Ebola. Containment of an Epidemic

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Containment of an Epidemic

The career choice for the multi- genre career research gets based on nursing. The concern or issue to be addressed get founded on the challenges encountered in containing an epidemic. An epidemic gets construed as the rapid spread of a disease to many people based on a particular population. In most cases, it affects people within a shorter period of time. For example two weeks or even less. Due to the short time frame in curbing the situation, some challenges usually encounter the process of containing the situation. Controlling an epidemic is a tough issue to both the containment team and the person affected.

The specific epidemic which will get addressed is that of Ebola. Ebola control has threatened the world health security due to increase number of victims across the globe with Africa topping the list. It presents numerous challenges in its management both locally and globally. Some of the challenges in managing the epidemic gets noted on the fear and the tension which the victims suffer immediately; they realize they are affected. The situation makes difficult the administration of palliative care to the patient. One Hilde De Clerck who is an MSF doctor mentioned that at the time, the patient gets terrified, comforting them becomes difficult (Chowell, Gerardo, and James, 2). People also isolates themselves from them, and they remain withdrawn. The situation interferes with the emotional composure of the doctors who forms part of the management team. They get emotionally intense thus may not perform their duties as required.

Another challenge according to Hilda De Clerk, is on convincing the family members from where a person got affected to seek medication. She explains that it is tiresome to convince an individual for the medication as the whole village stand a potential chance of getting affected (Chowell, Gerardo, and James, 3). Therefore, controlling the epidemic will call for earning the trust of every person within the family. The mentioned challenge is not different from the challenges experienced in other parts of the world. Health practitioners usually experience great difficulty in convincing the general public on seeking medical check- ups to ascertain their safety.

The third challenge in controlling epidemic with the view of Ebola as an example gets founded on the increase in mortality rate (Evans and David, 5). Those who get the disease become very withdrawn and see no sense in seeking medication. Instead, they opt to die in silent even without the knowledge of some of their family members. The situation depicted may not be safe for the person and the family members and the whole community in general. The disease spreads at a higher rate, and within a short time, the whole family and community's life gets endangered. The mentioned challenges are universal to most epidemics. Many at a time, the first thing that comes to mind of the affected individuals is death. They fail to think of the possibility of leaving alive and thus preferring silence death which intern endangers the lives of many people.

The high level of the population also gets presented as a key challenge. Global statistic demonstrates a worrying trend at which the rate of population is rising in nearly all the continents (Lemon and Stanley, 7). The high rate of the population makes it difficult for any epidemic to get controlled should one arise. The same gets pointed out in the case of Ebola. Ebola spreads at a higher rate and with the high rate of population, many people stand a chance of getting the disease hence making it difficult for the health management team to exercise control.

Other universal challenges in the containment of epidemic get founded on inadequate training and suppliers. Some of the people who are part of the containment team may not possess the required training needed for the control of the epidemic (Lemon and Stanley, 11). The mentioned may end up worsening the condition and putting the life of many people at risk. For one to actively administer control on the epidemic, the person should possess training on case investigation with the view of the epidemic, infection control, contact tracing and finally health education. The combination of the depicted will allow an individual to curb the situation within the shortest time possible. On matters suppliers, it gets noted that government chemists and laboratories may at times not have adequate suppliers who are needed to administer control of the epidemic.

The next challenge gets founded on inadequate transportation and communication system. Inadequate transportation interferes with the mobility and access to areas affected by the epidemic (Mari ND Christopher, 7). It is, therefore, one of the serious challenges that faces the containment of matters epidemic. Communication networks reduce the ease in the transmission of information among the people in the containment team. The combination of the two (poor transportation and poor communication network) is , therefore, likely to interfere with the containment process. This may result to increase in the number of casualties.

The last challenge on the containment issue gets based on the lack of financial assistance from the relevant bodies (Mari and Christopher, 13). In most cases, the containment team depends on financial assistance from the either the government or the Non- Governmental Organizations. At times, the funds provided by the government may not get sufficient enough to cater for all the required services of the management. The last option will be the on- governmental bodies and their time of response will get considered a key factor. At times, no response may get realized from them leaving those affected helpless. Given the mentioned challenges the government, World Bank, and world health organizations should formulate clear policies which cater for epidemic outbreaks. The public should equally get trained on the importance of seeking medical check- ups should any epidemic arises. The mentioned forms part of a few recommendations which should be taken to address the challenges of containing the subject.


In summary, the Multi- Genre Career research project discussed in the paper is based on nursing, and the primary concern addressed on epidemics. Epidemics just as depicted in the paper is an acute infectious period which should get taken care of despite the challenges that come with its containment. Some of the challenges mentioned include; high mortality rate and increase in population. Others are poor transportation and communication networks, lack of the financial power to facilitate most of the processes, small suppliers and difficulty in convincing a member or the entire family to partake of medication tests to ascertain their safety among others which got discussed in the paper. These challenges can only get contained through joint efforts by the government, World Bank, epidemic containment teams and even World Health Organization bodies. If the mentioned gets considered then cases of the epidemic outbreak will get mitigated, and the people will live without any fear.


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