Managing Profitable Food and Beverage Operations

Term Paper, 2018

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In the UK, Mitchells and Butlers provide her customers with a wide range of food experiences through the pubs, bars, and restaurants it operates with the famous brands including O'Neill, Toby Carvery, Harvester among others. In the last three year period, the sector has seen a boost of about 3000 new entries into the industry catapulted by the ever increasing number of customers primarily the millennial willing and able to spend their significant proportion of their income on eating out. The increasing demand has created an opportunity for new players in the industry to acquire a proportion of the market making the other traditional market players to continuously strive for market share making each service provider to frequently review their brands and estates as well as how to handle their customers in relation to time they spend in the premises and the quality of the service and experience during the eating out.

Currently, the mid-market casual dining sector faces a lot of pressure as it has an increased number of the pizza and burger clientele. On the other hand, the sector has also experienced a boom in the grab and go. The sector also faces a disruptor from the delivery as in some restaurants it accounts for over 10% of the total sales. The delivery has posed a strong challenge for restaurants with high demands at peak periods.

According to report by Jun and Arendt (2016), there are possibilities of continued growth in the casual dining sector. A business that adopts modern technology such as the use of social media, as well as the dining apps, shows higher chances of recording growth in their performances. A focus into customer demand, quality of service, food, and environment can help maintain a restaurants clientele and win other referrals.


Managing Profitable Food and Beverage Operations
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Title: Managing Profitable Food and Beverage Operations

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