Capri Sun. A story of success in the beverage industry

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Table of contents

Executive Summary

Table of contents

Table of figures

1 Introduction

2 Methodology

3 Capri Sun´s Situation in the market
3.1 Situational Analysis
3.2 Competitive Forces
3.3.Economic Forces
3.4 Sociocultural Forces

4 Marketing Strategies
4.1. Price Strategy
4.2. Distribution Strategy
4.3 Target Market
4.4 Capri Sun´s USP

5.1 Strength
5.2 Weaknesses
5.3 Opportunities
5.4 Threats

6 Recommended Marketing Strategies

7 Conclusion

8 References
8.1 Books
8.2 online

9 Bibliography
9.1 Books
9.2 online

Table of figures

Figure 1: SWOT Analysis

Figure 2: SMART

Executive Summary

Capri Sun is engaged in the production and selling of beverage products. It is an established popular juice brand for children. The wide range of brand lines and numerous flavours combined with the easy package makes Capri Sun a handy solution for packed lunches and daily drinks. Capri Sun is being recognised as a yummy juice but not as a healthy drink. Therefore Capri Sun has to change its marketing strategy thus making the consumer aware of the fact that Capri Sun is a healthy drink, too. Consumers have become more health conscious. They are more concerned about calories and are interested in drinks that are convenient and healthy.

Within the beverage industry there is a fierce rivalry, which can be assessed in situational analysis. The expected market growth provides Capri Sun further opportunities, which have been developed in the SWOT analysis. It is therefore necessary that all marketing and strategic plans for the engagement in these markets are working flawlessly. But Capri Sun has not been able to achieve the reputation and consciousness by the consumer as a healthy daily drink, yet.

With the use of the situational and SWOT analysis recommendations this could be achieved, since the problem areas can be are identified. Capri Sun must rethink its current strategy and products in the market in order to remain one of the most famous drinks in the beverage industry. By implementing more products they can target more consumers. If these new strategies are well thought through they can continue to grow.

1 Introduction

The brand I have chosen for my marketing strategy is Capri Sun. Capri sun is a brand of juice concentrated drinks owned by the German company Wild. It is a German product that was created in the 1960s. (, 2014)

In the 1960´s the founder of Capri Sun Rudolf Wild had the idea of selling a non-carbonated, non-alcoholic drink in an entirely different kind of packaging than usual. At that time Capri was a very much desired island for spending vacations, located in the Mediterranean with many sun-ripened fruits growing there. Giving the fruit beverage a name that merged Capri and sunshine was the ideal idea. Capri Sun became famous when the owner, Professor Hans Wild, managed to sign boxing world champion Muhammad Ali as the spokesperson of Capri Sun. The international popularity of Muhammad Ali brought Capri Sun a lot of attention across the globe. In 1969, the fruit juice beverage started its production in Eppelheim, Germany. The trademark of Capri Sun was that its packaging only contained of natural ingredients, and even nowadays staying green is a really important issue for the company.

The first Capri Sun was sold in the flavours Orange and Lemon. In recent years there was a lot of bad press for Capri Sun, for example that mould was found inside of Capri Sun packages. (Wong, V., 2014) Kraft Foods, who dispel Capri Sun in the United States, has already invested more than two million dollars in order to improve the pouches. (Fox, 2014) The aforementioned problems and transitions that Capri Sun has been facing, will force changes to its marketing strategy and adaptions concerning its future goals and objectives. By analysing the company’s current situation and taking the results into account, recommendations for successfully increasing market share, profitability, value creation and sustainability will be made. Today Capri Sun is produced in 18 countries, either by the Wild Company or through licenses. It is estimated that five billion pouches are sold every year in approximately one hundred countries around the world.


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