A Literature Review on High Altitude Wind Power-Generation Systems

Scientific Essay, 2017

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Abstract or Introduction

There has been rising popularity with Alternate Energy Sources, in the past few decades with the Global Energy Demand and Supply Situation being brought into the spotlight. Although in a recent article published by the International Renewable Energy
Agency (IRENA) [1] , future estimates of renewable energy contribution stands at Hydroelectric power leading the way with a 17% contribution to World Renewable Energy Consumption, Wind Power lags not too far behind at 14% contribution to Global Renewable Energy. Wind Power is primarily supplied through the use of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines, among which the 3-blade design is the most frequently used. Although the wind turbine holds the rank of the most commonly used method, many studies show that higher wind speeds exist at altitudes above the reach of current wind turbines.

This report aims to take a further look into this, by studying various papers and journals on this subject along with the correlation of wind speeds to different altitudes on the Earth’s surface, and by looking into the various High Altitude Wind Energy Systems particularly, the Kite system which is the most successful till date. Also, the general wind speed distributions all over the world using the Weibull Parameters are looked into briefly.

The design considerations an fluid modelling of a curved airfoil used in typical kite power system is analysed. Finally, a brief cost analysis on existing wind turbine technology with kite power systems is undertaken. A list of references at the end of the report establishes the sources and citations regarding this report and also gives credit to the various papers and journals used for the compilation of this work.


A Literature Review on High Altitude Wind Power-Generation Systems
Concordia University Montreal
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Noel Dsouza (Author), 2017, A Literature Review on High Altitude Wind Power-Generation Systems, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/388700


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Title: A Literature Review on High Altitude Wind Power-Generation Systems

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