The impact of the environment on decision making processes inside a company

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Theory of managing people
Radical/ critical
Europe/ Germany

Partnership Agreement
Trade union ver.di/ Germany

Employee involvement / participation
Employee involvement
Employee participation
Employee satisfaction


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This assignment deals with how employees are involved in the decision-making processes within a company. FischerAppelt has been chosen as an example to help to illustrate that process.

First of all, different management theories will be described. Therefore, Germany will be analysed and fischerAppelt will be characterized.

After that the relationship between employee satisfaction and decision-making processes will be described. The opportunities for fischerAppelt to involve their employees in decision-making processes will be discussed.

Theory of managing people

The way of managing people in general has an impact on the way companies involve their employees in decision-making processes.

There are three different perspectives of how to manage people: pluralist, unitarist, radical/ critical.


This theory is based on the assumption that employee and manager have conservable requirements. Employees tend to be interested in increasing their salary, meanwhile managers attempt to reduce their cost to make more profit (Foot, M. , Hook, C. 2008:66).

It would be unrealistic to think that these ways of seeing things would not lead to conflicts within a company. To eliminate internal conflicts there is need for a third external organisation. Trade unions are needed to fight for the rights of the employee, and to make compromises with company managers (Henderson, I. 2011:9).


This view is based on the assumption that all different groups of an organisation reach for the same scope. “From this perspective a work organisation has a purpose (or set of purposes) common to all member of it – owners, managers and workers. So there should be no real conflict of interest between these groups…It is a win/ win situation for all concerned” (Henderson, I. 2011:9).

Furthermore, this perspective assumes that employee subordinated to the managing structure of that organisation. The manager of that company states the aim for all involved parties, and everyone has confidence in the leading ship skills of the manager (Foot, M. , Hook, C. 2008:66).

Radical/ critical

This view is influenced by Marxism. Marx describes the radical way of leading a company. “Manager always, and inevitably, represents the interests of capital” (Henderson, I. 2011:10).

Being focused on making as much profit as possible, managers do not care about the working condition of the employees.

Europe/ Germany

The politic system of Europa is often democratic. So has Germany, since World war II. This occasion influences the political structure immensely. Decisions should not be made by just one party, as different views and opinions are allowed.

Everyone should be able to be involved in decision-making processes. “In social democratic counties, the state may wish to ensure that employees are treated fairly in a non-exploitative fashion” (Hyman, I. , Mason, B.1995:7).

Furthermore, people are allowed to demonstrate their opinions. This also counts for the work environment and the rights employees have, at their working space.

The pluralist way is the most likely to be found when integrating Germany into the three perspectives of managing people. This perspective sees the need of trade unions which also exist in Germany.

Even though trade union exist and different opinions are held, it does not suspend the unitarist way of leading an organisation.

Partnership Agreement

This agreement is between the management and the trade unions. There are five key values of partnership on of them is to develop decision-making processes. (Henderson, I. 2011:142) “The government emphasises the development of a satisfactory work-life balance for employees as being another key feature of effective partnership” (Foot, M. , Hook, C. 2008:70). So one way to include employees in decision-making processes is the existents of trade unions.

Trade union ver.di/ Germany

One of the most biggest trade union of Germany is ver.di. “The name ver.di stands for Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft – United Services Trade Union. ...members are employees, freelancers, civil servants and students drawn from over 1,000 different occupations. People from all walks of life come together in ver.di, all of them working in services or related industries – in the fields of education, art and culture and the media. Our goal is to achieve solidarity and justice in working life. We want people’s efforts to be properly recognised and valued” (ver.di. 2016).

So in general Germany cares about the treatment of employee in general. Satisfaction of employee is important to the German government.


FischerAppelt describes itself as, “leading German agency group in all content - related matters and integrated communication” (fischerAppelt: 2016). Their work can be categorized in three different topics: public relation, film and digital marketing.

Furthermore, there exist five minor agencies: fischerAppelt relation, fischerAppelt furore, fischerAppelt live marketing, fischerAppelt advisors, fischerAppelt play and LIGALUX.

In total there are 395 employees working for fischerAppelt. So how can you organise such a huge company. There must be a section, that manages fischerAppelt as an entire company and one management section in each minor agency.


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The impact of the environment on decision making processes inside a company
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