Strategic Development within Coca-Cola Amatil

Scientific Essay, 2017

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Abstract or Introduction

The global economy is growing. Similarly, different companies are also increasing and expanding their operations. Therefore, in order to maintain their productivity, these companies ought to have constant and flexible development strategies that suit the constant changes in the market. According to scholars, strategic management is the act of designing, implementing and evaluations of different decision making organs in an organization with an aim of reaching company's objectives and vision (Strategic business planning and development, pp.49-57). In other words, strategic development can be referred to as the science and art of implementation and formulation of the business plan which directs the business in effectively achieving its objectives as well as gaining useful control of the internal and external environment. In most cases, strategic development will involve the ultimate utilization of available resources which are within the organization reach to ensure the predominant performance of the company.
This paper will outline strategic development the Coca-Cola Amatil has taken in the past in order to control and effectively achieve progress from its startup to the current position. Secondly, the paper will look at the paper will discuss the different kind criticism the company has faced along its journey. Thirdly, it will discuss the various environmental aspects that affect the company by conducting the PESTEL analysis of the company. And finally, it will discuss the leadership style and culture utilized within the company.


Strategic Development within Coca-Cola Amatil
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Title: Strategic Development within Coca-Cola Amatil

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