Starbucks Market Plan

Essay, 2017

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Table of contents

Introduction to the Company

Mission Statement

Market over view

Swot Analysis for Starbucks’ gluten sandwich

Customer analysis

Target Market & Consumer Profile

Marketing Mix

Monitoring Activities


Executive Summary

Starbucks is the biggest coffee and fast food company in the world. The organisation has outlets in various location in the worlds. With the ever-changing coffee market this marketing plan is designed to propel Starbucks into realisation of its missions and objectives. The main aim of this market plan is to ensure that our product gluten free sandwiches is the most sort after sandwich in the world and our brand is considered to be the best. To realise this objective, Starbucks has to ensure that it continues to grow by opening more outlets and improving the quality and taste of the gluten sandwich.

Introduction to the Company

Starbucks is one of the world-renowned coffee and first food company in the world. Operates in various parts of the world and has a well-defined management. The company has been in existence for decades and has dominated the market for all those year.

Mission Statement

To be the world best coffee and fast food company in the world. We thrive to pay back our esteem customers with the best services that can be found in the market”

Market over view


Companies such as McDonalds who target our direct customers are the competitors. For a company to be successful it must provide to its customers satisfaction that is above its competitors. Donkin Donuts and McDonalds provides a very close competition to Starbucks on one end while small companies pose a distant competition.

Close competitors

Starbuck’s major competitors are Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonalds. These companies are striving

to be the best coffee providers in the market and competing against each other. Starbucks also seeks to satisfy the consumers by providing the best because the competition is stiff in the market. The company began almost 30 years ago as one small store and it has it has experienced enormous growth and expansion over the years. The managers of the company ensure that production is highly efficient and a low cost and the product is distributed widely across the county. In future the company intends to distribute the beverage globally and increase its market share to maximize the profits. The organization has an intention of introducing a new product in the market that is expected to satisfy the needs of the consumers and improve the organization’s performance in the market. The new product will help the organization obtain competitive advantage. Starbucks has always aimed at providing consumers with a cool atmosphere where they can stop between home and work and refresh themselves by having a beverage of their choice.

Strong Vs weak

In some areas, Starbucks’ gluten sandwich is the market leader as compared to McDonalds’ sandwich are its competitors. This makes McDonalds to challenge Starbucks with new strategies.

Swot Analysis for Starbucks’ gluten sandwich

These are situational analysis that focuses on opportunities, strengths, weakness and developing threats of a given products of an organisation or an organisation.

Strengths for Starbucks’ gluten sandwich

-Well known
-Well researched

Weakness for Starbucks’ gluten sandwich

-Not available in some areas.

Opportunities for Starbucks’ gluten sandwich

-Starbucks has the financial resource to market it
-It can be improved in the future

Threats for Starbucks’ gluten sandwich

-Stiff competition from other sandwich from Starbucks competitors.
-Increased cost of production.

Customer analysis

Starbuck main focus is the public who are the major consumer of our gluten sandwich. All the marketing plan are to be made in accordance to the public’s purchasing behaviours towards the gluten sandwich. Predicting the customers behaviours towards commodities is very difficult as they keep changing with the latest trends. Keeping this in mind, Starbuck should use appropriate measures to promote the gluten sandwich to gain more market share control. Starbucks should research customers’ social behaviours in various regions as this varies from one person to another to help promote the sandwich in different areas.


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