LEF English textbook

Level intermediate - advanced

Intermediate Examination Paper, 2019

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Effect of learning English by funny films

Part 1
Multiple choice
Comprehension questions
Matching words

Part 2
Multiple choice questions
Comprehension questions

Part 3
Multiple choice questions
Comprehension questions

Part 4
Multiple choice questions
Comprehension questions

Part 5
Multiple choice questions
Comprehension questions

Part 6
Comprehension questions

Part 7
Comprehension questions

Part 8
Multiple choice questions
Comprehension questions

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 18

Part 19

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This textbook is organized according to the standard system of learning TEFL. Each student who wants to learn English in a very interesting, dynamic and effective way, will enjoy learning English by this textbook. All 4 skills of learning English is included in the book. LEF is the name of this book and it is the abbreviation of Learning English Friendly. This textbook wants you to be an active student and before starting each lesson you are expected to watch each part of the book carefully, then start the lesson. By watching carefully you will realize how it is easy and exciting to learn English by this much funny film. You will learn a lot of idioms, slangs and words that you might not heard before.

You will also learn a lot of grammatical notes from speakers too.

Effect of learning English by funny films

You might take a lot of time for several course to learn English but experience in decades of teaching, has proved that human language learning process is too much sensitive than it looks! Learners need excitement and attraction to be fascinated in learning a new language or improving it. So TEFL had been created in order to help student to learn English easy and effectively. This textbook can help all teachers with how to teach English in intermediate to advanced levels. It also works for students that want to learn English without taking a lot of courses.

What does LEF involve?

Hundreds of exercises

Hundreds of new vocabularies

Hundreds of reading comprehension notes and…

Part 1

The One Where It All Began (Pilot)

Multiple choice

1-Chandler asked Monica: Does Paul has a … and hair…?

A- Chalk-peace B-peace-hump C-hump-peace D-champ peace

2- Ross explain his sorrowful emotion'' like someone who … my …

A- ate-stomach B-grabbed- intestine

B- C-bit-tongue D-threw-head

3-What did joey said to calm Ross?

A- Calm down B-relax C- strip joints D- marry

4-What did Rachel told her father on the phone?

A-everyone's told me you are a shoe B- everyone's told me you are a purse

C-everyone's told me you are a hat D-everyone's told me you are a cat

5-What did Monica said when Rachel told her father she was going to live with Monica?

A-I guess we've made she is staying with Monica.

B- I guess we've decided she is staying with Monica.

C- I guess we've turned out she is staying with Monica.

D- I guess we've established she is staying with Monica.

6-How did Monica try to calm Rachel to take control of her life?

A- By saying word garb your spoon

B- By saying word independence

C- By saying word freedom

D- By saying word ambition

7-What did Joey call Paul?

A- Perfect guy B- terrible guy C- wine guy D-funny guy

8-how did Chandler describe his feeling about Monica date with Paul?

A- This is Funny moment B- This is dear diary moment

C-This is romantic diary moment D-This is happy diary moment

9-What is the thing Phoebe implied that it couldn't not good?

A- I pushed out 3 eyelashes B-I pulled down 4 eyelashes

C-I pulled out 4 eyelashes D-I dropped down 4 eyelashes

10-Paul told Monica" I should've …. When she went to the dentist four or five times a week.

A- Caught on B-got on C-got by D-caught in

11-How did Monica described her brother broke up?

A-He's such upset B-He is such a mess

C-he is such a gloomy D-He is such a hapless

12-How did Rachel speak to the machine phone?

A- Hi machine, cut me down again

B- B- Hi machine, pull me down again

C-Hi machine, cut me off again

D-Hi machine, push me down again

13-What idiom did Joey use to tell Ross welcome back to the world?

A- Grab a spoon B-go ahead C-go over D-go on

14- Monica told Paul'' Being… is not probably what you need right now.

A-good B-spit on C-spit up D-spit out

15-What did Joey say when Chandler mocked him?

A- I will not accept that B- I will not choose that abuse

C-I will not take that abuse D- I will not go on that abuse

16-how did Franny explained her feeling about Paul?

A- I don’t care about Paul B- I take granted for Paul

C-I take credit for Paul D- I respect Paul

17-what did Rachel say when her friends ask her about getting a job?

A-I was laughed out for 12 interviews

B-I was pushed down for 12 interviews

C-I was gone out for 12 interviews

D-I was pull down for 12 interviews

18- How did the friends try to help Rachel? Which word did they use to encourage her to do with the credit cards?

A- Leave B- put away C- throw D- cut

Comprehension questions

1-Why did Phoebe asked Monica" does he eat chalk"?
2-what did Ross tell Phoebe not to do with his aura?
3-When Joey asked Ross about Carol " you didn’t know she was a lesbian, what did he ask angrily?
4- Rachel implied that she wasturned onby gravy boat more than Barry, what's the meaning of this phrase?
5-Rachel described Barry as potato head, what you understand from this phrase?
6-when Joey came to calm Rachel in a jokey way, what did Monica told him angrily?
7-Whenthe bell rang, which phrase did Monica use to let Paul enter the building?
8-What did Rachel answer when Ross ask her what was she up to that night?
9-When Ross answered Joey question about what did he get, what did Joey said?
10-Paul said he had a problem ever since his wife walked out on him, he said it’s a kind of…
11-when Monica told Rachel she can't stop smiling, what did Rachel said?
12-What idiom did Franny used to describe Paul problem? (This phrase shocked Monica a lot)
13- When Monica told her friends about Paul, were they shock too?
What did Joey said?
14- What did Rachel answer Ross when he asked her, did you get a job?
15- When Rachel she was laughed out of 12 interviews, what did chandler ask her?
16- When Rachel found Paul watch, what did Monica ask Rachel to do?
17- How did Ross explain himself at high school? Which adjective did he use?

Write 10 to 20 interesting sentences or idioms from the lesson, try to keep them in your mind.

Which idioms and phrasal verbs had positive meaning? Which were negative? Write 5 for each one.

Matching words

Try to match each words correctly

Experience look down

Be shown or be found to be move out

Unusual establish

Extract go on

Cause to leave go through

To continue think about something revelation

Night club live off

Finding something exiting weird

Lose one's nerve look down

Silly turn out

Lose personal contact over time move out

Set up fix on

To show someone in a direct way that you are attracted to him or her

To allow someone to enter a place potato head

To continue doing something get through

Move out to walk out on someone

To god rifted apart

To spend a lot of time in a place input

To understand after a long time to get together

Make a break in upbeat

To not come home at night cut off

To leave hang out

Disclosure pull out

To make a decision push down

Enter into a computer go on

Cheerful head for

To get your income or food from a supply come in

Part 2

The One With The Sonogram

Multiple choice questions

1-what did the woman in the museum answer when Ross asked her, wasn’t the woman statue a little angry?

A- She has problems B-she has issues

B- C- she has duties D- she has lost

2- Where did Ross ask his Ex-wife to catch up him?

A-In ice age B-in the cave age C-in the Café D-in the museum

3- What did Carol say about the family?

A-Marty's great B-Marty's Paranoid

C-Marty's depressed D- Marty's dumped

4-While Monica was cleaning the place, how did Phoebe described her?

A-Chaotic and messy B-terrible and messy

C-chaotic and twirl D-chaotic and mad

5-Chandler told Monica'' you don’t get a lot of… these days.

A-toy B-boy C-work D- doy

6-Monica told Ross '' I know this is going to… unbelievably selfish on my part.

A-sound B-be C-seem D-happen

7-How did Monica's father describe her when she was a kid?

A-happy B-Chubby C- cute D-independent

8-Ross's father said' 'there are people like Ross who need to… for stars.

A-move B-up C-shoot D-look

9-how did Ross describe his parents to his friends?

A-They are corns B-they are horns

C-they are stones D-they are pros

10-how did Carol describe Dr Oberman to Ross?

A-powerful B-friendly C-supportive D-lovely

11-Rachel asked Barry ''why are you so tan''? What did the word tan relate to?

A-his messy face B-his color face

C-his excitement D- A and C

12-how did Rachel describe her talking to Mindy on the phone to her friends?

A-old hairline B-terrible

C-cheap shot D-great

Comprehension questions

1-what did Rachel asked Chandler to do when he started to talk about women?
2-how did Ross describe anyone (the statues) in the museum to Carol?
3-what for did Carol go to see Ross?
4-whose ball of paper was on the table? Why did he do that?
5-when Monica was stressful while cleaning the home, what did Ross advise her?
6-what Chandler say to ask his friends to look for the ring in lasagna?
7-what did Rachel ask Ross when he entered and said Carol is pregnant?
8-what did Carol and Susan want him to do?
9-what did Monica ask Ross when she called him in the kitchen?
10-what did Monica's mother said about Rachel that made Monica annoyed?
11-how did Phoebe describe her sister?
12-what did Ross tell Rachel when she used dumped word?
13-what did Ross say about Barry?
14-what did Ross advice Rachel not to do?
15-when Carol asked Ross and Susan to stop the debate, what did Ross ask?
16-what did Rachel wish for Mindy and Barry, while talking on the phone?

Part 3

The one with the thumb

Multiple choice questions

1-what was Joey's idea about index thumb story?

A-that's ridiculous B-that’s amazing

C-that’s unbelievable D-that's weird

2-what did chandler said when Phoebe acclaimed she got 500$?

A-Satan's minions come again B-Satan's minions at work again

C-Satan's minions come true again D-Satan's minions back again

3-what did Joey replied to Phoebe when she was puzzled with her 500$?

A-keep it B-spend it C-have it 4-save it

4-what did Rachel suggest Phoebe to do with her money?

A-save it B-keep it C-spend it D-get it

5-what did Phoebe resemble her money to?

A-Giant credit card B-Giant karmic card

C-Giant prize D-Giant karmic debt

6-WhenPhoebe told Chandler while smoking" you were good for 3 years'' he said'' this is my…

1-gift 2-turn 3-reward 4-present

7-All friends asked Chandler to… the cigarette

A-put it out B-put it away C-put it off D-put it down

8-Monica told her friend at work "I bring a guy and they are all…him.

A-on B-at C-over D-against

9-Ross mentioned the way Alan

A-kept going at B-kept coming at

C-kept picking up D-kept picking at

10-Joey mentioned the way smile was kind of…

A-complicated B-amazed C-crooked D-fluffy

11-the street woman asked Phoebe" did you … the vowels?"

A-pick out B-pick up C-give out D-make out

12-what did Chandler told his friends when they told him cut the cigarette out?

A-I have a turn B-I have a flaw C-I have a prize D-I am done

13-Ross mentioned Phoebe chewing hair was…

A-knuckle-cracking B-snort C-endearing D-lovely

14-Rachel said" the hair … out and the gloves come …

A-brings/off B-comes/in C-goes/out D-comes/off

15-Alan told Monica" I can't… your friends.

A-love B-go with C-stand D-bear

Comprehension questions

1-what did Ross told Chandler when he said" I'm smoking"?
2-how did Monica describe her friends to her friend at work? They are like what?
3-Ross said Alan will become what thing?
4-how did Rachel describe Alan in the game?
5-Chandler said what was annoying about Joey?
6-Chandler said what was annoying about Ross?
7-Chandler said what was annoying about Monica?
8-what did Monica's friend ask her when she said I'm going out with a friend that all my friend like?
9-what did Ross suggest to do with Chandler while he was angry watching
10-How did Alan felt when Monica she was going to break up with him?

Part 4

The One with George Stephanopoulos

Multiple choice questions

1-what did Ross said about hockey tickets? I better… the game.

A-go to B-pass on C-watch D-come out

2-what was Rachel's triumphant?

A-credit card B-prize card C-pay check D-new job

3-Ross said Carol never… her boots…

A-took-out B-took-on C-took-in D-took-off

4-Rachel asked her friends to tell her all the…

A-story B-news C-dirt D-tales

5-Monica and Phoebe had a… party

A-big B-slumber C-trashy D-interesting

6-Rachel said sadly "let's play…"

A-twister B-operation C-monopoly D-football

7-Chandler told the woman in hospital office'' we'd be in the… room

A-emergency B-predicament C-CCU D-ICU

8-Ross told the woman in the hospital office "my face is…"

A-injured B-hurt C-pained D-dented

9-how did Monica describe George?

A-you have to draw him out B-you have to draw him out

C-you have to draw him up D-you have to draw him in

10-what did the girls said loudly? … The towel.

A-put B-drop C-off D-up

11-Chandler said that Ross was a …

A-depressed B-puzzled C-freak D-lover

12-Ross told the little boy" I'm… you're…

A-rubber/glue B-glue/rubber

C-weeper/finder D-loser/keeper

Comprehension questions

1-what did Ross told Joey when was going out of the Central Perk?
2-what did Ross ask Chandler to buy him?
3-Rachel mentioned her friends what did she do for her paycheck while opening it?
4-what was Rachel's biggest news?
5-what did Monica ask Rachel to drink when she entered?
6-what did the woman in the hospital asked Chandler and Joey to do?
7-what did the woman in hospital answered Joey when he asked how long their turn will be?
8-Why Rachel said she was sorry to the girls?
9-what kind of pizza did the girls ordered?
10-what did the pizza guy called himself when he understand that he was wrong?
11-what did Rachel do with Monica when they were talking about their memories?

Part 5

The One with the East German Laundry Detergent

Multiple choice questions

1-Rachel said "her father wants to give her a Mercedes…

A-thing B-convertible C-changes D-car

2-Ross said "Rachel's father… him…

A-burns/down B-puts/up C-burns/up D-puts/down

3-there was a Mercedes if Rachel… home.

A-go back B-come back C-move up D-move back

4-Ross asked Rachel "you wanna hear a …

A-freakish coincidence B-freakish moments

C-big glamour D-freakish sounds

5-Ross told Rachel there's a …problem

A-small B-some C-big D-rat

6-monica told Joey" you are with…girls.

A-many B-tons of C-so many D-great

7-In the laundry room Chandler asked Ross in the laundry room" you sure you …this…

A-came/through B-went/through

C-brought/through D-thought/through

8-Chandler asked Ross to… the dirty underwear.

A-change B-rethink C-keep D-take

9-Janice told Chandler she… the rest of afternoon.

A- Went off B-brought off C-blew off D-came off

10-Chandler told Phoebe her hug was pretty…

A-sever B-noisy C-unbelievable D-brutal

11-Ross told Rachel the third machine is used for… clothes.

A-White B-delicate C-color D-black

12-Joey missed Angela's …cute noise.

A- Small B-attractive C-nibble D- lovely

13-in the restaurant Monica said'' something went wrong…

A-with problem B-with underdog

C-with the rat D-suddenly

14- When Monica entered the Central Perk with Joey she said" we … that couple...

A-broke/ up B-let/down C-put/off D-ripped/apart

15-when Rachel asked where is Chandler?

Phoebe said "he needed sometime to…

A-Fly B-cry C-grieve D-walk

Comprehension questions

1-How did Chandler describe the moments when he break up with Janice?

2-when Phoebe suggested Chandler that she is with him, what did he answered?

3-what did Ross say when Rachel said her father was going to give her a Mercedes?

4-how did Monica describe Joey's cousin?

5-how did Janice describe her day?

6-what did Ross said about Rachel's cotton panties?

7-how did Phoebe encourage Chandler to go to break up with Janice?

8-when Rachel saw all of her clothes became pink, what did she said about herself?

9-how did Monica describe her feeling about Angela's works with Bob at the table?

10-when Monica told Joey that she was surprised by Angela's closeness to Bob, what did Joey reply?

11-what did Phoebe said when she saw Rachel's clothes?


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LEF English textbook
Level intermediate - advanced
Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz
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