Diversity Management. Definitions of Macro, Micro and Mezzo Dimensions

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Definitions and discussion of Macro & Micro/Mezzo dimensions

The conceptual framework and organization which has depicted the definition of macro dimensions is basically consolidation of demographic trends, legislation, public policy and the global economy. On the other hand, micro/mezzo dimensions refer to individual and group aspects of diversity, theoretical explanations intergroup relations. In the same time it refers to culture and communication, interpersonal cross-cultural relations in the work place (Mor Barak, 2011). Each particular field is widely and strongly able to influence in practical applications of the diversity management for an organization (Mor Barak, 2011). The table below shows the micro and micro/mezzo dimensions, which has been directly taken from the book of Mor Barak, 2001.

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‘ International demographic trends ’ is a process of combining the low and high sides to achieve a goal in a diverse work force. That is a type of criteria to pull, push and put together towards the targeted outcome in a more diverse work place. For example, low birthrates, increase longevity low ratio retires of the developed country can create an adjustment with the high birthrates, reducing mortality and unemployment of a developing country to obtain a powerful workforce for a business organization (Mor Barak, 2011).

Legislation ’ has got both negative and positive action, such as prohibiting discrimination and offers the advantages to the disadvantaged group. There are debates for and against positive action such as everyone has something to contribute on the other, hand that may undermine real achievements (Mor Barak, 2011).

Public policy ’ in the discrimination is regarding affirmative and negative aspects of outcome for an organization which is internationally diversified. Due to personal characteristics, differential treatment has definitely negative impacts in the working environment. Negative impacts are exampled as like as individual to institutional, intentional to unintentional, overt to covert etc. (Mor Barak, 2011).

In an international organization, all this factors in the macro dimension are certainly effecting on the ‘ Global economy ’ in order to achieve the optimum target. That is the reason why the forces which are leading to discrimination, they are also able to act to preserve the discrimination. So therefore, in many situations, it is unnecessary to manipulate affirmative action as the shareholders and stakeholders have the economic interest to avoid discrimination (Mor Barak, 2011).

Micro/mezzo dimensions are defined and described ‘Social identity theory’. ‘ Individual and group aspects of diversity ’ is to categorize workforce into different groups. Many researches have shown that all these categorization processes produced both negative and positive results (Richard & Shelor, 2002).

‘ Theoretical explanations of intergroup relations ’ along with the social identity theory create inclusion and exclusion process between the groups. The employers and employees distinguish themselves social categories. It means to them a lot and it influences how they can interact (Mor Barak, 2011; Richard & Shelor, 2002).

‘ Cultural communication ’ has a very wide variability which has been mention the article of Tony 2003 where there is a critical analysis of the dimensions by Hofstede 1991 (Fang, 2003). Heterogeneity is provided on individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity and femininity and long-short term orientation. On the other hand, intercultural communication competence is engaging behaviors of the different cultural identities. These again require the realization and perception of the meanings, rules and regulations which work as codes for proceeding appropriately. Therefore, the theoretical distinctions between cultures and communication orientation are very significant matters for any diversified organization. Otherwise, the shareholders and stakeholders would easily be conflicted, then because of the unawareness of opportunities the company would be unsuccessful to reach the goal (Mor Barak, 2011).

‘ Interpersonal cross-cultural relations in the workplace ’ is basically challenging and full of several obstacles. The solution is considered the process of either verbal or nonverbal communication system; moreover, international and diversified organizations could provide some sort of training programs to enhance the efficiency level. Communicating through different languages may put on to obstacles but the positive sides of it could always be utilized (Mor Barak, 2011).

Evaluation and comparison

We believe our organization is diverse with different demographic workers who work at the field as well as the employers who play the key role determine the diversity. Always we wanted to give chance to those unprivileged workers with different race, age, ethnicity to come up and work in a cross-cultural environment. Our mission is active participation of the locality by building community schools and college and proper education may improve the standards of their lives. As so many children are enforced to work in this industry we inspire them with better knowledge and skills to make change in the society and also economic development of the country. The conceptual rule of equal group identity may foster the workforce to think as a unit and also adoption of regional regulations may help the organizations towards a goal.


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