On Education. How it should have been

Essay, 2017

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Abstract or Introduction

We're what we produce, as individuals, but primarily as societies, and we produce only what we know how. Our wellbeing depends on what we have in our disposal to live a fulfilling life and it's marked irreversibly by what we don't, especially in health care. Any one who believes this as being the absolute truth, must believe in education, you can't produce in our era what makes life better without education. The personal interest of the people to educate themselves will not change, although it's obvious and will become more obvious, that from now on to participate in the economic life that leads to good life you need education above and beyond high school. It's science and technology that set the bar high and studying and acquiring skills on these will
make you go over the bar to have a good living. Long gone the times when uneducated practitioners were adding their valuable experience in the production of useful products. It's necessary to say some times things called, easily assumed and that's why omitted, because they are forgotten. [...]


On Education. How it should have been
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Title: On Education. How it should have been

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