges the staff to move overseas with regular instances of absenteeism from home throughout the day or night, which one of the normal working schedules (Mill, 2016). As previously mentioned, the job summary incorporates warranting the well-being and comfort of the aboard passengers in all SIA flights towards different destinations.

The employment responsibilities include attending pre-flight updates, counterchecking whether there are adequate foodstuffs for the passengers, welcoming and guiding the travelers to their particular seats, ensuring that emergency tools are functional, describing the primary safety measures and illustrating how to use emergency equipment. Moreover, the flight attendants are required to make sure that hand language is securely loaded to the appropriate compartments and also checking if the passengers have fastened their seat belts before the flight takeoff (Signal et al., 2013). The cabin crew is expected to clean up meal trays and distribute necessary documentations to the passengers such as the landing cards.

The workers are expected to report to the senior members and observe the required protocol in passenger and flight management. The working conditions include irregular working hours and schedules such as national and international holidays and weekends. They may spend some time away from their primary bases and may be compelled to work at no predictable fixed hours or under zero-hours contracts (Liu, 2014). Some of the hazards associated with this occupation include fall risks, ergonomic issues, occupation heat and noise exposure, respiratory concerns, and seasonal conditions such as various cases of flu.

Job Specifications

SIA is a global travel association, and hence it is necessary to put in place different qualifications when recruiting flight attendants due to education and training variations in various regions. Since the personnel management targets the Singapore labor market, the local criteria will be considered in this report. Thus, potential recruits must be Singapore citizens, with the minimum age of 18 years old. The least height for females is 1.58m and for the male is 1.65m. A Degree or a Diploma in either hospitality, nursing, paramedical studies, or tourism is required ("Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements | Cabin Crew Headquarters," n.d.). Even though a Postgraduate degree will have added advantages for the employees, it is not a pre-entry prerequisite for the job.

Experience with any of the disciplines mentioned on the relative degrees and diplomas are meaningful. The recruits are expected to complete a mandatory six-week training course on emergency and safety procedures. Some of the appropriate skills and qualities are the ability to speak proficiently in the English, Tamil, Malay and Standard Mandarin languages, excellent communication skills and confidence, the capacity to work under pressure, in teams, and in confined places (Heracleous, & Wirtz, 2010). The cabin crew must be in a position to remain calm under emergency situations and solve social challenges through diplomatic means. The employee ought to have no visible tattoos or body piercing and work under zero contract hours.

Job Design

The scope of job design is limited to the description of the primary responsibilities, procedures, and a relationship of accountability in attempts to accomplish technological and organizational performance objectives. Employment designing plays a central function in meeting social and individual needs of the employees. Therefore, the occupation design of the flight attendants focuses on the work breaks, task pacing, working hours, job rotation, and enlargement (Mill, 2016). In particular, the application of job design principles facilitates an organization to address the mental capacity, safety and health measures, efficiency, and motivation concerns of the employees.


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