Effect of Digital Technology on Business Activities

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Title: Effect of Digital Technology on Business Activities

Theme: The impact of digital technology on business activity

Topic: How digital technology has transformed business activities in Cass business school

Task 1

Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario (P1)

Aim: Studying the improvement of human capital and providing access to quality education and lifelong learning through formal and non-formal electronic forms of distance learning via the means of digitalization.

Objectives: The objectives presented below are part of the management plan, for this precise business project being figured out and implemented as follows:

- To study the increase in the efficiency and optimization of the educational process as a result of the introduction of modern technologies, the use of interactive learning and continuous enrichment of e-portfolio via the means of digitalization.
- To examine the development of innovative educational potential to ensure equal access to training for different social groups, and for disadvantaged people via the means of digitalization.
- To investigate development of environment for the provision of electronic forms of training improvement of professional skills and absorb new knowledge, without prolonged detachment from work.
- To find appropriate strategies and means for the adoption of digital services within the case of Cass business school.

Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources. (P2)

Cass Business School is one of the most prosperous and elite business schools not only in London, but it also holds the gold standard of triple-crown accreditation (Cass, 2018); the business school is widely known for its impartial practical and theoretical education for undergraduate, as well as with its stable connections with City companies, international and business community of students. In brief, that is the reason why project management within the area of Cass business school digitalization is necessary. Simply put, the project management incorporates in itself the design, development, analysis and evaluation of the project (Lewis, 2015). Its key phases consist in project initiation, definition and planning, execution, monitoring and control and closeout of the project (Flick, 2015). Hence, the benefits of using project management relate to alignment of project investment to corporate strategy, to the decreased risk exposure and to the increase in organization’s planning ability (Lewis, 2015).

Cost objective: The cost objective of this project is £ 565 685,00 ( 100% financial contribution from the European Social Fund).

Time objective: The development of the management plan and the thorough research activities need to take up to 8 months.

Quality management: The quality management will be concerned with the improvement of the efficiency and optimization of educational processes resulting from the introduction of modern technologies, using interactive training and continuous enrichment of the e-portfolio, as well as their suitability to the high standards of quality of ISO 9001 (ISO, 2018). For example, the implementation, adaptation and exploitation of the platform for the provision of electronic forms of distance learning is part of the highest standards in educational facilities. Cass business school principal, owners and students will give their opinions and informed consent, so unethical practices will be omitted.

The reliability of their answers hugely depends on the omittance of any sort of interruption on their answers (Flick, 2015). Additionally, the already collected research data will be analyzed without any modification and in accordance with the highest level of data reliability. Hence, confidentiality is strictly guaranteed to all the participants in the research.

Scope: The online learning system after the process of digitalization aims at establishment of electronic forms of distance learning in the higher education system. Talking about the present education project, the advantages of the digitalization of Cass business school will be available to the main customers of digitalization – Cass business school students. Hence, the training of the teaching, administrative and technical staff for the implementation of electronic forms of distance learning will also be of utmost importance to the success criteria of this project (Flick, 2015).

Inclusion Scopes

- Cass business school web site, social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and interactive app.
- Availability for online learning and digital access to university’s facilities (Leeflang et all, 2014).
- Customer service satisfaction with the new facilities (Hudson S&L, 2015).
- Advantages for the university (Vaughn et all, 2015).

Exclusion Scopes

- Total reliability on the new digitalized system of Cass business school to its processes and facilities;
- Minimizing the numbers of staff due to the computerization of most of the activities (Hudson, S&L, 2015).

Deliverables: The business project will provide a clear idea of the development and implementation of an integrated system for the provision of electronic forms of training, including the subsystems: a training management system, an electronic content creation and management system, and a system to ensure the sustainability of the educational process (Lewis, 2015). It will also supply the management of Cass Business school with a strategy for the implementation, adaptation and exploitation of the platform for the provision of electronic forms of distance learning (Flick, 2015).

Success criteria: Development of educational documentation for specialties and courses using electronic forms of distance learning via the means of interviewing the principal of Cass Business school. The analysis of students ‘satisfaction from the already implemented digital system is the clear indication for the success of this project (Vaughn et all, 2015); not only that but also the pilot training of students on the developed specialties and courses is also recognized as a success criteria.

Risks: The main risk on the project is the time management – 8 months might not be enough for the preliminary research and implementation of the already established tasks on digitalization. The budget constraints are also an issue; the inadequate resources and financial means might cause delays, hurdles and implementation issues (Mullins and Dosser, 2013). Conducting interviews from an open-type with the principal and the business owners of the school is great idea, however demanding students to participate in an open end questionnaires violates the ethical standards (Flick, 2015). On the other hand, the latter will also influence the dependability of the project (Vaughn et all., 2015).

Resources: The digitalization project needs its specific resources, as follows:

- Laptops and computers for carrying out of the respective research and provision of online access.
- A modem for Internet for conduction of the secondary research on the topic.
- Scanners and printers for scanning the documents and printing the questionnaires and interview questions.
- Provision of the necessary hardware and software resources, so as to provide on-line and off-line electronic learning forms.
- Educators and HR management teachers for the couching and training of the employees.
- Pens and pencils for filling in the questionnaires from the survey and also for writing purposes.

Communication Plan: The present communication plan is explained in the table below,

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