Integration of Blockchain Components in the Electricity Balance Area Management

Master's Thesis, 2019

117 Pages, Grade: 1.8




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1 Introduction
1.1 Problem statement
1.2 Research objective and research questions
1.3 Unique value of the project and scope limitations
1.4 Outline

2 Fundamentals
2.1 Key blockchain components to boost electricity balancing
2.2 Balancing electricity and imbalance sources in Germany
2.3 Balancing power market design
2.4 Balancing Group Management (BGM)
2.4.1 Balancing groups
2.4.2 Balancing Responsible Parties (BRP)
2.4.3 Management of balancing groups
2.4.4 Decentralized data management exchange framework in Germany
2.4.5 Balancing group accounting and settlement
2.4.6 Scheduling and deviations
2.5 Imbalance settlement price in Germany

3 Economical evaluation of balancing problem in Germany
3.1 Visualization of the latest consumption deviations for Germany
3.2 Latest trend of reBAP prices in line with regulation changes
3.3 Juxtaposition of historical reBAP values vs. spot prices
3.4 Markets arbitrage opportunity for BRPs
3.5 Germany-wide financial cost from being in imbalance
3.6 Clarification on direction of payment TSO-BRP
3.7 Risk management of BRP in line with the historic imbalance price analysis

4 Emerging solutions to avoid high balancing costs
4.1 Independent Aggregator and Demand Response regulatory barriers
4.2 The status quo for regulatory environment for the BGM
4.3 Regulatory challenges for end-customers in BGM over blockchain
4.4 Adjustments of market roles with blockchain model
4.5 P2P energy trading regulatory view in Germany
4.6 Service Model as a solution for P2P energy trading in German regulatory

5 Incorporation of blockchain components in the BGM
5.1 Secondary balancing market concept to facilitate decentralized balancing
5.1.1 Balancing scenarios split
5.1.2 In-Group balancing
5.1.3 An emulation instance for the quota market model
5.1.4 Inter-Group or cross-BRP balancing
5.1.5 Incentive mechanism against market prices
5.2 Rationale of blockchain as addition on top of the MaBiS
5.2.1 Key technological benefits of blockchain in the MaBiS settlement processes
5.2.2 Blockchain utility in financial transactions over MaBiS contracts
5.2.3 Potential blockchain Use Case in the sub-BG supervision

6 Conclusions
6.1 Discussion & Conclusion
6.2 Recommendations and outlook


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Integration of Blockchain Components in the Electricity Balance Area Management
University of Freiburg
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balancing group management, balancing responsible party, electricity balancing market, imbalance price, energy blockchain, service model, prosumer, blockchain, balancing
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Andrei Gladikov (Author), 2019, Integration of Blockchain Components in the Electricity Balance Area Management, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Integration of Blockchain Components in the Electricity Balance Area Management

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