Hydraulic Simulation of Existing Water Distribution System using EPANET

Durame, Ethiopia

Academic Paper, 2019

7 Pages

Abstract or Introduction

The objective of this work is to simulate distribution network and to improve the efficiency of existing water distribution network to supplying potable water to end users. Network of the study area is simulated by EPANET data of topography of the study area is collected using land survey instrument per the known latitudes, longitudes for the study area. The scheme design is organized so that required output is attained by using available input parameters like population of the study area, rate of growth in population and elevation at required point to install service reservoir. Therefore, with all the available input parameters, now the network is run through EPANET software and the results are thoroughly checked with standards. At the final stage, the output results that are obtained after successful run from EPANET tool, they are cross checked thoroughly with standard required values.

If any of the corresponding values are not within acceptable bounds, then the network is adjusted accordingly to the required input parameters and again the network will be examined in EPANET software. This procedure is repeated until the parameters like velocity, friction factor, water head, pressure head, diameter and friction factor values are in the precise range. Pressure head at all nodes in the study area are having appropriate pressure to extract water. Flow in all pipes or links are adequate enough to survive the pressures at nodes. Roughness coefficients of pipes are all quite adequate as the head loss due to friction is little. It is also proposed to install air valves at high elevations and sluice valves at low elevations. The practical applications like: plan and improve a system’s hydraulic performance, improve the quality of water distributed to consumers and study the disinfectant using based on water type.


Hydraulic Simulation of Existing Water Distribution System using EPANET
Durame, Ethiopia
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hydraulic, simulation, existing, water, distribution, system, epanet, durame, ethiopia
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Teshome Mekete (Author), 2019, Hydraulic Simulation of Existing Water Distribution System using EPANET, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/464943


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Title: Hydraulic Simulation of Existing Water Distribution System using EPANET

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