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Song Analysis

Form of Song

This paper will analyze the song ‘written impossible for human' by charismatic Jane Zhang. The song lies in the binary-AB form of music. It is easy to notice that the song consists of two meaningful but different parts that is the intro or the initial part and the finisher (Kloet pp.20-45). Notably, the initial parts of the song bring up the lyrics and the instrumental into content while the second and the final part consist of artistic vocals and hard rock pop instrumentals.

Genre Characteristics

According to scholars a genre is a form of artistic content popular in music and literature, resembled with similarities in style, form, and subject in the question (charry pp.25-40). ‘Written impossible for human', fall in two kinds of the genre that are the orchestra and pop music. An orchestra is a wide symbolic instrumental based on classical music that combines instruments from distinct families. The instrument may include string instruments like violin, cello, viola, as well as double bass (Clegg pp.12-50). Further, the instrumental may also include a woodwind, brass and percussion instruments each one of the instruments arranged in section. Furthermore, the second part of the song brings in a pop taste. Notably, the artist's vocals are accompanied by heavy and random instrumentals which run through to the end of the song.


Instrumentation in music is the combination of musical instruments engaged in a composition and the contents of the instruments independently (Malcolm pp.34-78). ‘Written impossible for human' bring in different, sentimental and well-played instrument. For instance, the violins playing in the introduction brings in a connection between the listener and the song itself equally it creates the attention. Additionally, the slowly and quietly played instrument in the first part of the song tells a lot about the song itself. For example, the song conveys a truth and meaningful message that the artist wants her audience to grasp. Unlike the first part, the second part of the song is different this kills the monotony but still, the song does not lose its originality. Furthermore, this part creates the dancing environment and relieves boredom, therefore, making the song entertaining.


At 4 minutes and 46 seconds, the song seems to be a little bit longer with a difference of 1 minute compared to the majority of songs played on the radio and television stations. However, it is easy to understand why this particular song is that long.


Tempo can be a pace or speed that a segment of a song is played. ‘Written impossible for human' creates a soothing environment this makes it easy to identify with it as a slow tempo song or Adagio (Nicholas pp.54-59). According to scholars, Adagio in music is slow and at ease, music normally rated at 66-75 beats per minute (bpm).


Musically, the texture is how the harmonic, rhythmic and the melodic are connected in a material, therefore, determining the sum quality of a song. Notably, the texture is always described in relation to the thickness as well as width or range between highest and the lowest pitches, in relative terms it is distinguished between the number of parts and voices and the connection between these voices (Cooper, Grosvenor, Meyer pp.19-34). There are three types of musical textures. They include; monophonic, homophonic, and the polyphonic. Monophonic is easily identified with a single melodic boundary even though it is not limited, it may be played with one or many instruments. On the other hand, homophonic is identified with one voice, in this case, a melody that is heard from the background. Lastly, polyphonic involves different melodies that are of equal significance and all appear together. In this case, it is easy to associate charismatic Jane's song as a polyphonic this is because all the melodies in the song appear simultaneously and are equally important.


According to scholars, music dynamics means how loud or quiet the song is. While writing music, the dynamics are given in letters that resembles the Italian words for dynamic heights. There are two dynamic symbols in music (Letts and Marianne pp.87-90). They are; f meaning loud and p meaning soft. ‘Written impossible for human' is a soft dynamic. It is easy to relate both the instruments and the artist's vocals.


Rhythm is a pattern of repetition in sound movement. Musically, rhythm is a pattern of irregular or regular pulses produced in music by the presence of weak and strong harmonic and melodic beats (Toussaint and Godfried pp.100-110). These kinds of rhythm fall between double rhythm and triple rhythm. Double rhythm the thesis is double long as the arsis on the other hand triple rhythm is a rhythmic routine generated by the progression of trisyllabic feet. In this case, the song perfectly fits the double rhythm. This is because the thesis of the song is twice as big.


A melody is an arrangement of single notes that is musically enjoyable. When analyzing the melody of a particular song it is important to consider the melodic range of the song as well (Schneck and Daniel pp.23-30). Notably, the melodic range of a song is the distance between the highest and the lowest notes in a melody. Also when looking at the range of the song it is equally important not to consider the genre of the song in question. The song by charismatic Jane has a slight difference in melody change it easy not to identify, it is without big leaps. The melodic range returns to the same note after every line, however, the melody changes with the second part of the song.


Harmony is the consolidation of concurrently blared musical notes to allow the existence of chords and chord to produce a pleasing mood (Aliki pp.57-70). The term harmony usually refers to the notes that sound good when played together. Charismatic Jane allows the song to begin with instruments that are violins and then she joins in the long run. After she joins, the chord is formed with a melody where the violin and the piano are all played. ‘Written impossible for human' takes a consonant interval because both the melodies and the chord do not cause tension.

Differences of Music in Different Section

In order for a song to sound complete, an artist or the composer will have to create segments in the music that are different but still convey the original meaning of the song (Lester and Joel pp.45-54). These segments will include the introduction, the exposition, the pre-chorus, the verse, chorus, the conclusion, the coda, the fade out and finally the bridge. Notably, the introduction will contain no words but music, the purpose of the intro is to create suspense for the listener so as when the rest of the music follows it creates a pleasing sensation. On the other hand, the verse consists of rhyming lyrics that harmonizes to the poetic stanza. It is important to note that when more than one section of a song has closely alike music but different lyrics each of the section is regarded to be a verse. Exposition in a song is the part that carries the theme of a musical content. The pre-chorus is an optional section that may usually appear after a verse. In like manner, the function of the pre-chorus is to connect the verse and the chorus with a connecting material commonly using the similar transitional content.

A bridge in a song is the part that creates diversity between it and the verse. Also, the bridge buries monotony in a song and helps keep the listener attentive. In most bridges, the arrangement of the music and the song usually change. For instance, ‘country roads' by John Denver's is an example of a song with a bridge. The conclusion is the ending of a song; it gives the listener signals that the song is close to the end. The purpose of the conclusion of a song is to kill the sudden or abrupt end for dancers and listeners. Finally, the chorus is the part of a song that repeats more than once in terms of lyrics and musicals.

Text Analysis

The text in the song, ‘written impossible for human’ is calm and sentimental. The calmness and the sentimental in the song may probably be as a result of the message conveyed by the song. For instance, the theme of the song maybe the killings associated with the youth. The text singing while smiling and enjoying may prove ironical with the content of the song (Lewin and David pp.89-95).


‘Written impossible for human' is a song that brings effect to every listener that tries to listen. Additionally, the musical instruments in the song are effective and of course they are the right choice. Listening to the song a person may think he or she understands the music but it may be the opposite, this is because the artist tries to connect with her listeners. The second part of the song proves that the artist had a lot of courage to try and do something different from the norm. I would rate the song at a scale 8 out of 10.

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