On the Effect of "Piper nigrum" and "Ferula foetida"

Anti-Secretory Effects and the Protection of the Gastric Mucosa of Peptic Ulcers in Rats

Academic Paper, 2014
75 Pages, Grade: A

Abstract or Introduction

In the present study, the gastroprotective mechanism of aqueous extract of Piper nigrum and Ferula foetida (AEPF) was investigated.

The current knowledge is clearly incontestable that AEPF pent-up the aggressive issue, gastric acid secretion. The anti-ulcerogenic impact of the AEPF is also associated with its antisecretory action since acid may be a major consideration the event of ulceration. The current data also clearly demonstrated that the 400 mg/kg is more effective than the 200 mg/kg and 100mg/kg dose of AEPF and has shown increased pH and decreased total acidity of gastric fluid. The ulcerogenic effect of cysteamine-induced duodenal ulcers was developed in rats that received cysteamine HCl 400mg/kg. The exact mechanism of pathological process within the cysteamine-induced peptic ulcer model isn't totally known however but hypersecretion of gastric acid, deterioration of mucosal resistance and promotion of gastric emptying are among the possible mechanisms. In cold restraint stress induced ulcer model blood parameters such as Glucose, cholesterol and Triglycerides were estimated.

The significant increase in blood sugar level was discovered because; beneath nerve-racking conditions, ductless gland secretes corticosterone in man and glucocorticoid in rats. AEPF significantly reduced the elevated serum cholesterol and triglycerides levels, which may be due to inhibition of stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Therefore it could act as a potent therapeutic agent against peptic ulcer disease.


On the Effect of "Piper nigrum" and "Ferula foetida"
Anti-Secretory Effects and the Protection of the Gastric Mucosa of Peptic Ulcers in Rats
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effect, piper, ferula, anti-secretory, effects, protection, gastric, mucosa, peptic, ulcers, rats
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Balakrishna Vuyyala (Author), 2014, On the Effect of "Piper nigrum" and "Ferula foetida", Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/463178


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Title: On the Effect of "Piper nigrum" and "Ferula foetida"

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