West Kowloon Reclamation development. Noise Environmental Impact Assessment

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Noise Environmental Impact Assessment


Noise Standards, Guidelines, and Legislation

The Construction Phases

Construction Activities during Non-Restricted hours

The Ground Bourne Construction Noise

The Operation Phase

The Road Traffic Noise

The Fixed Plant Noise



Noise Environmental Impact Assessment


In this section, it will present the potential noise assessment of the impact that may be accompanied by the operation and construction phases of the proposed West Kowloon Reclamation development (WKCD). The noise that is produced in various activities during construction is the primary concern at construction phases. The noise comes from fixed plants ventilation shafts, adjacent roads from traffic which are the major noise impact in the phases of operation. There has been an assessment done on the worse impact of the noise produced from the site of construction phases by use of noise sensitive receiver that is fitted three hundred meters from the site. Mitigation measures have been recommended accordingly for the reduction of the impact of noise to levels that are acceptable. The noise level are checked and analyzed by specialist from Environmental Impact Assessment and gives a report for the levels of the noise impact. If the report from Environmental Impact Assessment is similar to the construction contractor’s noise impact report, then a working permit is issued for the continuation of the proposed project development. If the reports from the Environmental Impact Assessment noise impact specialist differs from that of proposed construction developer’s constructor, then the project is denied the permit of working and charged with the enacted laws under Environmental Impact Assessment and Technical Memorandum.

Noise Standards, Guidelines, and Legislation

The Construction Phases

In Hong Kong, noise control generation is governed by a body called the Noise Control Ordinance (NCO) in conjunction with the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) by use of the requirement that is subdinary. There have been several memoranda issued on the containing of the criteria and approach by Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance and Noise Control Ordinance bodies. The technical memorandum gives permits to a permitted maximum noise levels when using equipment that is mechanical powered and certain processes and activities, These depended on the type of the activity or equipment be used (Tai Wai, 1999). These activities and equipment should not perceive the climate of the noise in the area, the hours of working of the equipment usage and operation. The technical memorandum that is used for the noise control from proposed construction activities and construction activities are as follows;

- Technical memorandum n the Environmental Impact Assessment Processes
- The Technical Memorandum on the noise from construction works that are not percussive pilling.
- The Technical Memorandum n the noise from construction work from the areas that are designated.

Construction Activities during Non-Restricted hours

The normal construction hours are from 07:00 to 19:00 hours and the percussive pilling noise also should be between these brackets of time too. From Monday to Friday and not Sundays and Saturdays and any holiday. The noise produced during these hour brackets and days named above, they are assessed against the standard noise scale as shown in the table below (Kwun T., 2010).

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Construction Activities during the Restricted Hours

The noise to be produced during the restricted hours and not the percussive pilling noise is conducted between 19:00 to 07:00 hours on any day being it weekdays, weekends and Holidays and the percussive pilling during anytime are monitored by Noise Control Ordinance. When carrying out any general construction activity that involves the use of any equipment that is mechanical powered during the restricted hours, there is need to be issued with a permit of construction noise in Hong Kong from the Noise Control Ordinance. There is a procedure in the issuing of the permit and criteria followed by the procedure followed under the Noise Control ordinance.

There are also some of the construction work prescriptions to be followed on the area that is designated during the restricted hours under the Noise Control Ordinance and any activity without the construction Noise Permit is prohibited on the restricted hours. Therefore, referral on the technical memorandum on the noise from the construction work in the areas that are designated under the Noise Control ordinance if the permit is not ready on time during the restricted hours.

In the designated areas, with the application control from PCW and SPME, then there is an establishment from Constructing Work of the designated areas through the Noise Control Ordinance and there should be a notice made under the section 8A article 1 of the Noise Control ordinance. Under the Noise Control Ordinance as defined for a designated area, this project will fall within the boundaries and limits of construction work activities. In the regardless of any assessment or description made in any review, when assessing any file application that is from CNP there are statues to be guided by relevant technical memorandum.

All consideration will be made by authorities regarding the decision making on contemporary condition or situation that is to be put into an account. The project report is responsible for the pre-empting of decision making and it is not guaranteed that the construction Noise Permit will be issued. The authority ought to follow all the condition and consideration appropriately for the construction activities that are covered by the Construction Noise Permit for the work to be carried out. If there is a failure to follow all these legislation, guidelines and standards will lead to the cancellation of the issuing of the permit and there will be prosecution act under the Noise Control Ordinance.

Through the construction program, any proposed construction must be carried out according to the regulation and during non-restricted hours. If the proposed construction activities will take place during the restricted hours, then the constructors responsible for the construction must comply with the Noise Control Ordinance to be given construction Noise permit and application of the technical memorandums. The contractor will be required to submit the construction Noise permit to the noise control ordinance and state any condition of the construction area.


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