The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Change of Marketing Communication

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In the present, it can not deny that technology and innovation play a role in marketing communication, and is an inevitable trend for marketers who want to lead others.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence and knowledge that are created from inanimate things which gathers many things in that in order to meet human needs to be able to think and be a helper in various fields.

From the above reasons, the author is interested in studying about the role of artificial intelligence with the change of marketing communication (AI) in the digital age. It will be beneficial to the development of the marketing industry.

Change of Marketing Communication in the Digital Age

This digital marketing era has occurred because of significant changes over the past few years which this change is made to be called a lot of traditional marketing ideas. Importantly, we must first understand that the change is not about having Facebook or Twitter that digital marketing is not about the platform, but it is a matter of adjusting the concept due to the fundamental of the business that changes which understanding the change is important. There are 3 important changes to the summary of the changes of marketing communication in the digital age in Sticker Marketing Book as followed: 1) changing consumers - it is easy to say that your customers are no longer the same. They have different behaviors. The habits that were different from years ago such as taking pictures to share with friends, finding information before buying products, etc. which other customers are different and that is important that you have to understand that when they are not the same, how to access and try to market with them will never be the same again. 2) changing communication - one of the most digital flip technologies is communication technology that makes the pattern of receiving information of people in the present day no longer the same. In addition to the different forms of reception, we also see that people can become communicators that is the creator of the content and can be a publisher of information which communication that changes both the receiver mode and the sender itself makes "Marketing Communication" is no longer in the same form as we know it. 3) change marketing - the last thing that is most important is when the society changes, consumer groups change. Changing of communication way and receiving information that would lead to a different marketing process. Not only digital marketing but also other marketing methods that has been affected by that change (Dominick, J. R., 2010).

Internet Industry Origin

In the industry 4.0 report: PWC's Building the Digital Enterprise shows that the word "Industry 4.0" is called in various names, such as "4th Industrial Revolution", "Internet Industry" or "Digital Factory" etc. The industry 3.0 will focus on systems with automatic production with machines, but industry 4.0 will make the entire enterprise digitally from product development, production to service.

Internet industry foundation

Samuel Greengard (2015) states that the Internet industry is the use of information for communication devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets that become a tool for storing, transferring, sharing and accessing information. Today, various devices that have linked performance such as hospital equipment or home electrical system that all require information to work or give information back for decision making.

The elements of the internet industry are as follows:

1) Sensor is the heart of the Internet industry. The advancement of this technology plus a device that is tiny causing new opportunities that raised from detection in a natural environment. Currently, many sensor devices, such as GPS devices, barcode readers, and Lidar devices that Google uses for unmanned vehicles that called Google Chauffeur from the 700,000-mile test without incident because of technology.

2) Understanding the area Internet industry also relies on motion detection devices that allowing us to understand the conditions of the area, such as the use of payment cards for expressways which make knowing where the driver can drive through GPS system that makes it possible to know the exact point of movement of aircraft, trains or cars, even agriculture gets benefiting from the device's state-of-the-art detection equipment that makes it possible to understand the space conditions that have been applied to the infrastructure including prevention of public disaster.

3) Artificial intelligence is the last element of the Internet industry, which artificial intelligence using make the production process and decision-making process to be automatic, In the past, using robots to work monotonously and dangerously instead of humans, but the machine is developing the ability to discern, see and touch. These abilities will allow the machine to operate independently.

The problem of Marketing Communication in the Digital Age

Three main problems that most digital entrepreneurs and marketers are facing in Marketing Communication: 1 Use too much budget in order to advertise through social media or channel online, it is necessary to use someone who specializes in optimizing ads, which will help us save budget because many marketers or entrepreneurs still may not understand marketing communication in digital marketing, may think that you want to get "Like" a lot, or want people to see a lot by forgetting to think about sales causing us to waste our budget without having to return sales. 2) Target group analysis is very important. If we choose the wrong target group, may make a mistake in the design of all content, whether it is images, communication through stories, characters, videos, or even the taste, smell, sound, making marketers or entrepreneurs lose the budget. Don't just think that you buy a certain amount of money for advertising. In fact, we have to look at that we advertise that does it really hit our target audience? How much engagement occurred? does target group buy our products? because different target groups, content, graphics, images, letters, videos, etc. that we will use are also different. Therefore, we must study our target groups as well. 3) focus on communicating the amount of content that is not too high quality. At present, the content has a lot of social media overflow. Each content production comes out. Therefore have to think well to be direct and useful to the most targeted groups, do not think that there is nothing to post, and then find something to post, do not think well. It will make the results not as effective as they should be. This thread the main problems of all 3 are caused by "not planning".


In sum of the role of artificial intelligence (AI) with the change of marketing communication, the next generation of AI will come to work with humans, and we will inevitably. Workers must find a way to work with AI by saying that we will have more people to help, and if looking at the other side is to get the robot to work, it will certainly make our work better.


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