A possible future evolution of the universe

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2018

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The model of the future behaviour of the universe developed here is an extension of that developed in [1] and [2] from the indefinite past until the present time.

The first part of the trajectory of the deceleration parameter of cosmology into the future is obtained by extending the exponential variation with time of the trajectory from the end of the cosmic jerk until the present time, as developed in [1].

It is shown, in the future, when the magnitude of the deceleration parameter becomes, -1, that the universe attains a state where the volumetric strain rate becomes a minimum.

It is argued that, for this reason, the universe then remains in this state indefinitely.

The trajectory of the deceleration parameter of the universe from the present time into the indefinite future, as shown in the diagram in the body of the work, is then simply an exponential curve followed by a horizontal straight line.


Introduction.. 4

The acceleration of space at the boundary of the universe.. 5

The future trajectory of the deceleration parameter.. 6

The special character of the state of the universe along the line q= -1 .. 9

Discussion.. 12

References.. 13


The predicted future state of any physical system is dependent upon the model of the system and the initial conditions. Since the veracity of the predictions from models at a given future time can only be determined by observation of the state of the system at that time, reckoned from some initial reference conditions, then none of the predictions can be considered to be definitive until that time is attained. Further, the quality of any model is crucially dependent upon the state of understanding of the underlying physics. The literature of cosmology, astrophysics and mathematics abounds with models predicting the state of the universe beyond the present time. Unless it can be shown that a certain model violates one or more of the physical laws, then the predictions from that model are equally valid in comparison with other models whose outcomes are diametrically-opposite.

It is in this spirit that, in Star Trek parlance, ‘we boldly offer another model of the future state of the universe’.

The model is an extension of that of the evolution of the universe from its genesis until the present time as explained at length and developed in [1].


[1] Cosmological Heresies – a new model of the evolution of the universe. W M Fidler, November 2017. Submitted to GRIN for publication.

[2] The structure and expansion of a universe obeying Hubble’s law and whose vacuum is modelled as a set of identical, bi-modal, frequency-quantised, simple quantum harmonic oscillators. W M Fidler, February 2016. Unpublished.

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A possible future evolution of the universe
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