The origins of popular culture and "Beatlemania" in Britain

Term Paper (Advanced seminar), 2011

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Abstract or Introduction

This paper analyses the origins of popular culture and the so-called "Beatlemania" in Britain.

Before the 1960s, the whole world had to recover from the Great War, for instance, in 1948 restrictions on rationed goods were gradually lifted three years after World War II had ended, the rationing of clothes ended the following year, and so on. Finally recovered, Great Britain stood before good times after in 1954 fourteen years of food rationing completely ended at midnight when restrictions on the sale and purchase of meat and bacon were lifted. The economy of Britain evolved quite successful as can be seen on manufacturing and export economy, above all the main industries steel, coal, automotive and textiles.

Overall, it seemed to be a change not just in economy. Caused by the economical upswing, many people were employed and, consequently, obtained payment which increased their disposable income. That fact gave the Britons more freedom and therefore they were able to afford household items such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines etc, as well as cars; even hire-purchases, i. e. arrangements for payment by installments, were usual. Also young adults or teenagers, who were working besides school mostly in part-time jobs, earned their own money in those days. Benefitted by that, they were able to purchase goods on their own, independent from their parents and other adults.

In contrast to previous youth generations, especially pre-war generations, young people could enjoy the omnipresent music and fashion which was spread by mass-media such as magazines or television. With the new freedom and possibilities, the younger generation had the chance to develop their own identity instead of living like the other adults. But they were not just using this chance; they even rebelled and broke away from their parents, which resulted in the emergence of youth culture as well as popular culture.


The origins of popular culture and "Beatlemania" in Britain
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Christian Roßmeier (Author), 2011, The origins of popular culture and "Beatlemania" in Britain, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The origins of popular culture and "Beatlemania" in Britain

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