A Comparison between US and the United Kingdom’s Healthcare Systems

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2016

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Abstract or Introduction

In the recent years, the close relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom seem reflect in most developmental areas. These two countries seem to learn from one another in advancing their strategies towards healthcare sustainability. One of these areas is the healthcare. Formosa Post reaffirms that the US has copied many of its systems from the UK and this is attributable to historical reasons. However, it is worth noting that there are significant organizational differences in the healthcare system structures that define the success and reliability of each system. In retrospect, the UK’s healthcare system commonly known as the National Health Service is reported to perform relatively better compared to the US healthcare system. According healthcare studies, objective indicators show significant developments within these two healthcare systems despite their organizational differences. Overall, the US healthcare consumes a high percentage of the national gross domestic product than the UK healthcare system. Budgetary allocations for healthcare in both countries show that UK spends about 8% of the country’s gross domestic product compared to the 15% share consumed by the US healthcare. Despite these difference in financing the two healthcare systems, the quality of medical services are more or less the same. However, these systems have not yet achieved high performing competencies in population health as it is the case with Sweden and Japan which are ranked the world’s high performing healthcare systems as measured by life expectancy and infant mortality


A Comparison between US and the United Kingdom’s Healthcare Systems
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Title: A Comparison between US and the United Kingdom’s Healthcare Systems

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