How Brazil Benefited From Its 'Decolonization Stage'

Seminar Paper, 2018

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Abstract or Introduction

It is believed that the Portugal rule in Latin America, primarily Brazil, established sustainable social, political and economic structures which enabled Brazil to achieve regional prominence. In most colonies such as Guatemala which was ruled by the Spaniards, colonial administration caused social fragmentation of the indigenous communities because their political structures were based on social hierarchies. As a result, decolonization was characterized with poverty and social discrimination leading to ethnic tensions and perennial civil wars.

In contrast, Portugal established a diverse version of administration in Brazil in which a centralized administration enhanced the unification of the colony. That, in turn, favored social and economic growth. It is believed that the monarchy republic contributed to Brazilian political sovereignty during the decolonization stage. Therefore, this paper will discuss the colonial benefits to Brazil which led to its decolonization stage. It will provide a comprehensive overview of Brazil’s expansion in the colonial era, political changes and economic advances towards decolonization.

Brazil’s progress is attributable to its decolonization, which set altruistic economic and political systems. Its economic foundation is rooted to the colonial economy, whereas its political and social structure reflects exceptional autonomy from the other Latin American countries. It is believed that the Portugal colonization in Brazil opened the country to the international market for its economic expansion, leading to a rapid economic growth and development during the colonial era. Despite the favorable impact of Brazil’s decolonization which has propelled the country to great heights, especially in regard to the global economy, historical events, which occurred prior to the decolonization stage, had a significant impact to the country’s rapid growth and development.


How Brazil Benefited From Its 'Decolonization Stage'
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Title: How Brazil Benefited From Its 'Decolonization Stage'

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