Of the necessity to reduce all phenomena into the one dimensional time

Scientific Essay, 2013
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Table of Content

1 Introduction

2 Space
2.1 Individualization process
2.2 Cavity in respect to absolute space

3 Time & Entropy
3.1 Correlation
3.2 Implicitness of entropy
3.3 Origin of the timeline

4 Motion & Gravity
4.1 Correlation
4.2 Motion
4.3 Gravity
4.3.1 Gravity in respect to singularities in concept

5 About the formatting energies

6 Side views

7 References

Every event has a cause, which implies that the universe has a beginning – a deductive conclusion, seen by watching nature in time

1 Introduction

The often-impenetrable realized models of modern physics and philosophy drive me to find the sober origin of the schism. I therefore wish to realize my thoughts of physics and space.

My aim is to examine time in different ways and our sensual-related consciousness of its flow over philosophical considerations and afterwards of physical ones, both denominating truth, and finding them summarized into a common correlation and affinity.

The central hypothesis demands some definitions and presumptions about the terms I used, they are given as follows:

2 Space

2.1 Individualization process

Origin of circular hierarchical motion and entry of duality is the circular impulse diverged into duality in this Space Cavity, in reciprocal relation of Motion (Universe) and Gravity.

Considering the injective individualization process ‘principium individuationis’ absolute space splits by a circular motion into a hierarchy; outwardly permeable to the negative absolute space toward the positive cavity which is limited by its absolute Energy, which is gravitationally converged electromagnetic motion, which is bound mainly by the thermodynamic instaneity - result of the time/entropy determinism of this cavity. To enter into a relationship, part of space must be converged with a massive circular hierarchy of motion to diverge from it’s state of perfect indifference, - a cavity-induced individualization process, which diverges inversely. Principles of time and space have split in space: the invisible unlimited world, the principle of absolute peace, absolute power, indifference and motionless: and – positive movement in time, an imaging quality quantitatively assessed by spatial gravitational movement. Movement is bound in this cavity, which is enclosed by the principle of potent immobility. Absolute space is in a diametrical dynamic to time. Absolute space is everywhere aside from movement and relationships.

Proposition I

We set absolute space as the infinite unbound space outside our universe with its electro-magnetic and gravitational fields, in its own realm without regard to anything external, within, immovable and defined as absolute motionless --- due to Newton [NEW].

2.2 Cavity in respect to absolute space

Origin of circular motion and entry of duality is the circular impulse diverged into duality in this Space Cavity.

To individualize the enormous potentiality of absolute space against the infinite and the formless, a pulse with a huge circular hierarchical motion in power was connected in absolute space - contrary to the restlessness of absolute space. Out of this circular hierarchy, there are singularities given on the basis which logical, set-theoretic and semantic antinomies are given. In mathematical concepts circular formatted structures are referred to as ‘impredicative’. Since Bertrand Russell [BR] brought the existence of such ‘vicious - circle-fallacies’ into the ‘vicious-circle-principle’ of his type theory (which require to contain the populated elements- which are self defined) in impossibity in which singularities have to been ruled out. Having said that, Schwarzschilds [SE] assumptions to Singularities are seen in black holes and neutron stars, which were also indirectly proofed in the Pound-Rebka Experiment, which stated the gravitational red shift that can be observed e.g. in Van Hove singularities phenomena.

Proposition II

The momentum and the associated polar diverged motion out of absolute space we call a polarized cavity into absolute space.

This blow up can only be accessed in respect to the time principle because space and time has been excluded as two diametrical principles during the individualization process.

Space is for us only deducible by motion-deduced gravity over time (and gravity deduced motion).

Now we have defined the first principle in the division of space and time where we say space is the opposing counterpart of time, and that time only exists through motion, which implies that there is nothing beside this motion and its subsequent behavior. In space there is no motion, because motion needs a reference point, which can only be imagined in time -to enable and offer our spatial figment of image.

Within time, such a reference is given already due to the first individuation, namely since the division of space and in particular time which has been released in the Big Bang, with its enormous injective diverged forces and established the development of matter and the universe. Absolute space is a space which is, as we shall see, is space for temporary unbound energy information, which is for us not a measurable sub-form of endless untouched space. Our measurement systems are based on and on the other hand limited in time, since they are applicable to the speed of light [magnetically limited electric frequency in time].

Citation from [HZ]{... in the essay about the fundamental equations of electrodynamics for resting body he succeeded axiomatically rigorous and definitive account, while the theory for moving body, a torso remained.}

To discuss this subject, the nucleus sphere represents a kind of high-frequency kinetic energy; of such high frequency and speed that it creates a gravitational depression that makes the atom constantly bound. Also, there are more subatomic particles someone can check, but maybe a Neutron or the species of gluons can show the phenomena e.g. if there were no gravity, the nucleus would immediately expand and thus fall into an electromagnetic wave. Otherwise when there were no electromagnetic waves, fields and motion, there would be no gravity.

Unfortunately, since they are much smaller structured than the confined "resolution" of magnetically bound electric radiation we know, they cannot be measured.

In the spectrum of well-known radiations we are able to measure only their speed, which means that energy is known at the time [when we calculated out its gravitational pull from the composite atom]. Any type of motion is absolute in the sense that it varies only in its intensity, but not its existence. It is subject to the principle ‘tertium non datur‘. Motion in time is therefore absolute. Since we defined divergence in time as necessity to define a motion, it is clear that radiation must always be some part of this motion.

Gravity is a by-product of the electromagnetic speed, does assume that motion excludes their existence in space and thus gets a negative attraction, the time curves in the sense of thermodynamic disequilibria. [So that the space creates a blow up] in which it may manifest itself time with its electric vibrations, absorptions and emissions.

The 1/r2 functions [HZ] are magnetic gravitational fields sloping the electric ones. The gravity is determined by the frequency of the motion with time [EIN].

This self-polar and plural formatting in time is a thermodynamic unequal tissue layer to the room, which they must compensate by motion in the laws of thermodynamics.

Now I want to derive the electric and magnetic phenomena in this dipolar cavity and its consequences in space.

3 Time & Entropy

3.1 Correlation

3.2 Implicitness of entropy

In an inductive process of individualization the space conversed by a circular motion into a hierarchical yield outward to space a permeable, gravity-bound, motion-filled blow out, which is thermodynamically bound by the resulting matter instantaneously.

This conquest of stable thermodynamic uniqueness towards perfect relaxation in entropy let, however, homogeneity and isotropy of the absolute space according to Proposition I untouched.

Therefore, measurement processes are determinable only by and in time. Any gravitationally bound matter in the universe loses energy by radiation to come to its thermodynamically stable state in space.

Due to the motion of any gravitationally bound matter in the universe motions have to lose energy, expanding in entropy and progressive shrinkage in time (condensation), causing dissipation into the thermodynamically stable state with space.

Entropy as state variable of thermodynamics [HWP, B10, p1170] (… ) heat can unlike other forms of energy never get completely transformed into mechanical work or other forms of energy. Here a fundamental asymmetry in the energy conversion process is seen. In 1906 W. Nernst formulated the so - called third law of thermodynamics: The entropy for all systems in thermodynamic equilibrium at absolute zero, independent of the other state variables and independently on the phase state of the systems, have the value of zero. This third law is a consequence of quantum mechanics. In its interpretation in molecular kinetics the temperature of physical systems is equal to the measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules, of which the system is composed. Where the pressure of an ideal gas is directly proportional to the average kinetic energy of the molecules, the number of particles, and is inversely proportional to the volume, as indeed D. Bernoulli derived mathematically which is connected to a systems state.

Entropy was finally interpreted by L. Boltzmann’s molecular kinetics as a measure for the probability of this condition and for the disorder in the motion of the micro particles. Interpreted molecular kinetic, the second law of thermodynamics claims that closed systems voluntarily change from probable to improbable microstates. Uniquely, states in which a closed system changes over time by itself, entropy is achieved and thus the disorder of the molecular movements the maximum relative to the respective predetermined energy level, the number of particles of the system and its environment to the system-imposed constrains. Boltzmann and his statistical interpretation of thermodynamics started also a still not completed debate between physicists and philosophers about whether the anisotropy of time can be explained by the second law of thermodynamics. If in the universe, the entropy increases gradually, past returns to a non-reversible state of the universe as it was. The irreversibility of the temporal dynamics of the universe can be explained by entropy.

There is a thermodynamic disparity between space and time. Gravity is a by-product of electromagnetic motion and assumes that motion excludes their existence in space and thus is attracted. Time’s progress is regressive in the sense of thermodynamic uniqueness. Note - the blown up process is regressive but manifests itself in time with its electromagnetic vibrations and emissions. The 1/r2 function and gravitational fields are electromagnetic sloping. The gravity is determined by the frequency of movement in a time-period. This self-polar and plural formatting in time is a thermodynamic inequality tissue layer to the room, which they must compensate by motion in the laws of thermodynamics.

We start from our own solar system. That was e.g. the first positive duality that emerged from One. The first negative is the duality of space, which is still defined in the fact that it is absolute silence.

It is the counterpart of the diametrical potent absorbent qualitative part emitting thermodynamic properties of imbalance and hence gravitational positive duality which are fixed by time. There is no gravity because there is no movement. So by the first motion impulse of the first result is a second individualization process of positive duality, a diametric, dynamic motion and thus as a counter movement, - gravity. Since our solar system is moving there is matter and thus there will be gravity, a thermodynamic uniqueness is not established, and it wants to return to absolute space. The sooner the system approaches a state of absolute entropy, the more thermodynamic equilibrium is reached and the bigger is the expansion in space. The movement increases with 1 / r2 to both poles of the motion pulse. The sun shines because it gets 99 percent of the mass of the entire systems with enormous gravity that it will compensate with electric radiation. The vacuum in space is relative to the treatment provided by planetary gravitational fields. A formatting matter must overcome other formatting systems with all its consequences. If our solar system expands into a movement and flattens the gravitational 1 / r2 at the most massive point, the sun, the gravitational and less outward movement to the outside more Proposition I

We set the advance of absolute space and all its aspects as zero or infinite and we set entropy/energy - bound time with all its aspects as contrary opposed principles.

Proposition II

We set entropy as a deterministic lifetime of this cavity equal to its total kinetic energy.

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Proposition III

We set time and entropy as equal reverse contrary working gradients in this blown up cavity.

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3.3 Origin of the timeline

Time as Movement (implicates mating polarization) principle in the time dimension of the cavity respective to space; Interactions of Universe and Gravity due to space; Interactions in the universe

[Space] is the oppositional absolutely potent and therefore absorbent counterpart item for the diametrical thermodynamic properties giving imbalance and hence gravitational duality which are fixed by time.

Blow up out makes no gravity because there is no motion. Since our space is not accessible, we must define the gravitation and motion/radiation in the period. All forces are based on the absolute condition in space and time. As soon as they come in and get absolute motion dipoles induced through individuation are only in time and have to be carried relative, i.p. We recognize that the surrounding is given by the difference of the system specific gravitational field to compensate the thermodynamic disequilibria with motion.

Time in the 19th and 20th century Philosophy [HWP, B12, p1238] Wittgenstein's view is that it is the grammar of the word "time", which confuses us. He tries to show how it comes about that the “misunderstood use of the word ... as the expression of a queer process [thermodynamic disequilibrium]” is. This process goes in with the associations, like the picture of a river ... “or the idea of an inner clock”-“Time as queer medium”.

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Of the necessity to reduce all phenomena into the one dimensional time
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