Steve Jobs Leadership as an Historical Entrepreneur

Seminar Paper, 2018

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Entrepreneurship seems to have shaped the global economy although the art of doing business in the 21st century is gradually changing for the realignment with emerging technological discoveries. Ordinarily, the philosophy of entrepreneurship can be explained as a mindset that drives an entrepreneur towards finding profitable innovative solutions to problems facing mankind in the universe. It is believed that success in entrepreneurship is determined by an individual’s ability to identify problems and develop creative solutions before somebody else does it. However, successful entrepreneurs exhibit habitual creativity in exploiting existing opportunities around them. In reality, personality, experiences and availability of economic opportunities are the principal determinants of entrepreneurial success. Historically, there are numerous entrepreneurs who emerged successful in their time over the time since the inception of trade. In the early days, most successful entrepreneurs amassed vast treasures of wealth to establish empires, especially during the golden age although entrepreneurship was not as challenging as it is today. Nevertheless, the modern world has produced prominent entrepreneurs whose innovations have become some of the significant drivers of globalization. Steve Jobs is one of such innovative entrepreneurs. His way of doing business reflected a magnificent integration of his personality. Therefore, this paper explains why Steve Jobs was successful as an entrepreneur.


Steve Jobs Leadership as an Historical Entrepreneur
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Title: Steve Jobs Leadership as an Historical Entrepreneur

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