Effects of Video Games on Children’s Behavior

Project Report, 2018

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Abstract or Introduction

In retrospect, technology seems to have a dark shadow behind its benefits. Effects of computer games on the behavior of children is one of the most debated topics in psychology studies because of the robust growth in video game industry in the last few years. A background study on the growth of the video industry shows that it is one of the fastest growing industries in the entertainment industry with the video games of all genres becoming the most popular form of media. The children are one of the most players in the industry and as a result, its effect on children cannot be ignored. Contrary to the public perception, the video game industry is catching speed as research shows that over 45 million households in the United States posses a video game console. It is also debatable that young children are gaining access to violent video gamers in the United States and other countries across the globe. As a result, the young people are more susceptible to the negative effects of video games compared to the older adults (above 34 years of age).

The effects of the video games among children have, therefore, attracted concerns among the parents, medical professionals, educators, society, and policy makers. Research shows that school shooting and youth violence are on the rise in the United States attributed to the growth of video games hence attracting public concerns in the country. For instance, the growth of several violent games such as brutality and gore, two games well known for their use of guns, and doom and resident evil are popular violent video games in the United States and their increasing violent content has been linked with the school shootings and youth violence in the country.

Therefore, this report explores the link between video games and children’s behavior. The methodology used in this report is the analysis of both primary and secondary literature that focuses on the correlation between violent video games and acts of aggression in the society such as violent crimes. Relevant books and journals have been utilized with intensive research and debates on the effects of video games on the behavior of children.


Effects of Video Games on Children’s Behavior
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Title: Effects of Video Games on Children’s Behavior

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