Brands and their Shockvertisement Strategies

Essay, 2018

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Abstract or Introduction

Brand is not a new term for many of us. Whenever something has to be bought one looks for good stuff or good service provider. People who have capacity to pay little more for the same product look for Branded products or services. The word Brand is misunderstood as products or services which are better than the rest. There might be companies who are not Brands but have better product and services. But the market reach of Brands is more as they are constantly trying to reach us and leave an impression on us. So when you plan to buy some product or service, the first thing that comes in mind is Branded stuff. This is how Brands live with us in our minds and our lives.
The term Brand is supposed to have roots back in 950 AD. A hot burned wooden stake has been first called “Brand” in 950 AD. 'To brand' means to 'make an indelible mark of ownership', especially with a hot stake or iron and this verb usage has been known since the Middle Ages and is clearly derived from the earlier name. Branding earlier was a marketing strategy to stay ahead in competition especially to differentiate among big players and small ones. Previously usage and quality of products and services were shown and communicated much more than they were worth of. When advertisement used to come for Vicks Action 500, a person was shown being troubled with cough and cold. Just taking one tablet of Vicks Action 500 cured him and he was happy. In current time advertisement strategy

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Brands and their Shockvertisement Strategies
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Brands and their Shockvertisement Strategies
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