Wearable Technology. The usability of the Apple Watch 2 Series and its impact on society

Scientific Essay, 2017

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Introduction to Wearable Technology ... 3
Why Apple Watch Series 2 Technology Is Beneficial ... 3
The Impact of This Technology on It or Our Society ... 4
Literature review ... 5
Related Technologies ... 5
Writer's Opinion ... 6
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Introduction to Wearable Technology
Electronic gadgets have been worn on human body either as a clothing material or as
an accessory. Wearable technology has emerged more popular of late just like mobile apps,
smart phones, broadband connectivity and cloud computing (Srinivasan 3). Apple Watch
Series 2 is a wearable technology that has experienced a lot of market traction. One of the
key characteristics of the watch is its capability to track the users' health and fitness activities
and link up with the internet, allowing data to be exchanged between the gadget and the
network. It also offers several other services such as maps and navigation apps, and linking
up with credit cards to ease payments (Srinivasan 5).
The watch comes in space grey with various strap colors but mainly black or sky blue.
It has a sports band with fits of 140-210 mm wrist bands and a magnetic charging cable of
1m in length coupled with an AC power adapter. It has 42.5 x 36.4x 11.4mm and 34.2 g. This
paper will explore the reasons why the technology is significant to the customers, and its
impact to the society. It will also explore other similar technologies that compete with Apple
Watch Series 2. The paper will provide the thoughts of the writer regarding the technology
and provide conclusions on the same.
Why Apple Watch Series 2 Technology Is Beneficial
The Watch is quite comfortable on the user's wrist. Its design is quite beautiful, while
the customer can replace the wrist bands. The Watch has quite quality colors while the
display is great and smart (Stables 3). The battery is long lasting. The digital crown allows
the user to zoom the content in the watch. It has nice fluidity and lets the users scroll through
without using their figures to scow through the screen. The watch is designed to be easily
connected to the users' iPhone. All the user needs is an Apple Watch app in their iPhone or
download the same from the internet (Stables 5). Apple Watch Series 2 allows users to
change the watch face to create customized features such as stop watch timer, messenger, and
chronograph (Jason 5). But most important is its exercise and health feature that lets the users
to swiftly track their fitness exercise (Srinivasan 7). Its integrated health and fitness
applications keep the user motivated, moving and healthy. Its ability to give the user
notifications regarding their health activities and create new targets is a key feature. Health
and exercise features are found in the back of the watch. There are four sensors that track the
users' heart rates and their motion using GPS (Stables 7). Apple Watch Series 2 has come up
with an integrated GPS that operates independently from the user's iPhone. It also helps to

track how active the user is. Further, once the user stops exercising and sits for a rest, the
sensors will indicate this time (Srinivasan 7).
The Apple users are also allowed to make calls using the Apple Watch. Additionally,
users are able to do internet services including mailings and social media. Others important
features include maps watch apps, hands-off features, as well as, reminders and calendars
(Stables 8). The map and navigation mode feature is quite efficient and the fact that the user
can just view their direction in the Watch as they drive, without removing their phones makes
its user friendly (McLuhan 1). It also has a power reserve mode. When the user inputs the
direction and destination they would like to go, the map and navigation features directs them
and indicates the direction to take in case they are lost using a tactic engine (Srinivasan 11).
Apple Pay is also another useful feature incorporated in the Apple watch. This helps
the Apple Watch to make transactions without going for the users credit cards (Jason 6). The
Apple Watch is also integrated with other apps and functionalities control music, games and
series being played in the iPhone as well as the ability to send messages (McLuhan 2). Users
can store music and other social media information on the Apple Watch. It also has a view
finder for the user's camera (Taylor 4).
The Apple Watch Series 2 is powered by a dual-core processor. The processor has
additional power than the previous generation that assists it to load various notifications
promptly, operate more demanding apps for fitness and largely run more efficiently. It has a
waterproof ability offer the user the ability for sports tracking even in deep waters up to 50m
and in rainy weather (Taylor 6). The New dual-core process runs and opens quite faster.
Users are able to use the watch in water. It helps in tracking distance, strokes, calories that
have been burned while exercising, and provides more the user with clearer picture of their
current level of health and fitness, their progress and improvement recommendations. Apart
from being perfect for swimmers, it also does well if dropped in water (Michaels 2).
The Impact of This Technology on It or Our Society
The technology has enhanced community and personal health significantly. Tracking
personal health has long term benefits to people and communities. Users join other
community members with like-minded in sharing their challenges, data, routes and encourage
each other to improve on their performance (Taylor 7). They share motivating stories and
messages to encourage each other. The Apple Watch fitness apps, which is the key feature of
the Apple Watch cares for all abilities letting the user to benefit from everyday health and
sports activities (Taylor 9).

The advancing popularity of mobile technology has remained as one of the key
significant factors in the growth of wearable technology. Apple Watch lets the users get
access to data hands-free from several Wi-Fi networks that are easily linked-up to the gadgets
(Michaels 2). The whole industry devoted to the advancement of apps, which can operate
with wearable technologies has most recently advanced, with various services being provided
free of charge to users willing to download the apps from the internet. The apps cover a wide
spectrum, from those focusing on exercise and health, to maps and sports (Bower 3).
Wearable technologies like Apple Watch Series 2 offer a significant chance for
businesses in form of data collection and market analysis. Retailers are able to ping wearable
gadgets to find out sections or departments of a certain store a client makes a visit to
(Michaels 4). Advertisers on the other hand target customers depending on location and the
kind of the app connected with the device (Bower 5). The information obtained is uploaded a
cloud sites that is fully dedicated to the gadget and can offer marketers information regarding
the specific consumer. The manner in which business organizations utilize the collected
information from wearable technologies continues to grow as individual groups and
regulators grapple with privacy in the internet age (Michaels 5). The desire of several people
to make use of this technology nonetheless highlights that wearable technology is becoming
popular and is likely to being used (Bower 7).
Literature review
Related Technologies
In 2014 smart watches including Apple Watch 2 braced the world of technology.
Apple Watch Series 2 appeared with a lot of vigor to kill the simple fitness watch brands that
were known for measuring only the users' physical activity. However, the brand was met
with resistance in sales because customers did not want to pay for extra costs (McLuhan 3).
Most of the customers felt that they did not need to incur extra costs for duplicating or
unnecessary functionality (Leonid 3). Some have been looking for wearable technologies that
only have the basic functionalities.
Other similar developments in the world of Wearable technologies include Fitbit and
Samsung. Fitbit specializes in manufacturing of wristbands, as well as clip-on activity
trackers. Other brands include Pebble, a first mover in the smart watch market (Leonid 4).
Fitbit had a good idea for the gadgets. It is designed to enhance exercise. Its quality devices
have music controls, as well as notice notification while its other functions are related to
fitness. Fitbit products are only designed to offer the basic functionality (Leonid 5). Its
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Wearable Technology. The usability of the Apple Watch 2 Series and its impact on society
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