Recruiting Quality Check - an overview

Term Paper, 2002

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Principles of Human Resource Planning and Recruiting
2.1 Recruiting Principles
2.2 Recruiting Standards of Xxx Spain

III. The Recruiting Quality Assessment
3.1 Method
3.2 Assessment
3.3 The Recruiting Process Check
3.3.1 Attracting Potential
3.3.2 Selection of Candidates
3.3.3 Integration of New Employees
3.4 Results and Evaluation

IV. Recommendations

V. Conclusion

VI. Bibliography

I. Introduction

Successful corporate leaders recognize that their competitive edge in today’s market place is their people.[1] People are the primary source of competitive advantage; recruiting and selection are core activities of Human Resource Management.

In general, recruiting is a local process based on the global principles and standards, in view of the differences in business needs, organization, labour markets and legal requirements in each country. Recruiting should therefore reflect a company’s position as an innovating force and as a leading company, which attracts candidates form a diverse background. Recruiting has to aligned with the corporate principles, be compatible with the organization’s identity and position the company as the employer of choice offering outstanding opportunities to its employees. Successful recruiting contributes to meet the business needs by enabling a company to cover its requirements for qualified employees at all times.

Results from benchmark studies have proven that Xxx has many opportunities to improve the recruiting process.[2] Consequently, at the beginning of the year 2002 Xxx AG in Germany developed a model, called “Recruiting Quality Check”, which systematically displays all recruiting process phases and tasks, and offering the recruiting units the possibility to assess their own position for areas of strength and potential improvement. The assessment method is based on the European Federation of Quality Management (EFQM) model for measuring the quality of organizations and processes. It is a way of planning, organising and understanding each activity.[3] Quality Management is a way of bringing everyone into the process of improvement and makes a strategic contribution to achievement of a company’s competitiveness.[4]

This report will determine if Xxx Spain fulfils these standards, analyse the strengths and weaknesses of its recruitment activities. The assessment will show how Xxx Spain can optimally implement the recruiting process phases to obtain positive recruiting results. It is necessary to evaluate the standards, in order to guarantee the quality of recruiting activities. The goal is to determine the areas of improvement, giving recommendations, and to make Xxx Spain a first choice employer through excellent recruiting.

II. Principles of Human Resource Planning and Recruiting

At Xxx Spain Human Resource Management (HRM) and Human Resource Planning (HRP) derive from the organization’s general principles and politics. Accordingly, HRP is defined as an “effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands on an organization and to meet the personnel requirements dictated by these conditions”[5]. The following graphic shows the basic principles and politics in relation to the HRM of Xxx Spain. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Figure 1: Basic Principles and Politics of the company[6]

HRP is a process, which anticipates and maps out the consequents of business strategy on an organization’s human resources. This is reflected in planning of skill and competence needs as well sourcing information.[7]

For the purpose of analysis, this process can be broken down into four fundamental steps: forecasting labour demand and supply, setting HR objectives, designing and implementing HRM programs to achieve objectives, and program evaluation and control.[8] This section will deal with the recruiting processes and standards at Xxx.

2.1 Recruiting Principles

Recruiting and selection are critical elements of effective HRM. Within the HRM paradigm, they are not simply mechanisms for filling vacations. Recruiting and redundancy can be viewed as key “push” and “pull” levers for organizational change.[9] At Xxx all recruiting measures must reflect the following guiding principles:

- Recruiting is Marketing

The decision of a potential candidate to accept an offer of employment depends mainly on how close the company matches the candidate’s expectations. Successful recruiting has to be designed like a marketing process and based on the strong Xxx brand name. The organization has to treat the possible candidates as costumers.

- Hire for potential

Hiring decisions are not only based on current skills requirements but also on capabilities thus recruiting potential for the future.

- Check internal potential before hiring form the external market

All vacancies are posted internally to foster personal development among employees. Preference is given to internal applicants in the event of candidates being equally suitable.

- Recruit for all of Xxx

A consistent market approach, acting as one Xxx, leverages the company’s strengths and exploits the potential for candidates across groups and countries.[10]

2.2 Recruiting Standards of Xxx Spain

Recruiting is defined as an integrated process from sourcing candidates to integrating new hires, for which the following standards must be applied:


Create sustained attractiveness for suitable candidates using a mix of communication measures.

- All communication activities foster a strong global employer brand. Therefore they have to be in accordance with the corporate communications campaigns and focused on the needs for target group.
- The Internet is a strategic recruiting medium for Xxx (e-recruiting). Each country publishes its vacancies on a national jobs and career homepage, which is then linked to the webpage


Screen and select the most qualified candidates using a structured process.

- The requirements for the posting of vacancies as well as the selection of suitable candidates are well-defined job profiles. These are based on the Xxx competency model or, if the hiring decisions concerns a management position, the Xxx leadership framework. These models define the structure of the job profiles uses in recruiting and personnel development processes. They distinguish between knowledge, experience and capabilities.
- Hiring decisions are made by at least two interviewers, one of whom represents the Human Resource department. The HR representative must have the necessary training and experience to assess even those capabilities, which are difficult to evaluate and thus make a significant contribution to the selection decision. The final decision and responsibility on the selection of candidate rests with the hiring manager.


Effectively integrate new hires to ensure a fast contribution to the business and a high retention rate.

- From the outset, new employees have access to all information and resources they need for fast integration. Where the intranet is a commonly used tool, this information should be made available online by the HR department.
- The integration process is supported by a target agreement for integration. At the end of the integration phase a first staff dialogue including an assessment of target achievement is conducted with the employee. In this context, a clear and comprehensible decision must be taken on their continued employment.[11]


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