Start-up Group Buying Website. Considerations of a Business Venture

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1. Introduction

- Start-up Group buying website

- well known business concept

- Ready to be established in London, UK in January 2017

- Offers only massages in a variety of styles

- Strategic partnerships with hotels, spas, etc.

Business concept of

[Figure is omitted from this preview]

Team and type of business

- Legal status - General Partnership

it’s easy to start;

no high fees are paid;

we share equal rights and responsibilities in connection with management of the business;

profits and losses are divided equally among us

- Team of 5 - everyone participates with ideas and helps according her skills

2. Strategic Plan


- communicates the purpose of our company;

- short and simple statement;

Help those looking for the best massage in London to find it quickly and easily


- A carefully crafted vision statement

- Clearly and concisely communicates our business's overall goals

- Serves as a tool for strategic decisionmaking across the company.

Best London’s massage deals in just few clicks:

Lowest prices

Fast & easy access

High quality massage

London area

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.

- We collect and offer a wide range of massage vouchers in London only;

- We offer to our clients only high class hotels and spa salons;

- Clients buy massage vouchers at great prices;

- 24/7 quick and easy access to;

- User-friendly website working on any digital devices;

Competitive Advantages

- We provide a wide variety of high-quality massage services within the area (London);

- Defined focus on massages -> they improve a person’s overall physical and mental condition; wide variety;

- Good relationship with customers

Staff of highly-experienced customer service agents;

- Positive teamwork -> innovative spirit focused towards goals;


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Start-up Group Buying Website. Considerations of a Business Venture
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