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Executive Summary

The general labour market is rapidly changing. There are various job clusters that any young person can consider, including the technologists, the generators, the coordinators, the artisans, the carers, the informers, and the designers. According to the three tests I conducted, I found myself fit for project management job. I have a strong passion for working as a project manager or a project team member. However, I predict significant changes in the industry, especially because of demographic changes and advancing technology. In order to cope with the expected changes, I will have to develop certain skills and knowledge.


Young people have a choice to choose a certain job from different job clusters depending on their strengths and interests. There are seven job clusters, including the generators, the artisans, the carers, the informers, the coordinators, the designers, and the technologists. For me, I chose project management as my job, which falls under the designers job cluster because of my strengths, interest and skills. I have a strong passion in management. I can effectively manage other people and guide them achieve the desired goals and objectives.

Personal soft skills

Apart from having a strong passion in management, I have all necessary skills and knowledge required in this job cluster. That is, I have various personal soft skills, including self motivation, enthusiasm, team-working skills, time management, creativity, and leadership skills. For instance, I usually consider working in teamwork as an opportunity to learn new things. I am an independent learner who can keenly observe what other people are doing towards achieving the targeted goals. Always I have a positive enthusiastic attitude to succeed in whatever I am doing. Whether working as a project manager or a project team member, I will always demonstrate my enthusiasm.

Technical skills and knowledge

I also have technical skills such as customer service, social media campaign analysis, database management, preparing qualitative and quantitative reports, conducting needs analysis, and event management. Business organizations collect, analyse, and store huge volume of data than ever before. I have sufficient knowledge and skills in collecting and processing different forms of data using different tools and methods such as questionnaires and interviews, among others. Stakeholders, especially customers need excellent service. I am able to leverage my personal soft skills and technical skills to deliver an excellent customer service. In addition, I am capable of envisioning, planning, and organizing successful business and social events.

Section 1 – Industry Trends

Jobs which are expected to change or disappear

We are living in a transition period. The changing trends across the world are affecting virtually everything, including our daily lives as well as how business activities and operations are conducted. As young people think about accomplishing their career dreams and securing a good-paying job, they should also think about the jobs which are expected to change or disappear (FYA 2016).

Different job clusters are expected to experience different rates of growth. The technologists and informers are most probable to grow and endure into the future. The designers and generators are expected to encounter moderate growth, while the coordinators and artisans are most likely to face lower growth. This means the certain jobs will change or disappear. In designers job cluster, certain jobs are expected to change or disappear. Jobs which are expected to change or disappear in this job cluster include administration and other labouring jobs (FYA 2016).

Why this is happening

This is happening due to various factors, including technological breakthroughs, demographic shifts, globalization, rapid urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity, and changes in global economic power (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand 2017). Employer demands also play a big role in what is happening. Employers are seeking for employees with sufficient skills and expertise in different areas rather than a specific field. Also, organizations are investing in automation systems, especially computers (FYA 2016).

The forecasted changes in the next 5 to 10years

We expect significant changes, especially because of technology demographic shifts. First, older workers will be learning new skills and working longer due to ageing world’s population. The number of ageing population is increasing worldwide. This trend is placing economies, businesses, and institutions under pressure (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand 2017).

Some jobs will disappear due to increasing adoption of automation systems. Organizations are rapidly adopting automated systems to do jobs that need accuracy such as manufacturing and bookkeeping. Automotive companies are also making self-driving cars which doe no need drivers. According to Pinkstone (2018), the increase of the machines could render 30% of the population jobless. This means that many individuals will be rendered jobless and unemployment rate will rise. Also, there will be a high level of job polarization because of technological advancements. That is, there will be a big gap between high-paying jobs and low-paying jobs based on skills.

Section 2 – Current Capabilities, Discipline Knowledge and Skills Evaluation

A review and identification of my relevant experiences and results

I interact with the environment effectively. I mostly direct my mental energy to observation. I keenly observe things, trends, and events before I make my decisions. I usually make my decisions and cope with emotions after a deep thinking. I am also confident in my abilities and decisions. My personalities results are shown in appendix A in the appendices section.

I get pleasure from being organized and ensuring that my desk is always tidy. I make a detailed plan of my work and I write a lot of lists to guide me in whatever I do. I usually use bookmarks not to lose what I had researched. In most cases, I work to stringent timetable and routine, but I always meet the deadlines. Appendix B shows the results of my personal performance profile chart.

I can work with or without any external direction. Sometimes I expect tutors to guide my thoughts, but I also explore topics for myself. I like to be given assignments although sometimes I my own projects and reading lists. Also, in certain cases, I expect the tutor to provide an overview of what should be covered, but I also get the overview for myself.

I strongly prefer a teamwork rather than working on my own. I value listening to other people’s opinions. I usually consider a group work as useful for me. I learn many new things through a group work. I also enjoy interacting and socializing with other people.

I have a weak preference for physical stimulus as shown in appendix B below. That is, it is a mandatory for me to work in a very bright place. I do not need a TV or music background in order to work. Climate does not affect my performance. I have a very strong serialist approach as shown in the appendix B below. I normally start with motivating things when working or studying. I always enjoy working from a clear list and comply firmly with facts. I dislike working under pressure. I deliver best results when I am not given a deadline. I also seek support from other people in order to deliver the best results possible. Also, I have a strong preference for visual learning style. I try to imagine the picture in my head when I am reading. I like watching something being done prior to trying it. For me, it is very easy to remember what I observed. I enjoy doing practical things in order to learn more. I believe doing practical things helps me to recall what I had learned without much struggle.

Academic performance to date

I have performed well in my studies. I have been improving in my performance, especially in terms of the overall grade. My skills, preferences, and experience, and strategies have played as significant role as far as my academic performance is concerned. Appendix C and appendix D shows my weak areas and strengths. I have also shown specific abilities in specific areas, particularly in group discussions and presentations of my projects. I have been motivating other group members to take an active role in order to achieve the best outcomes possible. Presentations have not been an issue for me. I have been always delivering excellent presentations of my projects. In addition, I particularly enjoyed working in groups.

Discussion of my findings from the assessment tools

The three assessment tools clearly reveal that I am able to deliver superior performance as a project management team or a project manager. The results apparently show that my skills, strategies, preferences, and experience determine my performance. However, my attitudes and attitudes negatively affect how I perform.

Section 3 – Gap Analysis

Current Skills and Knowledge

In order to meet industry standards, I need to develop certain skills and knowledge. I need to develop skills and knowledge in budgeting, planning the project to achieve maximum productivity, and analysis. Every project must be well-planned in to achieve the desired objectives. Without adequate planning knowledge and skills can lead to poor project planning and ultimately a failure. Project management usually involve budgeting. This means that project managers and project team members must have sufficient skills and knowledge of budgeting. Also, analysing outcomes of a project is an integral activity in project management. Project managers and project team members always analyse final results of a project to determine if the planned objectives have been achieved. In addition, it is important to have knowledge of the interdependencies among individuals (Attarzadeh & Ow 2008). Projects usually involve many stakeholders. Project managers and project team members must comprehend how different stakeholders relate and interact.


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