Programm Project Identification

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Definition of Concepts

- A program refers to the functions and activities necessary for the attainment of a major purpose for which an organization, like university, is created.
- On the other hand, a project is a component of a program covering similar activities that result in the attainment of a desired output

Program and Project Identification

- Program and project identification refers to the process of identifying and searching for promising development opportunities that are directed towards overcoming hindering or constraining the achievement of defined and desired development objectives or towards exploiting existing development potentials (NEDA, 1993). Development objectives and growth potentials may be derived from national or regional development plans, sector surveys, industry studies, technical packages, multi-lateral or bilateral priorities and many other sources.

Phases of program and project identification

Program and project identification has two phases, namely (NEDA): environmental scanning process; and screening process.

- Environmental scanning process involves acquiring information about the events and relationships in the organization’s external environment, knowledge of which would assist top management in its task of directing the university’s course of action.
- Screening process assesses the output of the first phase and identifies specific opportunities which are in accordance with government priorities and meet other considerations such as growth potentials, competitive advantages, and subjective preferences relative to government regulations and resources uncertainties and limitations.


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Programm Project Identification
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