Heater at Less Cost, Rather More Benefit. A Concept Proposal

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2019

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Table of Contents

1. Background

2. Problem Statement

3. Theory

4. Objective of the research

5. Discussion

6. Experimentation

7. Conclusion

8. Personal Recommendation


1. Background

The carbon burning is a practice which is attributive to global warming and similarly the solar heaters are also affecting the environment with harmful means to body organs because of charged sub-atomic particles. The burning fire is harmful to body in that it can cause suffocation and respiratory problems, while electric heaters and ACs are similarly health problematic to bring dehydration of body and the disease of respiratory system like asthma. The demand of the doctors and heat basking consumers is the kind of heating system which means to be without dehydrating, blood clotting and suffocating effects on body. For this purpose a self-generation of heat energy is required which should not need fire, electricity, chemical reaction process, rather than the physical change mechanism had nothing to do with a pollution of environmental construct. The design of such a prospective facility for both health and global milieu has been made feasible after four year serial researches of this present author.

The heater had without the use of fire and electricity may be manufactured by virtue of exothermic reaction between inorganic chemicals which will pollute respiratory system through surrounding atmosphere of a room, besides its very expensiveness. A flameless ration heater, or FRH, according to general report from Administration, is a water-activated exothermic chemical heater included with meals, ready-to-eat, that is used to heat the food. US military specifications for such an easily portable heater require the same as being capable of raising the temperature of an eight-ounce (226.8 g) entree by 100 °F (56 °C) in twelve minutes, and that it has no visible flame.

The ration heater useful for both cooking food and making the body warmer contains finely powdered inorganic element magnesium, alloyed with a small amount of iron, and table salt. To activate the reaction, only a small amount of water is to be added, and the boiling point of this same liquid is quickly reached as the reaction proceeds.

Ration heaters generate heat in an electron-transfer process called an oxidation-reduction reaction because of the friction of charged elementary particles with molecules of metallic layer and the evolved heat is flowed to different required sites for several uses. Water oxidizes magnesium metal, according to the following chemical reaction:

Mg + 2H2O → Mg(OH)2 + H2 [+ heat (q)]

This reaction is analogous to iron being rusted by oxygen, and proceeds at about the same slow rate, which is too slow to generate usable heat. To accelerate the reaction, metallic iron particles and table salt (NaCl) are mixed with the magnesium particles.

Iron and magnesium metals, when suspended in an electrolyte, form a galvanic cell that can generate electricity. When water is added to a ration heater, it dissolves the salt to form a salt-water electrolyte, thereby turning each particle of magnesium and iron into a tiny battery. Because the magnesium and iron particles are in contact, they become thousands of tiny short-circuited batteries, which quickly burn out, producing heat in a process the patent holders call supercorroding galvanic cells.

One brand of self-heating rations uses 7.5 grams of a powdered magnesium-iron alloy, consisting of 95 % magnesium and 5 % iron by weight, 0.5 grams of salt, in addition to an inner filler and anti-foaming agent. Upon adding 30 milliliters of water, this mixture can heat a 230 gram meal packet by 100 °F in about 10 minutes, releasing approximately 50 kilojoules of heat energy at about 80 watts (Administration, 2008-2009).

As per Zen Adventuring Blog, these said types of magnesium heater are being used in carrying out a purpose with canned foods, Heater Meals, the Mountain House's Mountain Oven, Hot Pack, rations for space administration and US military and paramilitary meals. They can provide a simple as well as safe method for heating food, with little risk of fire or explosion.

The most popular design uses heating pads made from a super corrodible magnesium and iron alloy in a porous matrix formed from polymeric powders with sodium chloride incorporated with it or in a separate tablet. To heat, water is added either from an external source or by puncturing a container of water onto the heating pad. The water dissolves the sodium chloride into an electrolyte solution causing magnesium and iron to function as an anode and cathode, respectively. An exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction between the magnesium-iron alloy and water to produce magnesium hydroxide, hydrogen gas and heat (zenstoves.net, 200-2009). The much preferable magnesium heater is though safe from the case of accident due to higher chemical reactivity but still it is risky to handle magnesium because water drops fallen on the same electropositive metal with the liberation of its hydrogen by the former will suddenly cause an outburst of fire due to recombination of the gas with atmospheric oxygen all as sudden.

2. Problem Statement

Directly basked sun will give health benefits more than through solar powered equipment. Sun emitted rays can cause vitamin D to form in the bones while photovoltaic cell used to convert solar energy into electricity and this used to produce current in coils may instead emit charged electrons in the close to atmosphere. The flow out of electric charges is responsible for cellular damage and dryness of living being in an environment. Consequently the body will have water deficiency in blood due to solar battery released waves of electricity from a such type powered device which carry energetically vibrating particles released from a certain potential configuration within the atomic shell. These unlike the photons of light which can emit electrons from matter have electrification to the surrounding bodies and living organisms. Yet no system of device has been improvised which can have use of heat for warmth without a threat about global warming after a soaking effect to blood, cell and onset of respiratory disorder in human expectants the present energy sources give everywhere (Adhikari, 2018).

3. Theory

The theory for the safe use of abundant resources for universal energy is based on light deflection by magnetic field and convergence of rays into raised temperature of heat. According to the idea of magnetic field effect the propagating beam of charged particles electrons moving in a magnetic field will be deflected by that field at a right angle to both the field and to the direction of the particle. As is applied that rule, the electrons in the cathode ray are travelling in opposite to the flow of conventional current. In addition to experimenting with magnets, scientists also experimented to if charged plates are positioned near the cathode ray tube the results will show electrostatic deflection as opposed to the electromagnetic deflection. The electrons in the cathode rays would deflect toward the positively charged plates, and away from the negatively charged plates. This a rare incidence of bending of light may occur under the influence of a powerful magnetic field since light is the beam of photons in the oscillating electromagnetic waves toward a transverse direction and can be deflected easily by gravity from massive bodies in space. If one goes to the photon level, firing individual photons through the opening of the capacitor plates: photons as neutral will change direction only if they interact. There exists a small probability that a photon meeting an electric field may interact with the electromagnetic interaction, but the probability is tiny as the relevant Feynman diagram has at least five coupling constants (Pawar, 2017).

4. Objective of the research

The research is mainly aimed at the usage of heat energy along-with lower cost, care about environmental harms and unwanted states of health aberration.

5. Discussion

Glycerin is derived from fat of animals and plants as a compound said to be glycerol. It vaporized soon with higher temperature when heated to a required degree. More than that temperature level it will become carcinogenic if further heat is given. The hot glycerin mixed with plain and normal water inside a so bigger bottle of glass is useful to have radiation of heat outside to the room when the weather will be cold for need of warmth. As the duration of temperature remaining in glycerin is very short a small coil filament should be fitted to the bottom of bottle charged by a dry cell. The supply of voltage can last long period from the battery to coil and will maintain the required temperature continuously of glycerin mixed with water in the bottle by a heat transfer. In the way the warmth to be availed from hot glycerin can be made possible to spread around the cold room through refraction by water and glass until the small battery ends, perhaps not less than ten days (Adhikari, 2018).


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