US Priorities after the End of the Cold War

Essay, 2018

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After the end of the Cold War, the American policymakers embarked on the creation of a new United States grand strategy, even though they substantially failed in this endeavour. The main reasons behind this failure may be attributed to the challenges posed by domestic as well as international circumstances, coupled with conceptual limitations. Notably, though there remained some basic agreement on US foreign policy between the mainstream forces in the Republican and Democratic parties, it remains evident that the administrations of Clinton and Bush placed varied emphasis at distinct times on varied nations, regions, international issues and organizations, and even on missile defence. Initially, the Republicans extensively criticized Clinton for paying too much attention to China and Russia at the traditional allies’ expense including South Korea and Japan. However, just after a few months in office, especially after the 9/11 incidence, Bush, who had largely neglected China and Russia, came to recognize the significance of good relations of these two nations. Arguably, there was minimal variance in significance that was attached to the G8. As a result, these two Presidents-Clinton and Bush seemed to enjoy this yearly constrained session of the leading industrial nations in the world. Remarkably, this essay will trace the efforts geared at formulating strategies or policy priorities in the administrations of Bill Clinton and those of George H. W. Bush, alongside analysing their shortcomings.


US Priorities after the End of the Cold War
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Title: US Priorities after the End of the Cold War

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