Marketing in the Times of Social Media

Essay, 2016

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Brand identity

3. Brand element

4. Conclusion


1. Introduction

The essay is written to analyze and investigate the statement of Marketing is thought as Practice, Kowledge and Orientation in which marketers must reconcile and manage in this contemporary era of consumerism and social media influences. More detail, it would divide into two sections, which are described past and present marketing context over the world.

2. Brand identity

In the past, marketers always use direct marketing in almost campaign. Basically, traditional marketing is simple form of advertising to communicate directly to target customers, which is used to generate business or gain more market share (Kashani and Jeannet, 2005). In the past, this type of marketing did allow brand managers/ marketers interact directly with customers and convert brand message with higher accuracy. In case, the well-known methodologies in direct market are direct mail, telemarketing, direct selling, leaflets marketing using letterbox drops and hands out, text (SMS) (Kotler 2016). Besides that, the main benefit of traditional marketing is to generate idea to mass people. It somehow did support companies to testify new product concept, customer reactions and do WOW (word – of mouth). Hence, traditional marketing is an effective tool to boost sale and improve customer loyalty in which marketers could use to educate customers, teach them knowledge and give the instruction.

On the other hand, the importance of traditional marketing in the past was confirmed by (Kashani and Jeannet, 2005) in their research, which said that was mainstream that showed traditional market did occupy 48% of the overall advertising spending in US, and directly contribute to the national GDP uplift to 10.6% in 2005. However, However, it could not focus exactly and retarget to main customers of products/services due to the objectives of traditional marketing is for mass communication because companies and people are fed-up of being disturbed many advertising activities everyday. Then, these issues could be solved by social media or digital marketing, which could convey message to target customers more effectively.

Secondly, nowadays marketers must aware and consider social media influence. Today, customer behavior on online channel is different compared with traditional way. From the research of (Mesch, 2012) it has the change from offline behavior. Moreover, the online behavior is described in below

- Time-starved consumer: The people who are willing to pay higher price to save time shopping and they might not have experience online purchasing before.
- Shopping avoider: Do not like to wait in long queue of shopping Centre. Using the Internet to avoid waiting.
- New technologist: Young people are very familiar with new technology, and fee cool or comfortable when facing online activities.
- Time-sensitive material atau click-and-mortal customers: Online using Internet to view product and come to tradition store to purchase.
- Traditional: Do not using Internet for purchasing or viewing product.
- Hunter-gathers: Using 20 percent of times to compare the price on Internet stores and traditional stores.
- Brand loyalist: Always use Internet to buy particular brands to get more benefit as loyal points and promotions.
- Single shopping: Using Internet not only for shopping, also for banking, communication, reading news or playing games, etc.

In the other point, the differences between traditional behavior and online behaviors are listed in below (Berger, 2013).

- Technology adoption: Online customers spend almost time on Internet.
- Convenience and Decision Support: They focus on time saving and convenience in which requires real product image to make final purchase decision
- Market dynamics: Lower search cost leads online customers have less price conscious over time.
- Loyalty and trust: They are easily affected by past experience, perception, web loading time and product quality.
- Product and services: Always concern about product quality due to could not view the real product condition
- Empowerment, persuasion and entertainment: The ability to viral reputation immediately than traditional purchasing.

In addition, it is appearing many e-tools on digital channel (Flores, 2013) such as are web accessing, email, online banner and digital technology. Then, it has also advantage and disadvantage need to be considered. The advantages are speed, availability and cost-effective while the disadvantages are vulnerability, accessibility and emotionless. Besides that, the increase of social media influence helps marketers in customer-relationship management that check immediately and frequently these point or update the term & conditions to current customers. In case, it could be used to analyze customer data, transfer the key message to target in which build effective content to make engagement.

On the other hand, social media is affecting strongly to customer behaviors and brand communication, which is confirmed as the most important part of digital strategy. In case, by application of social media, marketers could use word-of-mouth more effectively through the social network platform Besides that, it effective tool to allow companies public their engagement content such as Facebook and Twitter is the best choice for social network platform to connect customers and brand together. Overall, digital marketing is fully platform including social media, technology and digital media that marketers should be considered to apply in marketing campaign. These elements should be considered including are reach, competitors, architecture, content, user experience and conversion (Gay & Charlesworth & Esen, 2007).

- Reach: It is the number of potential customers that brand could approach and target through search engine, email marketing, social media networks based on their insight.
- Competitors: Digital and social media would help to evaluate and compare competitors more effectively.
- Architecture: The accessibilities to online information and the effectiveness of social media channel, which influences to customer behaviors. For instance, if customers could easily access to information, they would be toward to buy this product in the future.
- Content: These content must be simple to real and easy to understand, which would be balance between the background, text and color that the users can see the content clearly. Hence, it would raise the awareness (Gunelius, 2011).
- Conversion: It is the convert from viewers to real purchaser after interacting with brand through digital channel.
- User experience: It is experience when using and interacting with products.


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